AN: Well, I have a collection of Doctor Who drabbles which I find enourmously fun to write. Now I have a Harry Potter one...

This one is weird. But it came into my head and I couldn't leave it there....

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. JKR does. Funny, that.

Harry and Ginny Weasley sat on the sofa, watching their children play a video game and smiling happily. Just then, interrupting their never-ending moment of perfect bliss, the phone rang. Harry rolled his eyes, and Ginny called out to her eldest son,

"Jamethur? Could you get the phone please?"

Two minutes later, Jamethur walked back into the lounge and passed the phone to his three-year old sister with the words

"It's your paedophile soul mate werewolf again, Lilloly."

Lilloly took the phone and left the room quickly, and Jamethur went back to his video game. Harry smiled happily at Ginny.

"Hey, remember when I left you for your own good?"

"Yes," said Ginny, nodding reminiscently. "Didn't I steal the sword of Gryffindor, lead the teenage rebellion at Hogwarts and wait patiently for you to return and defeat Voldemort?"
"Well," replied Harry. "Yes. You did. But I wouldhave preferred you to go comatose for months, start something with your best friend and daughter's soul-mate-to-be, and start throwing yourself off cliffs to hear the sound of my voice."
"Oh. Sorry," mumbled Ginny. "I'll bear that in mind should you ever leave me for my own good again. Which, knowing you, could be next Tuesday."

AN: No, I don't hate Twilight. I love it. But many things about it annoy me!