Hey Guys,

So it has been an extremely long time since I have updated any of my stories and there is a reason for that! I had a number of chapters already written up for many of my stories, mainly my Four Brothers, Charmed and Gone In 60 Seconds. However, my computer got a virus or something and a number of my files were deleted and that included my stories, unfortunately. Also, the USB drive that I had my stories saved to got lost. Due to that I just did not feel like rewriting the lost chapters. I had pretty much lost all motivation and couldn't seem to find it. Also, combine that with some personal things that had been going on in my life and bam I had major writers block, lack of motivation and I just didn't even know if I would ever log onto Fanfiction again.

I must say that a number of things have changed though. Throughout the course of my hiatus I continued to get a few reviews on my stories which reminded me of my stories and reminded me of my love for writing. Things in my life are still rather messed up and I am still struggling but through struggles come the best of writing. I admit that I came up with most of my story ideas when I was struggling the most and I want to get back into the writing especially the three stories that I mentioned since those are the ones that I have the most love for.

It is very likely that you will see an update for my Gone In 60 Seconds story. I had five chapters written before everything got lost (although this story will probably be much longer) and it consisted of a number of flashbacks and then I was slowly starting to get into the present. I have to figure out how to rewrite those five chapters. I think I can do it because I have the story pretty much completely mapped out in my head. However, before taking this up I wanted to make sure that I did not lose the characters etc. Anyway, I cannot guarantee how long it will take for the chapter/chapters to be updated because I am also busy with school and the last five weeks are here and so I have final papers and final tests etc. But, I will be taking a bit of time to write the chapter.

The next update you should be seeing is my Charmed story and the reason for this is because it has less chapters than my Four Brothers stories and so I have to take some time to reacquaint myself with the Four Brothers story before I go about writing it. I've started re-reading my four brothers story and am on chapter 7 or 8 so eventually I will be up to speed at what direction it has taken. Obviously I have the story written out it my head but when it is written down on 'paper' it is a tad bit differ so reacquainting ones self with the work is best.

Anyway, this is the plan and it should not change too much except for, possibly, the order of the updates. I have found writing to be therapeutic and this is something I need to do for myself and I know when I was writing these stories it was really beneficial. Anyway, to the future I suppose.

And, once I get more of these stories completed I am hoping that you will see some other stories. I am also hoping that you will see my writing has improved since my last updates although I must admit I do not proof read my stories because I do not find it to be that important. While I am hoping my newer stuff will not have as many mistakes as my older stuff I find stressing about grammar is for school which I do excessively.