Title: Nightmares

Summary: Chekov suffers from nightmares. [Chekov/Sulu].

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Chapter 1

Chekov didn't usually suffer from nightmares, especially reoccurring ones, but just recently he had been experiencing a lot of them.

It started out as a one off. He knew everybody at some stage or another would have a one off nightmare and the factors contributing to them varied widely; worries, stress, illness, medication and trauma being a good start to the list.

But when it became more than a one off and he found himself experiencing them every night around the same time, he began to become reluctant to sleep unless he really had to. Sometimes sleep would claim him and he would wake up a few hours later screaming, terrified and fearful that what his mind had showed him was actually reality and not a dream. His skin would shimmer with cold sweat and his eyes would be wild with terror while he trembled and shook from both adrenaline and terror.

He refused to go and see McCoy about it. The so called 'good doctor' in Kirk's words seemed in a perminant fractious mood and had a face to match. Crew members would only go to see him if they really had to, and even then they mentally braced themselves for the verbal onslaught they were bound to get for getting injured or being in a position to need to see him in the first place. Funnily enough not even Spock wanted to go near him. The rest of the crew had a feeling that he had something to do with the doctors attitude of late but no one knew for sure.

Chekov shook his head at the prospect of a visit. Instead he tried all the alternatives he could think off; sleeping tablets and medicine, meditation and relaxation done on a whim when he over heard a conversation about another crew member having trouble sleeping, and lastly trying to turn the nightmare from something bad into a something good; but to Chekov no so called 'good nightmare' existed.

Chekov soon found himself lasting on what little sleep he could get.