chapter 11

When we turned around we found this guy dressed in wered clothes with armor that looks like bones and tenichals sticking out from all over him.

He smirked at us and Sesshoumaru said

"Where the hell is Oxly Naraku"

"He is well taken care of Sesshoumaru"

"I don't give a rats Ass but I want him back"

"Fight me for him"


Before I know it Sesshoumaru and this Naraku are fighting.

With Kagura and Kanna

Kagura's POV

Kanna and I are standing outside this Oxly guy's room.I have been having a plan in my head for a little while to give this guy his soul back.I looked down at Kanna and found her looking at me.I said

"Kanna I want you to give this guy his soul back"

"Ok sister"

I opened the door and we walked in and seen the guy just stairing at the wall from his seen up as we were walking over to just titled his head in confusion.

Kanna held her mirror up when he can see it and he just staired into mirror started to glow pink and his soul shot out of it and back into closed his eyes and Kanna moved her he opened them he looked around and then at us and said

"Where I am I and who are you?"

"I am Kagura and this is are at Naraku's castle"

"That's bastard."

He got out of bed and walked right past us but I stoped him and said

"You don't know your way around this follow us"


The 3 of us walked out of the room and I can sence that Sesshoumaru,Kagome,and this Indiana guy is within the castle walls fighting with that I started to lead everyone that way.

Indy's POV

I watched as the 3 of them told me to look down the hall.I did and I found Oxly walking with this demon woman and a little girl with pure white walked over to me and patted me on me back and said

"I see that you have survived the feudal era my boy"

"I was more worried about you scarred us all"

I seen him look over at them hall way is not very big so there is not much fighting is getting his butt beat by Kagome and Sesshoumaru.I seen Kagura pull out her fan and aim it at Naraku.

Before I know it a gust of wind came and blades went towards cut him up all over his body and Sesshoumaru and Kagome attacked him one more time and he fell to the floor and turned into ashs.

Kagome reached down and picked up the sacret jewel and pulled the bottle from around her neck off and took those shards with Narau's and combined them.

A pink light surrounded us all and Kagome looked over at us and said

"I hope you guys enjoyed your trip was nice to see you for helping us get don't tell anyone what happened here.I hope to see you two again"

The pink light then just went around us and we were going threw what seemed like the time we were finaly set on the ground we are back in our time and Kagome's family Grandfather came out of the shirne and over to us with glint in his said

"So you two men got to see what's it's like"


"Did you enjoy it?"

"Kagome said not to tell anyone"

"Fine I will just ask here when she returns"

He hugged Oxly and walked back over and into the looked at our feet and found our bags that we had taken with each picked up our bags and walked over to the stairs and started our long desent down them.

When we reached the bottom we flagged a taxi got in and Oxly told the driver where to on the ride back to the hotle I thought about some things.

I really want to tell Mutt and my I promised Kagome I wouldn't.I was thinking that this will be a huge secret to we reached our hotel I payed the driver and we got out and walked into the hotel.

We went up to our room,despite the stairs that we are getting.I guess we really haven't had a good bath since we left the hotel to go to the shrine.

We went into our room and stright into the bathroom.I got my bath first and the he was getting his I called the airport for a flight back to the U.S.

THe closet one I could get will be at 6:00am in the morning so when Ox came out of the bathroom I told both packed our bags and had room service bright us our supper up.

When we finished they came and took it and we both layed down on our beds and fell to got up at 4:30am the next morning and grabbed our stuff and left our room.

We got a cab and told them to take us to the air we got there Ox payed this time and we got went into the terminal and went threw we got there all of that it is 5:45am.

We ran acrss the airport to catch our flight and we just made it in time and got on the put our carry on bags up in the capartments and took our seats.

The plane took off and we both just relaxed and I tried to forget about our time in the feudal era,but it seems the more I tried not to think about it the more I did.

When we got home Oxly and I each went our seperat ways and went home with the biggest secret we have ever kept.

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