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Okay this is my 2nd fanfic. This story is completely different than my first one. So readers who liked 'A Forgotten Friendship' may not necessarily like this one, and vice versa. Though I'll try and make the chapters longer in this fanfic.

Basic Summary: Sort of like a Twilight spin-off of Mean Girls. Bella is the new kid in Phoenix, and has come from small-town Forks with her twin sister Rosalie. They promise to never split apart, butt will things change when they enter the wildness of high school, and meet the 'popular crowd' of Lauren, Jessica and Alice? Will popularity win over family? Deceit, jealously, and bitchiness are sure to happen. But what about the benefits of high school; forming true bonds, finding yourself, and finding real love? So take a breath and get ready to enter Phoenix High school, where only the strong will survive!

(By the way, you may be wondering why Alice is part of the 'popular crowd'. I won't explain now but she is a good guy. But she has to be for the plot to work!)


"A Real friend is hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget". Unfortunately, I learnt that the hard way.

You could say that I was brought up in a safe, little bubble back in Forks. I had never known the cruelness of mankind or the evilness of girls.

That all changed when I moved to Phoenix high school with Rosalie, my twin sister. Little did I know my life was going to be faced with hurdles. Hurdles where every single girl in the school would be watching in the crowd, just waiting for you to trip and fall.

But I would not give in. I would run for my life, run for my sister, run for my true friends, and show the rest of the world what happiness really is. I would shun stereotypes, showing the world that everyone is unique and indivual. No longer would girls have to deal with peer pressure, or be called sluts. Because after all, isn't being unique cooler than being cool?

Chapter 1 – Bring me to Life (Evanescence)

"Rose, do you think Phoenix high school is going to be different than Forks?" I asked my twin sister, who was driving us to my new torture; high school.

"I don't know Bells. This school's much bigger than Fork's so I'm guessing it's going to be different," she replied as she swerved into the gigantic car park, which was already bustling with students.

"But we'll stick together right?" I asked nervously. I wasn't really that great at talking to strangers. Rose was sort of the opposite of me; she was great at talking to people, and she instantly made tons of friends. Usually I would just tag along with her.

"Course Bells. No-one will separate us, we're sisters," Rose smiled at me, and that gave me courage to actually open the door and slouch out of the car. As we both shut the car doors, all eyes turned to us.

Being me, of course, I blushed bright red and tried to look away from the stares. Hurry up Rose, I thought. Let's get the hell out of this damn car park. But Rose, like her usual self, smiled warmly at everyone, while walking over to me.

Suddenly, a shiny Mercedes convertible swerved into the space opposite our car, girly music blaring out full volume. Just thank God it wasn't Barbie girl – thankfully they had more pride than that! Everyone turned to look. Most of them looked scared and hurriedly shuffled so that there was about a 10m radius of wide space around the car.

Three girls got out of the car. The first was small but ultra-skinny, with shiny black hair carefully styled and jagged to look model-like. Out of the three she was the most, say 'respectfully-dressed', wearing a red-ruffled mini skirt just above her knees, and a plain black v-neck top. She looked slightly tired, but maybe I was just imagining it.

The second girl was medium height with dark, curly brown hair and a lot of make-up obviously plastered on her face. She wore a tiny dress that barely reached her mid-thigh. .She looked like a wannabe of the third, and final girl that got out of the car.

At first she almost appeared to have an innocent, friendly face. But I wasn't an idiot - I could tell this girl was going to make my life hell. Her waist-length hair was dyed a bright blonde, and her make-up, though subtle, accentuated her beautiful face. She wore 4 inch high heels, a light pink mini skirt that showed off her long, tanned legs, and a white tank top that had a bright red kiss printed on it.

She held her hand on her hip, and walked directly to us, the two others on either side of us, like her cronies. How cliché does that sound? But when they stood about a foot away from us, the blond one in the middle turned to Rose and said,

"You must be the new transfers then," she said sweetly to Rose. Too sweetly.

"Er yes. I'm Rosalie and this is my twin sister Bella," she gestured toward me.

The blonde turned, and looked me up and down. "Hmmm" she said distastefully, eyeing my baggy trousers, world-peace t-shirt and my animal-friendly shoes. What can I say? I care for the environment, it's not a crime!

The blonde girl just turned back to Rose and completely blanked me out. The curly-brown haired one did the same. The last one, the black-haired girl, gave me a discrete, small smile, which I unwillingly returned after a few seconds. Out of the three, I could tell I would get along best with her.

"I'm Lauren. This is Jessica, and Alice" she turned her head to the other two as she spoke, still only talking to Rose.

"Hey" the curly haired one, Jessica, spoke in a girly voice, though it was obviously fake. I barely contained my laughter at her. She was the kind of girl that acts like a complete bimbo, thinking boys would like her.

"Well, it's nice to meet you. But Bella and I have to get our timetable now" Rose said politely, though I saw a flash of anger cross Lauren's face. She quickly smoothed it over though. "Yeah, see ya" and she casually flicked her handbag over her shoulder and walked away. Jessica followed likewise, and Alice, after giving a bright smile towards us both, turned and followed, though she wasn't wiggling her hips like the other two.

The bell rung then, and everyone who had watched the little scene in silence, hurriedly scattered in every direction.

"C'mon then Bells" Rose muttered to me and we set off to the reception. "Well, they were…nice."

I snorted. "Nice? Rose, c'mon! Even though I don't like to judge, they look and act like sluts!"

"Bella!" Rose scolded me. "You shouldn't say that about people." You would think that Rosalie, being the most beautiful girl in the world, would be completely vain and bitchy, but she wasn't. She is the loveliest girl imaginable. She sort of reminds me of Jane in Pride & Prejudice; beautiful yet also the most kind-natured. Now all she needed was her Mr Bingley.

"I know its mean. It was just a natural instinct. Hopefully I'm wrong. But I just get this feeling that we both need to keep an eye on that Lauren. She might try to break us up," I told Rose truthfully.

"Bells, what did I tell you? No-one will break us up, remember?"

I smiled as we enter the reception. Behind the desk sat a curly red-haired woman. The plaque on the desk said her name was Ms Cope. She had a friendly smile on her face, so I actually managed to go to the desk and say, "Hello. We're the new transfers; Isabella and Rosalie Swan."

Her eyes lit up. "Ooooh, I have your timetables somewhere. Just give me a second to find them." She started bustling through two huge piles of paperwork. But she ended up knocking over the 2 piles, so that all the papers spilled out.

"Oh damn" I heard Ms Cope whisper, as she went around the desk to pick up the papers. Rosalie and I helped, being the kind people we are (I'm really not vain, by the way!). In my peripheral vision I saw a set of pale arms reach out and pick some up too. I looked up and immediately I jerked.

The most handsome face I have ever seen was crouched in front of me. He had messy bronze hair, twinkling green eyes and a crooked, cheeky grin.

"Hey there." Just those two words sent little butterflies in my stomach fluttering like mad, and he managed to make the words sound cool yet sexy at the same time. "H-hi" I managed to stutter back. Oh god Bella. Get a grip on yourself. It's just a guy!

"I'm Edward." He held a hand out, and I gingerly shook it. My tiny, warm hand fit perfectly in his big, cool one. "I'm Bella." I managed to actually say it without stuttering, which I was quite proud of.

"Late again Mr Cullen?" Ms Cope said, as she picked up the remaining sheets off the floor.

"Yeah. My idiot sister spent hours in the bathroom putting make-up so I couldn't take a shower" he groaned and rolled his eyes.

"Hey, beauty takes time," a high-pitched voice said. I turned around and found the girl earlier, Alice, standing there alone.

"Alice. You have a gigantic mirror the size of Russia in your room! Why the heck can't you just put make-up on in there?" Edward groaned.

"Because, Edward. All my make-up is in the bathroom. I just can't move EVERYTHING into my room" Alice replied.

"Whatever," Edward sighed, "but tomorrow I'm getting into the bathroom first. Well, Bella, see you around." He gave me a small smile before walking to a room just next to the reception. I stared after him, mesmerised by his back. For God's sake, I really must be sad!

"Whoah, I know that look" Alice told me "I've seen that face on every single girl in this school. You like him don't you?" she accused me.

I blushed, but as I am horrifically bad at lying that it's not even funny, I just nodded to Alice. Her face lit up suddenly, but then was washed away as fast as she said grudgingly, "Oh no. Lauren's not going to be happy."

I was about to ask her what she meant when Ms Cope wedged a sheet of paper into my hand. "Here's your timetable dear," she smiled warmly at me. I looked down at my sheet, showing a very complicated timetable. It said that my first lesson on Monday morning was Maths. Hopefully Rose had it too.

"It looks like I've got Art now" Rose said. Shoot. There goes my plan!

"I've got Maths" I replied gloomily. Now I was going to be all alone! Oh well. It was time to make some friends on my own, I guess.

"I've got Maths too. Do you have Ms Lindsay?" Alice peered over my timetable and squealed. "You do. Come on then. We have to go or we'll be late!" She was about to drag me off when I stopped her. "Wait. Rose, you will meet up at break right?"

"Yep. Ms Cope, do you mind showing me where A2 is please?" she asked her charmingly. "Sure I will honey."

And with that Alice dragged me off with her, me stumbling along the way. She looked truly happy and relaxed, more so than earlier, so I didn't argue with her.

"Alice, watch where you're going!" Eugh. Lauren's hideous face blinded my vision along with Jessica's as Alice banged into Jessica's oh-so-perfect shoulder.

"Sorry Lauren," Alice immediately hurried through, looking even just a bit scared.

Lauren wasn't paying attention to her anymore. She was looking at me like I was dirt on her shoe. Though I doubt she would let me anywhere near her shoes, of course.

"Oh Alice, I didn't know you were…friends with Bella?" Her voice shook with disgust at the word friends. Man, this girl was getting on my nerves.

"What? Do you have a problem with that?" I retorted. "You think that you have to be the centre of attention all the time, and people can't have more friends than just you? Well, if you think that than you really are as stupid as you look! Cause you know what? Me and Rose aren't going to be hamsters to your sick, twisted little social group!"

I shouted that speech out, and I doubt that anyone within a ten-mile radius wouldn't of heard it. I surprised myself actually. Usually I wouldn't get so worked up. But I couldn't help it! She really was a bitch, and even to Alice, who's supposed to be her friend! It was time to create a new me – finally bring myself to life, so that I wouldn't get trampled on by idiotic girls like Lauren. Lauren just narrowed her eyes at me and hissed,

"We'll see, freak."

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