Author's Foreword

Since I stepped into the NCIS fandom, I've been amazed by how many stories there are with 'supernatural' themes: centaurs, werewolves, angels, vampires, aliens, people with strange powers etc. I've been quite fascinated by all these themes, so much I've decided to try my hand at it.

This story was inspired by Silverfoxfiles' "Things That Go Bump In The Night". Originally written as a Gibbs/Ziva, it then also evolved into a Gibbs/Jenny and Gibbs/Tony because of a couple of friends' requests.

Changing the story to suit a different pairing was easy, because this is mostly a Gibbs-centric story, and the romance isn't the main part of the plot. In fact it's what, in other fandoms is called a gen-het or gen-slash story. There is a pairing, there are adult contents, but they are just a part of the story, not the focus of the tale.

Since FFnet forbids to post more versions of the same story as different stories, I'll post all three versions under the title "Reconnection".

Some chapters are different and will have a Ziva, Tony and Jenny version. You can choose what version you prefer to read (IE, Chapter 1-Ziva, Chapter 1-Tony, Chapter 1-Jenny etc.)

Other chapters are the same for all versions and will be labeled as "common to all versions".

My knowledge of vampires is based on Bram Stoker's novel (which I read only once about 20 years ago) Mel Brook's parody movie with Leslie Nielsen, and bits and pieces I read or saw on TV along the years. I've never watched a "serious" vampire movie, nor I've read Anne Rice's works or "Twilight" books.

So if you are hardcore vampire fans, please forgive the liberties I took to create my vampires. I wanted to create creatures that while being fascinating as the "real" vampires are, could be a bit more plausible and believable when inserted in the human society.

Finally, English isn't my mother tongue. So please, forgive me if now and then I throw in some "Ziva-ism". Learning to speak or write another language isn't just a matter of grammar. One must learn to think in that language...which I do, BTW. I write directly in English. However there is a problem that isn't easy to overcome: speech, writing and thinking patterns are influenced by the patterns/rules of the language we learned to think with, which is Italian for me. I try to correct that, but I sometime slip...and all I can do is to keep on trying. I have an American betareader to check my stories before I post them, but nobody is perfect and she too can make mistakes.