Again! Yes! Cliff hangur!

"Hey! Help the children! 25 cents!"

Zim sat behind a box that read 'Help The Children. DO IT NOW!', and Gir was being cute for people.

"I dunno, Zim," said Dib. "Should we be lying to the people like this?"

"It's not lying!" Zim argued. "We're children and we need help!"

"Will it even work?" asked Dib.

"Oh-ho, it'll work." Zim smirked.

A pretty lady passed by. "Hey, you! Lady!"

The woman turned, annoyed at Zim for bothering her.

She beat him up in ways that are too terrible to describe. The lady walked away, leaving Zim bleeding on the ground.

Gir wnt over and poked Zim. He saw Zim's soul leaking out through his mouth, and asked, "What IS that?"

Dib shuddered. "Is he.. dead?"

Gam shrugged. "I hope so."

Then Godzilla came through the city in a fish suit yelling, "WHEYUH IZ MAH POCKYYY??!!!" And he stomped on Kenny McCormick, and everybody was like, "Oh my God, you killed Kenny!" and Kyle said "You bastard!!" and Phoenix's friend Becky went "RWAR!! GENKI!!" and she turned into Super Seiyan Becky in all of her fangirl goodness, and totally owned Godzilla's Super Seiyan Becky turned back into normal Becky and ran over to Kenny and hugged him, and she was all like "WHY, MY KENNY, WHY??!!!" and Kenny woke up and said "Hey, bitch, get the hell off me! I don't even know you!" but she couldn't hear him in his parka, and she squeezed him til he suffocated and died. And then Doctor Phil flew around the place throwing cheese nips at everybody, and Phoenix said "Damn it!! I don't like cheese nips!! This is MY fucking fic!! I want me some Ramune!!!" And Ramune rained from the sky like magic and Spngebob popped up from a hole in the ground and got shot by Edward Elric. The end,

Okay, so that's not the real ending. My fans, I grant YOU the respnsibility of ending this, for I won't have time, what with all my other fic requests. And plus, I thought you guys would have lots of fun with it. I give you all FULL permission to end the story your way, all you have to do is follow what I have so far, give me credit, and PM me what it's called, were it is, and when it's finished. I'm curious. So have fun.