Tony and Ziva raced back to their desks, well ahead of Gibbs. Tony automatically looked up last known addresses for him, while Ziva looked into aliases he might have. It was a rare sight, to see both of them so hard at work.

At the same moment they spoke,

"I found his address!" called Tony,

"He has no aliases. Nothing legal," Ziva said. The two agents left their desks to head to the lab but Gibbs met them at the elevator as it came up. The door opened to find a swearing Gibbs clenching and unclenching a fist while the other hand punched the button panel repeatedly. Tony and Ziva stepped in quickly, and the doors shut behind them.

"Speak!" he ordered,

"We found his address; but he has no aliases that we could find. We're also waiting on McGee for the tapes, he might have found something."

The elevator stopped and Gibbs pushed through before it was fully opened.

"Abby!" Gibbs skidded to a halt in front of her collapsed form, near a frantic McGee.

"Called 911?" he barked, McGee nodded curtly.


"Fairly strong, getting weaker by the minute." he replied, "Boss, she's been fine all day... a little stressed, but nothing that should have caused her to collapse. She ate something... and she's been drinking her Caf-Pow all day. "

McGee looked around frantically for the cup,

"What if she was poisoned?" he asked, "If he knew how much she loved the stuff, it would be the perfect way."

"Makes sense boss," Tony chimed in. Ziva went over to the desk in the centre of Abby's work area and picked up the Caf-Pow container from the bin.

"Ziva!" Gibbs snapped, "Gloves! We need more evidence; we need something to trace him with. We know nothing so far. You and Tony go to his address, find him and bring him in."

The two agents left quickly.

Gibbs and McGee waited impatiently for the ambulance to arrive. In the meantime, Gibbs called Ducky, asking him to come up to Abby's lab. When the EMTs finally arrived, all the two agents seemed to be able to do was get in the way.

"Sir, move back!" one of them barked impatiently as Gibbs looked over his shoulder.

"McGee, with me!" he said, he knew there was nothing more to do for Abby and as much as his gut kept telling him to go with her, he had to trust Ducky would go with her. His team had a job to do. As he walked out the door, he missed the look of reproach McGee sent him.

"Boss, maybe I should stay with her..." Gibbs turned back to face him, he quashed the urge to head slap his agent, knowing he felt exactly the same way.

"There's nothing more we can do for her Tim, if we stay here, we'll just be in the way."

Meanwhile, Tony and Ziva drove silently to the address they'd collected. Tony had handed the keys to Ziva without argument, signalling the depth of their worry for Abby.

"How does Abby manage to attract so many stalkers?" Tony asked in frustration,

"Much like you and the constant accusations of murder?" Ziva quipped, Tony just looked at her with a raised eyebrow, "Sorry, not the right time... but it is true. This team seems a magnet for trouble."

Tony would have loved to disagree with her. But he couldn't, not without looking like a fool. The more he thought about it, the more he realised the truth of her statement. They reached the suspect's apartment.

"If he was planning a kidnap, this isn't the best place..." Tony remarked, wondering at the guy's plans for Abby. As they reached the 2nd storey, Tony reached into his jacket for his badge and Ziva drew her gun.

Tony knocked on the door,

"NCIS! Mr. Andrews, we'd like a word." Ziva called, when nobody answered, she picked the lock and softly opened the door. Tony pushed in front of her, gun pointed low,

"Clear!" He called, checking out each room as they moved down the corridor. As he moved out into the open living room, Ziva saw the gun butt flick out and it struck him across the back of his head, making him collapse. She stopped cold.

"Come out!" she called, "you will not be harmed."

She heard only a soft snort of laughter before two men moved forwards, guns pointed at her.

"Put your gun down, and kneel," one of them said, as he raked his eyes up and down her body, "I can't guarantee you won't be harmed." Ziva's eye's narrowed angrily, but she knelt and placed the gun in front of her. One of them moved forward to kick her gun away.

Before the man could react, Ziva flicked her wrist to withdraw the sheathed knife and stabbed him in the stomach. She dove, retrieving her gun and aiming at the man's head.

"Now," she said as she stood up, "you are going to drop your gun, turn around with your hands above your head. Or your friend will not be the only one in need of medical attention."

From the corner of her eye, she saw Tony stir from his collapsed position on the floor. In her split second of distraction, Devon shoved her out of the way and ran for the door, leaving her momentarily stunned.

Turning around, she fired a shot at his back as he raced into the corridor. But he had disappeared around a corner by the time she chased after him. Making the choice, she turned back to check on Tony.

"Did you get him?" he asked, leaning on the doorframe. She shook her head before ringing Gibbs; he was going to be furious.