AN: So I was watching Teen Titans the other night and there was one scene in "the episode "The Beast Within" when Beast Boy was walking down the hall and Raven bumped into him. They starting arguing and Beast Boy was telling her to watch out or else. He was like, an inch from her face. So, I got the idea for this story. I didn't really want to write it, but it wouldn't go away so, I wrote it anyway. It's just taken all night. Lol
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(Ravens POV)

"Is this when I'm supposed to be intimidated?" I asked dully. Beast Boy was less than two inches from my face, smiling darkly.
"No. This is when you shut up and give into me."
I raised an eyebrow. "What?"
Suddenly Beast Boy shoved me onto a wall, pinning my wrists above my head. My eyes grew wide. "What the Hell are you do-" Putting his lips onto mine, I was brought into a rough kiss. To say I was shocked would be a huge understatement. As he started to bite onto my lower lip a light above us exploded. I tried to free my hands, but to no avail. Beast Boy laughed darkly.
"You can't break free from me." He murmured onto my lips. "Just give into the Beast." I looked into his dark green eyes. "Beast Boy, this isn't you."
The former happy-go-lucky boy smirked. "Well Rae, it is now. So you better get used to the new and improved me."
"No. This isn't improved. You were fine the way you were."
The green boy scorned at me. "You say that because you could insult and tease me and I would let you." He gripped my wrists tighter, making me grimace in pain. "Not anymore. I have the power now, and I'm getting what I want. You." I gasped. Beast Boy used this opportunity to stick his tongue in my mouth. Another light burst over head. His tongue glided on the roof of my mouth, barely touching my own tongue. Beast Boy removed one of his hands from my wrists and put it on my cheek. He tilted my head back to deepen the kiss. I tried desperately to free my hands again. I thought that with only one of his hands holding onto mine that the restraint would be weaker. I was wrong. He just held on even tighter.
Finally finding my tongue, he began to massage it with his own. My heart began to race even more than it had been. I was sure it would break through my chest. As he continued to massage my tongue, he began to stroke my cheek absent mindedly with his thumb. After several long minutes he moved his hand down to my hip and removed his lips from mine. Beast Boys' lips moved onto my neck as he began to bite and suck surprisingly softly. Maybe he was slowly changing back into the old Beast Boy. "Beast Boy, please,"
He smirked again. "Trust me, you'll be screaming that in a few more minutes."

Or I could be wrong.
"Beast Boy, you have to stop."
His kissing traveled down to where my neck and shoulder met. This was one of the few spots on my body that was sensitive. Unconsciously I tilted my head back and took in a sharp breath. His free hand moved up to my sides and he began to rub gently. His thumb grazed my breast; I took another sharp intake of air. I could feel him smile slightly. 'What is he smiling for?' I thought confused. Beast Boy brought his hand up and cupped my breast. I let out a small moan. Huskily he asked, "You like that do you?" I didn't respond. Again using his thumb, he rubbed my nipple through my clothing. I let out a small whimper. Several lights down the hall exploded. "So I was right." He stated. "Interesting." It felt like the only thing I could do now was beg.
"Beast Boy, please. You have to stop. This isn't you."
He brought his lips to my ear. His voice was husky, but he spoke softly.
"This is me. And I can see that you LOVE the new me. It's in you eyes, and it's in your body language." He slowly moved his hand back down to my hip then to my ass. Bringing my hips forward, he rubbed his crotch against mine. Unconsciously I arched into his touch. He laughed softly. "See?"
I closed my eyes and took in deep breaths. When I opened them again I saw Beast Boy staring at me with a blank face.

"Beast Boy?" I asked unsurely.
A moment of silent passed.

The young Beast looked deep into my eyes. Then suddenly his eyes grew slightly larger in alarm.
"R….Rae?" He stuttered.
Slowly letting go of my wrist and hip, he moved away from me until his back hit the wall opposite of me.
"I…..I….."His eyes grew larger and more frantic.
"Beast Boy?" I asked again.
He looked at me with a pleading face.

"Rae…I…..I'm so sorry. I didn't….I don't know what came over me…..I just…."
He closed his eyes and let out a groan.
My face turned cold. "What. The Hell. Did you do that for you sick son of a BITCH!?" Somewhere near by yet another light broke.

"I'm sorry! I don't know what happened! It's like someone else took over my body!"
I stalked over to him and held onto his neck. He started to choke. As cold as possible I said: "Like Hell someone took over you. If you EVER, and I mean EVER get near me again I will be sure that you're dead within the next five minutes. Do you understand me?"
Choking on his words Beast Boy tried to speak. "Rae, I…."
Fire grew in my eyes. "I said, DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?"
He just nodded his head weakly. Letting go of his neck I walked away from him.