A few hours later, Cheyenne, Van, Elizabeth, and Ethan come back into the house.

"We're back mom." Cheyenne says calling out for Reba. Reba walks into the living room.

"Well, well. What are you doing home so early kids?" Reba asks.

"Mom and Dad crashed the car about 5 miles from here." Elizabeth says.

"Elizabeth Ann Montgomery!" Cheyenne hollers.

"Its okay, Cheyenne. Do y'all need help getting your car?" Reba asks her.

"No, we have still moved out even if we are experiencing some minor set backs." Cheyenne says not even looking at Reba.

"Fine, but just remember I offered to help!" Reba hollers out to them. Just then, she walks back into the kitchen. "Sometimes you can live with them; sometimes you just have to kick 'em out." Reba says to herself.

A/N: I apologize for the way this story ended, but I couldn't have ended it any other way. I was out of ideas.