Indiana Jones travels to Feudal Japan

Chapter 1

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I am Indiana Jones, a famous archeologist. I live in the U.S.A but I amcurrently on my way to Japan. Rumor has it that there are some ancient
artifacts in the some , I brought along my good friend Professor Oxly.I have been to Japan many times before, but it has been a while since I was there.

Mut wanted to come with me and so did Mary but I told them It was in their best interest as well as mine that they both stayed are almost into Tokyo Japan's airport. I laid my head back in the seat and over ed my head with my fedora.

After another extended moment of silence, I felt the plane prepare to make it's landing.I removed the fedora from my head and rolled my head around in attempts to relax my shoulders. During the process, I saw Ox still sleeping beside me. I poked his head continuously increasing the pressure each time until his eyes finally opened.

"Good morning, it's time to get up"

He shifted in his seat and pressed his hands against his face moving them to the side of his face and down. He slowly shifted his head toward me, eyes still droopy from sleep.

"Why did I ever let you talk me into coming with you?"

"Whatever are you talking about? You're the one who wanted to come along."

"That's right, but who else would have you brought with you if not me?"

"I can think of a few." I said as I climbed out of my seat to obtain my carry on luggage.

After we obtained our luggage, we shuffled along with the crowd the rest of the crowd that drained out of the plane gate like a bunch of zombies straight out of a horror movie. After the process of getting the luggage that could not be carried on, which took longer than the plane ride itself Oxly and I were able to look for a taxi.

I spotted a taxi pulling in a to the loading zone. Putting my hand out the cab pulled right up beside us. The driver got out and came around back and popped the trunk assisting us with our luggage.I opened the back door to let Oxly get in first and then slid in shutting it
behind me.I then asked in Japanese,

"We want to go to the Heartland Hotel please."

"Yes sir." The driver pulled out from the loading zone and soon left the airport.

He started driving on a very busy freeway, which reminded me of New York. After what seems like a drive for several hours we pull up in front of
Heartland Hotel. The driver looked at me over his left shoulder.

"That will be 2,500 yen sir."

I pulled out my wallet and pulled out the 2,500 yen he requested handing it to him. Oxly was starring out the window at the construction that was our hotel. I got out our bags from the trunk having to call for Oxly to lobby was rather big. The floor was covered with a green carpet and red outlines along the edges touching creamy white walls covered with several pictures as well as artifacts that I couldn't help but examine closer.
At the front desk was a young man in a white button up shirt and a black vest over it. He was already looking at us when we entered. When we finally got close enough to where he could speak without shouting he said

"Hello gentlemen, how may I help you?"

"I have a reservation under Henry Jones."

He smiled politely, "Oh yes, I have heard about you. Indiana Jones.
You're the famous archaeologist from America." He said as he looked at his

"Yes." I said not sure how to respond to the comment that wasn't quite
a question.

"Your work is very impressive." He said looking back up at me holding our
room card in hand

"Thank you"

"I found it Mr. Jones. Here is the card to get into your room," He explained
unnecessarily handing me the card. "your room number is 622 on the 3rd

"Thank you very much"

"Mrs. Jones?" Oxly asked me teasingly. I ignored him

"Your welcome Mrs. Jones"

I started to walk away knowing Oxly would follow

"Mrs. Jones?" He asked again approaching the elevator. "Is there
something you're not telling me? Mrs. Jones?"

I continued to ignore him pressing the button. Thankfully, we only had to wait in the elevator for three floors. Unfortunately, our room was on the other side of the hallway. I had to walk all the way down, taking note of the elevator that was closer to the our room on the other side, listening to
Oxly's quiet jokes of 'Mrs. Jones'.

When we finally got inside the room we put are luggage near the bed. I was too tired to do anything else, since I didn't get a lot of sleep on the plane. However, Oxly was awake enough to take a shower.

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