Silent Hill: Spiritual Dissonance
By John Priest

An isolated Moon illuminates the sky above the quiet, small town of Silent Hill. An old black car glides upon the pavement of the interstate road, its headlights penetrating the darkness ahead of it. The driver is tired; having endured fifteen hours of driving through an unknown number of miles, passing countless road lights, and barely remembering the blurs that were the cars he has passed. His eyes close many times, the siren's call of sleep trying to reel him in. But he perseveres through the want, knowing that the time for rest will be available soon. Following his GPS, he takes a right and goes down the exit into Silent Hill.

As he drives down the road, he turns on his mp3 player, putting on a music track to help him cope with the journey into Silent Hill. He taps his finger to the tune as it plays, enjoying the warm notes of the music. He then drives through a small bridge with a tunnel over it, passing through it quickly and entering Midway Avenue. As he drives through the street, the scent of saw dust faintly touches his nose as he passes by, vaguely reminding him of better days. A time when he was closer to his father, enjoying woodworking itself due to having a fondness for craftsmanship. But now, those days seem so distant from the present.

After stopping at a red light and watching a couple cars pass by, the man continues on his silent voyage. But as quickly as he passes the turn into Canyon Street, he stops. He is enveloped in nostalgia as he notices a sight he hasn't glanced upon in years: A pet shop, just like the one his grandfather ran, back when the man was young. He turns off his engine and gets out of the car, closing the door out of habit. He walks up to the door of the shop, seeing the owner closing up and coming towards the entrance. He is too busy remembering bygone days to notice her, touching the window glass.
The middle-aged woman opens the door and walks through it, stopping next to the man and asking "Anything I can help you with before I go home sir?"

The man is thrust out of his memories by the woman's words, replying "Ah…no. I'm sorry; this shop just reminded me of my grandfathers back in Ashfield…" reflecting quite the doleful expression.

"But there hasn't been a pet shop in Ashfield for years." trails off the lady

"Didn't say I've been there recently ma'am" counters the man respectfully

"Oh…I'm sorry, I didn't realize who you referred to. It has been so long since that dark day, that I've nearly forgotten it…" the woman looking down at the ground, ashamed of her daftness. But the man just smiles "Don't dwell on it, it has been quite some time ma'am, I wouldn't expect anyone but my fellow family members to remember Papa Steve".

"The entire spree itself was chaotic, what was worse is that I knew little Walter. He was such an innocent man; I still don't understand what compelled him to kill all those people." Reminisces the woman

"I heard he killed himself out of guilt, blaming the entire thing on some strange red devil. Whatever was the case, he didn't seem mentally normal. I don't blame him, I just hope he finds peace in the afterlife" states the man, pitying Walter Sullivan.

"As do I. Well, this has been a nice, if a bit sad, chat. Good day…" begins the lady, "Garland."

"Ah, have a good day . I hope you enjoy our quiet little town." Replies the lady as she turns around and leaves. Mr. Garland takes one last look at the Pet store, seeing the name "Veronica's Friends" on the window glass as he starts walking back to his car. He then sets off from the pet store, driving for a couple miles before pulling into the parking lot of the Riverside Motel.

Mr. Garland steps out of his car, closing the door and going to the back to get his spare clothes. He shuts the trunk and locks the car doors, carrying the suitcase that contains his clothing with his left hand. Mr. Garland walks his way to the reception office and enters through the door. Inside, the interior is rather homely. Green carpet lines the floor below a lone ceiling fan, spinning moderately as time passes by. Mr. Garland walks to the receptionist, waving casually "Any rooms left?" "Yeah, name?" questions the man behind the counter. "Garland. John Garland". "Alright Mr. Garland, here's your key, room is near the pool, 104, can't miss it." Explains the receptionist, John nods in appreciation and exits the office.
He manages to find his way to the pool, noticing the faint glimmer of moon light reflecting off of the surface of the aqua water.

Afterwards, he locates his apartment and unlocks the door, entering the temporary abode. He turns on the light, throwing his clothes onto the bed as he takes off his coat. He takes in a deep, long breath and sighs. What could this town really offer him in regards to closure? Last time he was here, Liasah died and he was left with hypothermia. This town, from what he knows, doesn't have a good history, especially for his bloodline. His aunt, alongside a good number of the Alchemila Hospital staff, disappeared before he was born. The last thing his mother heard from her sister was in letter asking her for money. After she disappeared, his grandfather wasn't the same. Depression fits hit him constantly, but from his young age, John could never tell that the happy, playful man his grandpa Steve seemed to be, was really a ruse to keep his family from worrying.

When he was killed by that poor man, it hit the family hard. John's mother sank into her own sadness, while his father tried his best to make her happy. Time passed, but old wounds never truly seal and as such, his mother never really recovered. She was always nice, always making time for John and his sister Tina, but as he grew older, John could see the sorrow perpetrating throughout her frail being. When he told his family where he was going, they were adamantly against it. Bringing up various examples to try and dissuade him, but in the end, he couldn't be swayed. Before he left though, his mother kissed him goodbye and told him to be safe.

He casually undresses as he heads into the shower, hoping for some solace in the relaxing embrace of its warm water. He gets just that, cleaning up and putting on his undergarments once he was done cleaning himself. After drying his hair, he locks the door to the outside and closes the curtains, not wishing for any disruptions. He turns on the television as he lies down upon the bed, having placed his clothes on a nearby chair. After watching for an hour or so, John turns it off. Nothing entertaining was on, no movies either due to the cheap cable the motel uses. As he gazes into the darkness above him, he silently wishes for some closure as he nods off and slips into a deep slumber.