Chapter 2

"Wow what a day" Caroline sighed to herself as she lounged back in her chair bored out of her mind as she glanced around at the slow action of her quiet Mothers Beach, the most action she had seen all day was picking up dirty nappies. As she listened sadly to the drama's of other beaches going on over the radio she heard the sound of the trucks engine and saw that Mitch was pulling up by her tower.

"Mitch hey hi" Caroline squealed happily as she ran down the ramp of her tower and threw her arms around him,

"hi god I missed you" he says as he hugged her tightly as the old friends reunited again for the first time since she had returned home "oh hang on no hugs on duty" he said as he pulled away from her,

"oh right sorry sorry so how did your committee meeting go?" Caroline asked happily as she looked at him,

"I had to pinch myself to stay awake" he told her as he looked down at her,

"oh well that's the price you pay for becoming captain" Caroline said as she smiled up at Mitch thinking to herself how she could try and persuade him to help her get back onto another beach by speaking to Lieutenant Walsh.

J.D sat back at the apartment later that evening Caroline had gone over to Mitch's place while Cody was out for the night. He glanced over onto the coffee table and saw Caroline's script for Shannon's Hope picking it up he started to read through it as he slouched back into the settee. A while later as J.D was engaged in the script Caroline walked in the room and looked over at him,

"what are you doing with that?" she says as she looks at him and walks towards him.

"Hey you can't burn this" J.D says as he runs over to the log burner and picks up the script that she had just thrown in there "this is Shannon's Hope" he said as he looked at her, she stayed silent glancing at his muscles bulging out of his tank top, god he couldn't get any hotter she thought to herself as his voice interrupted her from her thought, "here sit down" he said as he walked back over to the settee,

"What?" Caroline exclaimed as she looked at him, "what for?" she asked as he sat down,

"just sit down" he said patting the spot next to him.

The script down beside them Caroline sat wrapped snugly against J.D's chest his arm around her as they gazed into each others arms unable to distinguish between what was acting and what was real Caroline found herself wishing that she could spend every evening like this.

"Last time I felt this way I was sixteen in love with my biology teacher, she rejected me, broke my heart" J.D said as he gazed deeply into her eyes,

"well I'm sure its mended by now" Caroline said as she snuggled closer into his chest, "oh your heart's beating so fast" she said and it was true it was he really did want to just kiss her there and then,

"because of you" he replied his chin resting on top of her head,

"oh well that makes me happy to know I excite you" she said they pulled apart as he glanced at her and said,

"Don't break my heart" he said as he looked at her intently and threw his lips against her their hands moving up to each others hair as they kissed deeply the acting long but forgotten.

Cody grinned as he opened the door to the apartment and saw the pair in deep lip lock he laughed silently to himself as he slammed the door shut and laughed as he watched the pair fly apart from each other and Caroline's hand fly's up to her mouth in shock.

"Should I come back later?" Cody asks as he looks at the pair,

"no no we were just er rehearsing a scene from Shannon's Hope" Caroline stuttered as she looked at him "see I'm Sophia and he's Gage" she said her hands moving in gestures as she tried to explain herself nervously,

"and I'm Steven Spielberg" Cody said grinning as he pointed at J.D and smiled before he walked into his room.