The Heart of the Ocean,
Is not the diamond in my hand,
But lies at the bottom of the Atlantic,
Buried in the sand,

With his sandy blonde hair,
And his amazing green eyes,
It is he For whom my heart cries,

I long for his gentle touch,
The soft stroking of my cheek,
And when I think of what used to be,
I am left saddened and weak,

When I think of that night,
I can't forget your look,
As you told me to hang on,
For as long as it took,

Believing we would be saved,
I hung on for you,
And when seeing the boat,
I felt it was true,

I tried to shake you awake,
I told you, "They're here,"
And the sound of them calling,
Came to my ears,

When you wouldn't awake,
I was hit with fear,
You couldn't be gone,
For you were right here,

Jack, I begged,
Come back to me,
You fought so hard,
How could this be,

Tears started to pour,
Turning into ice,
For saving me,
You had payed the price,

When I let go of your hands,
I let go of my heart,
And you took it with you,
As we were torn apart,

All through the night,
I couldn't believe,
I had been spared,
And you weren't here with me,

And now as I sit here,
As warm as could be,
My heart is stil cold,
Because of what used to be.