I did love Kotonoha, but then I fell for Sekai. Ryuji was right. I am a bastard. I ruined the best thing to ever happen to me. I mean, Kotonoha was my first girlfriend and I ruined what I had with her because I couldn't stay faithful. I fell in love with Sekai since she was more my type but I was too much of a coward to tell Kotonoha or even break up with her. I went behind her back and I am sorry now. I hurt her and I deserve to be punished.

Ryuji hated me from the moment we met. Guess I had that coming. I mean he was Kotonoha's best friend and then they became lovers after they shared a kiss at the bonfire. I was completely stunned when I saw it happen. I was planning on breaking up with her but it would appear that she was planning on breaking up with me as well. I recall seeing the triumphant look on Ryuji's face when he and Kotonoha kissed. Well, he won her heart and I lost it. At least I still have Sekai.

Ryuji would always glare at me and I felt this cold chill run up my spine. He was threatening to kill me for what I did to Kotonoha. I know what he did to Taisuke and I was afraid I would be next. I know how strong he was. I've seen him punch holes into walls when he got pissed. If he punched me that hard he could cause my skull to cave right in.

When I found out he was a Rider and an Orphenoch, I was shocked. I mean I knew Ifrit was a hero but I never expected for Ryuji and Ifrit to be one and the same. He then told us who he really was and where he came from. Truthfully, I was afraid of what he would do to me even after that. Sure, we got along better now but I know deep down he didn't like me all that much.

However, despite the fact he didn't like me all that well, he still saved my life. Guess I was wrong about him. Maybe he isn't such a thug. He was a hero. Then, Kotonoha became a Rider and I was surprised by how much she had changed. She had a confidence she never had when we were dating. Guess Ryuji helped her find her confidence