A Twinkling

Plot: Christmas is coming to Condor Studios and everybody's excited to go home for the Holidays. But what happens when Sonny can't go home? What if Chad doesn't WANT to go home? Will these two be able to have a Christmas to remember?

Rating: K+

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A/N: So, I've read a lot of stories about Chad going with Sonny to Wisconsin for Christmas. (Note all the stories I've read of those plots are amazing) So I decided to write about Sonny spending the Holidays with the Coopers! Also, for all of you who are expecting the sequel to Paranoid, don't worry, Broken will be up soon. (:


Chapter One

Sonny Munroe walked briskly down the hallway of Condor Studios. Rehearsals were over for the day, and Sonny was itching to finish packing.

"Sonny!" Tawni Hart's high pitched voice rang down the corridor. Sonny whirled around and waved as Tawni barreled down the hallway, a watermelon schemed blur- neon green skinny jeans, furry pink boots, a white tee shirt with a watermelon slice on it, and a furry pink fedora that matched the boots.

"Yes?" Sonny asked politely. She hadn't gotten very far in her preparations, and wanted to make sure everything would be perfect for a Christmas and New Years spent back home in Wisconsin.

"You've got a call in the Prop Room," Tawni smirked, flipping her hair. "From your Mom."

"Oh," Sonny was startled. "Why didn't she call my cell?" She wondered, patting the pocket on her jeans where her cow-printed cell phone was nestled.

"Oh wait, I've got a text, maybe it's from her!" Sonny felt the phone vibrate, and she grabbed it and flipped it open.

"Good." She read, making a face and shaking her head.

"I'm guessing that's from CHIP?" Nico was passing by the girls, but he stopped to glower at Sonny.

"Yup," Sonny replied, sliding the phone back in her pocket after texting him back saying "Fine!" .

Chad Dylan Cooper, the bane of her existence.

"See you guys later!" Sonny called as she strode down the hall in the opposite direction of which she wanted to head.

Her mind was filled with the thoughts of Christmas in Wisconsin- the twinkling lights glittering over the trees, casting a magical glow over the lake; freshly baked bread with homemade jam; the huge chocolate cake Grandma always baked; all the relatives together under one roof, laughing and catching up near a crackling fire as the little kids darted around the house in their stocking feet, anxious for Santa to arrive. All those warm, familiar feelings rushed back to her- Christmas this year would be one to remember, she was positive.

A skip found its way in Sonny's step as she approached the Prop Room.

"Hey Sonny!" Chad was walking towards her, probably on his way to Mackenzie Falls, flashing her his usual cocky grin. He looked the same as always in khaki pants, a red button down, and a black suit jacket.

"Hey Chad, can't talk right now, I've got a phone call," Sonny walked around him and kept walking.

"Alright!" Chad snapped from behind her. "Fine!" He started mumbling and continued walking. Sonny hid a smile and finally came across the phone.

"Hello?" She chirped.

"Hi, honey," The voice on the other end sounded worn out, and like she was shivering.

"Mom?" Sonny asked in disbelief.

"Yes." The voice confirmed. "I'm staying with your Aunt Kim, she's terribly sick and needs someone to take care of her."

Sonny wrinkled her nose. "Doesn't she live in Alaska?"

"Well, yes." Mrs. Munroe hesitated. "That's why I'm very sorry, but you can't come down to Wisconsin for Christmas. We're all going to be taking care of Kim….Sonny? Sonny, are you there?"

Sonny's lower lip trembled. She had been looking forward to Christmas for so long! "What am I supposed to do now?" She couldn't help whining.

"Maybe you can spend Christmas with one of your little friends!" Mrs. Munroe said supportively.

"Alright," Sonny agreed uncertainly. A sinking feeling in her stomach informed her this would be a horrible Christmas.

After a few minutes of talking to her Mom, Sonny hung up and mournfully curled up on the couch. What was she supposed to do now?

Zora zipped into the room, a pair of yellow goggles fastened around her narrow face. "Hey, Sonny!" She greeted in her usual exuberant manor.

"Hey Zora," Sonny forced a smile at her friend. Grady and Nico followed shortly after, also dressed in goggles and ski jackets.

"When are you leaving for vacation?" Grady questioned as the group slung duffel bags over their shoulders.

"Well, actually, I-" Sonny started, when Zora piped up, "Our families are all going skiing in Aspen together!

Sonny's heart sank. "Oh," Well, no way could she join them up to some fancy resort in Aspen! Maybe Tawni was doing something more low key. Sonny knew she'd feel out of place asking to accompany her three friends, so she excused herself and glanced wistfully at her friends', scrunched on the couch, pouring over skiing brochures. Tonight, they'd be on a plane, on their way to a Winter Wonderland, as every other kid on the lot was also on their way to spend the well earned break with their families. Sonny had nowhere to go.

"Hey, Tawni!" Sonny caught a glimpse of her cast mate-sometimes-friend strutting into the cafeteria.

"TAWNI!" Sonny exclaimed, running into the bustling room. Tawni was perched on a chair, filing her nails, a plate full of limp salad in front of her.

"Tawni, didn't you hear me calling you?" Sonny's voice rang with annoyance as she plopped down across from the blonde starlet.

"Yes, I did," Tawni blew softly on one nail. Sonny threw her an incredulous look.

"And you didn't think to answer me?" Sonny asked, plucking a croton out of the salad and tossing it in her mouth.

"I thought about it, then decided against it," Tawni smirked over at Sonny, who rolled her eyes and sighed.

"What are you doing for vacation?" She asked impulsively. Tawni sighed dreamily and stared off into the distance. "My Mother is taking me to Paris, and we're staying in only the most expensive and elegant hotels- La Amor," Tawni beamed in pleasure.

Darn! Sonny's hopes sank even lower. There was no way Sonny could tag along on a Mother-Daughter trip to Paris!

"Is this the part where I'm supposed to pretend to care what you're doing?" Tawni crinkled her nose. 'Caring'. Ugh.

Sonny grinned warily. "Yes." She nodded.

"Fine, I'll play!" Tawni held up her hands agreeably. "What are you doing over vacation?" She asked in fake enthusiasm.

"I don't know!" Sonny exploded. Tawni flinched and leaned back, and everyone in the cafeteria hushed and gave her a weird look, even Chad, who was sitting with the Falls cast.

"What?" She glared bluntly at everybody in the cafeteria. In a second, everyone returned to eating and talking, except for Chad, who kept an eye on the usually calm and non-explosive Sonny.

"You see," Sonny inhaled and began quietly. "I was supposed to go home to Wisconsin, but now all my relatives are in the Arctic or something! And Mom told me to join one of my friends for vacation, but you're all doing such high key things that I'd feel guilty joining in on!" Sonny even felt tears welling in her eyes, and she was not a crier.

Tawni pursed her lips. "Well, I'd let you come along with me, but all the reservations have been made, and I leave tonight…there'd be no way…" Tawni said doubtfully.

"Thanks anyway, Tawn, but I wouldn't want to be a third wheel," Sonny said tiredly, pushing her chair away and smoothing down her navy blue dress. She left the protesting Tawni behind, and let her body fall against the ground as she leaned against the wall.

"What was that about?" Chad's dubious voice loomed over her as Sonny found herself looking at his shoes. She tilted her head up and snorted. "Nothing," She replied. Why would Chad care, anyways?

Chad stood uncertainly over her. Clearly, she was upset. Didn't girls like to be consoled when they were upset? They were so hard to figure out.

"Obviously, something's wrong, because like you, I know people," Chad adjusted his collar and sat down beside her.

Sonny looked sideways at him, and found her brown eyes locked on his twinkling blue ones. "Alright," Sonny gave in. "I had the perfect Christmas planned, but now I can't go home, and I have nowhere to go!" Sonny spread out her hands.

Chad chortled. "Is that a bad thing?" He questioned. "I HAVE to go home for Christmas. I'd much rather switch places with you."

Sonny glared at him. "You are heartless!" She cried. "Most people LIKE spending time with their families over the holidays!"

Chad rolled his eyes. "Not me. All my relatives come over to my parents' estate and brag about themselves, it's totally boring. It doesn't even feel like Christmas." Chad admitted.

"At least you have somewhere to go!" Sonny yelled, standing up in a huff. Chad didn't really want to hear about Sonny's problems, he just wanted to complain about his own!

"You're so immature," Chad snapped, crossing his arms. Here he was, letting her vent, and she couldn't stop insulting him!

"Nuh uh!" Sonny protested. Chad rose an eyebrow.

"Whatever," Sonny said dismissively. "The point is, you're going to have a fine Christmas while I don't," She pouted.

"Yeah, a fine time," Chad mocked. "I'll sit on the couch and watch TV while my parents fight. Absolutely amazing."

Sonny softened. "Well, that doesn't sound good," She clucked her tongue. "What you need is somebody to make things more Christmas-y!" She suggested.

"Oh, really?" Chad rolled his eyes. "And what is 'Christmas-y', really."

"Well," Sonny began dreamily. "There's a big tree covered with garlands and decorations, presents piled underneath it, stockings hung over the fireplace, food on the table, everybody singing carols-"

"That's just like a movie," Chad interrupted. "That's not real."

"Oh really?" Sonny smirked. "Because that's what my Christmases are like. Don't even get me started on how magical New Years is," She chuckled.

"Well, what are you going to do then?" Chad fired back.

"I don't know; all my friends are going away and I can't tag along," Sonny admitted.

"Really?" Chad pursued. "I'm just going to my parents estate, it's right here in LA."

"Really?" An idea started forming in Sonny's mind, but there was no way Chad would invite her…

"…y-yeah…" Chad said after a pause. He had a feeling they were both thinking about the same thing.

"Well…" Sonny wasn't sure how to word this, suddenly the tension in the air got kinda awkward.

"Well, if you don't have anywhere to go, why don't you come with me to my house?" Chad narrowed his eyes at her.

"Fine, I will!"

"Fine! You're not going to thank me?" Chad retorted.

"Thank you!" Sonny shot back, trying desperately to hide the smile she felt like showing.

"Good," Chad replied.




Sonny turned on her heel and started to leave, but then turned back around and looked bashfully over at Chad. "Um, what time are you leaving?" She giggled nervously.

"I'm driving there, I'll pick you up tomorrow morning at seven," Chad smiled.

"Good," Sonny grinned down at her boots.

"Good," Chad repeated, a blush spreading across his cheeks.

"Good." Sonny said firmly, really walking away this time. Once she was out of Chad's sight, she beamed and felt like screaming "Woo-hoo!" She had a place to spend the Holidays. She doubted things were as bad as Chad made them seem, besides, she could probably bring a little sunshine to the Cooper household.

When Chad walked back to his dressing room, he couldn't help smiling a real smile. Sonny, at his house, for ten whole days. Probably alone, with him. The sides of Chad's mouth tugged up into a smirk, and he sighed happily.

Christmas would certainly be interesting this year.


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