10 Years Later

Bella's POV

It had been a whole decade since that horrid day. We put the past behind us as much as we could , but you can't forget everything. Life was good now. The best it's ever been. Jasper and I were married a year after the night he purposed. It wasn't extravagant , but simple , us. Rose and Emmett stood with us. It was the best wedding I could have ever had. Alice finally made up for all those years ago. It only took her two years. What can I say? I hold a grudge. Jasper and I live in his house. I sold Charlie's. It was to hard to live there. I couldn't sleep in my room and sex in Charlie's room for the rest of my life didn't appeal to me.

That night had taking something from us. Edward's craziness had forced Tanya to retaliate. She figured that since he had dumped her for me that killing me was the way to win him back. The logics of a desperate women. She tried to kill me. That in it's self was unforgivable to me and Jasper. The cops arrested her. She was executed three years ago. That was a good day. She deserved what she got. I was making breakfast when I heard feet hitting the stairs.

"Hey , Darlin. What's for breakfast?" Jasper asked.

"The same thing we always have today , dear." I told him. It was the truth. We always ate the same thing on the anniversary.

"When is everybody else getting here?" He asked.

"They should be here any minute." I told him and started making plates. Sure enough , they were here before the last one was done. Emmett and Rose took their seats on one side of the table. Emmett never refused food and this was the only day that he would wait before devouring his meal. Alice took her place at one end of the table. Jasper and I filled the seats across from Em and Rose.

"So , how much longer till our last guest arrives? I'm hungry." Emmett asked.

"Give him some time , Em. He needs the sleep. Besides it won't kill you." I told him. As I finished I heard footsteps making their way into the kitchen.

"Finally! Took you forever , Ed." Em said as he took his seat.

"Emmett! Leave the boy alone." Rose said and wacked him upside the head for good measure.

"Mommy , are we going to see uncle Edward after this?" Little Edward asked.

"We sure are." I told him. We all ate and talked. It was tradition since that first year. We all got together and spent the day together. Little Edward joined us two years into the tradition. He was always eager to go see uncle Edward as he called him. An hour later we were in the car and headed to see him. Ed was excited as always. I swear he never runs out of energy. We made it there and he bolted from the car and ran to Edward. We all followed behind. The others walked slowly and I was first to reach Ed.

"Hey buddy." I said as I reached them.

"Mommy , why was I named after uncle Edward?" He asked. This wasn't the first time he had asked.

"Because honey. Uncle Edward gave his life to protect mommy and we thought that he needed to be remembered. That and you are so much like him." I told him. He smiled up at me.

"I wish he was here." He said quietly. I had to agree with him. I thought that I would never want Edward near me , but after he threw himself in front of that bullet. Well , things changed. Edward never meant to become the person he was before he died. With his last act we made sure that it erased the bad that had come before that. No one knew of the things that he had done. Only that he died a hero. Some would argue that it is crazy that I forgave him for that. I think that he deserves some peace after what he did. Sure the reasons weren't straight , but the thought was there. He died to protect me. That bullet was meant for me and he changed that.

"Mommy. Why are you crying?" Edward asked.

"Because I'm thinking how lucky I am that uncle Edward saved me." I told him. Everyone took their turn visiting with him. I was always last because I needed to take care of little Edward in the begining. Now I just wanted that spot. I waited my turn. Everyone had as long as they needed. They had all forgiven him a long time ago. Jasper even felt that he was in Edward's debt. He had saved me and given Jasper the life he has now. It was sweet. Finally it was my turn.

The headstone hadn't changed since the day it was put up. Cold gray with the words carved into the smooth surface:

Here Lies Edward Anthony Masen

Born August 13 , 1985--Died October 15 , 2008

Son , Friend , Uncle and Hero

I never spoke to him aloud. I used my heart. He could understand every word. I just sat there until I felt peace surround me and then I left. I liked to think that he was there with me. He was the one that gave me that feeling , telling me it was alright to leave. I think he would be happy for me. He may have had his issues with letting go of me , but I like to think that he has overcome them now. I'm sure there are plenty of hot babes all over him in heaven. It's funny though that the person that I had come to hate was the one that saved my life. The person I never really knew has become my best friend and lover. My other friends have become my true friends this time. I have the best family and friends. I have Edward to thank once again for changing my life. Both times lead me to this place and I am grateful.

My past sucks. Everyone's does at some point. If I hadn't returned to confront it , I wouldn't have my present. Who knows what the future holds?