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Chapter 7

Seph entered the throne room and found Hades slouched over with his hand holding his chest as if his heart was shattering. She saw tears hit his fore arm and ran to him. He lifted his head, his face filled with such despair, she could feel it. He did not know her plan, and it was best that way. She kissed him, tasting his tears and her own heart broke for him. She was putting him through torture, but if he knew what she was about to do, her mother would blame him. She stroked his cheek, his features precious to her and murmured,

"I will be back, Hades. No matter what."

He smiled at her, sadly and said, in a hoarse voice,

"Of course, dearest."

She held his face between her hands and insisted,

"I will."

He nodded and kissed her again. She was reluctant to pull away, but knew she needed to. She smiled at him, kissed him quickly, one last time, and left. When she entered the foyer, tears flooded her eyes. Hermes smiled sympathetically at her. He had the small bag she had packed in his hand. He lifted it, for her to see.

"Is this all?"

She nodded, determined.

"Yes. That is all I will need."

Hermes shrugged and gestured for her to lead the way. She took one last look at her home and then resolutely left to return to Olympus. On the way, she waved to Hecate, who dropped the platter she held in her hands as she saw her mistress leaving. Thanatos stared as they left, unsure whether he should stop them or not. Deciding against it, he just watched them leave. They made their way to Charon's boat and he glared at Hermes.

"Two gold coins for you, sir."

Hermes looked mystified for a second before he rummaged around in the pouch around his waist and retrieved two gold pieces. He handed them to Charon who snatched them angrily as if he had been hoping Hermes had no money and held out his hand for Persephone. She smiled at him and took his hand as he helped her. He whispered,

"Why are you leaving so soon, mistress? The master will be very upset."

She smiled, reassuringly and said,

"Don't worry, Charon! I'll be returning soon!"

Charon smiled at her and took his place at the helm of the boat. He began the trek across the river, constantly glancing back to shore as if hoping Hades himself would come and demand they return. He sighed as the boat thudded against the opposite shore and said,

"Goodbye, mistress. It has been wonderful having you here."

She smiled and said,

"I will be back, Charon."

He nodded and murmured,

"Of course, mistress."

Seph shook her head and headed to the cave that would lead them put of the Underworld. At the entrance, Cerberus snapped at Hermes, who ran behind Seph. She rolled her eyes and stroked Cerberus' chest, comfortingly.

"I'm coming back, Cerberus!"

He whined as though he did not believe her and rolled over for what he thought to be his last belly scratch from her. When he regained his feet, he lunged at Hermes for taking away his mistress but Seph stepped in front of him. Cerberus skidded to a halt just before her and woofed, lovingly. She smiled at him and murmured,

"Why doesn't anyone believe I'm coming back?"

He woofed again and let them leave, giving one last ominous growl to Hermes before returning to his post, guarding the gates. When Hermes and Persephone finally left the cave and entered an open field, Seph shielded her eyes and said,

"It is far too bright up here."

She turned to see Hermes staring at her, perplexed.

"You are a spring Goddess, Seph! How can you think it's too bright? Especially since it is almost dusk!"

"I was a spring Goddess, Hermes. Now, I am Queen of the Underworld. The sun isn't for me anymore. The flowers that bloom in the dark are just as beautiful as the ones that bloom in the day."

He shook his head saying,

"Demeter is not going to be pleased."

A strange light gleamed in Seph's eyes as she said,

"No, she is not."

They made their way to the halls of Olympus and when they entered, all the Gods and Goddesses present stood, joy filling their face. They ran to Seph and one by one, embraced her. She hugged them all, having missed her doting uncles and aunts. She looked around and said,

"Where is my mother?"

They were all staring at her and she looked down to see if her dress was stained.

"What is the matter?"

"You have grown into a fine woman, Seph."

Said Hera, who embraced her again. She grinned and said,

"It is thanks to my husband."

They all gasped and said,

"We were not invited to the ceremony!"

Seph laughed at the scandalised voices.

"It was a small ceremony."

Aphrodite scoffed, disapproving.

"You shall return to my temple and have a grand ceremony fit of the eldest of the Gods and his new bride!"

Hera stepped up and said,

"I believe their wedding should be held at my temple, since I am the Goddess of Marriage, Aphrodite."

Aphrodite shrugged and said,

"As long as it is grand!"

Seph laughed and said,

"No thank you! Although I have been deprived of my wedding night to come here."

Aphrodite looked scandalized and glared at Hermes.

"How could you, Hermes?"

She screeched. Hermes rolled his eyes and said,

"Yes, blame the messenger! Everyone always does! Need I remind you that it was you all who sent me in the first place?"

Aphrodite huffed and said,

"That may be so but-"

"Stop this! There is much to do, Seph."

Zeus interrupted.

"You must see your mother! She is creating havoc on Earth. Please, Seph. Go placate her!"

Seph nodded and closed her eyes to find her mother. When she opened her eyes, she was in a barren field that she did not recognise, which was covered in ice, as more ice fell from the sky. She looked around and saw a fenced green area. Looking at the intricate designs on the fence, she gasped and returned her gaze to the field. These had been her mother's gardens! She walked over to the fenced area, recognising her own garden, it was the only spot protected from the elements, flourishing and bearing fruit. Tears reached her eyes as she saw her mother sitting in the grass, holding her flowers to her. Seph came up behind her and whispered,


Demeter sobbed harder and did not look up. Seph realised that she probably thought she was a figment of her own imagination. She touched her mother's shoulder. At once, her mother's eyes lifted to Seph's, filled with anguish. Her eyes cleared slowly as she saw Seph. At once, the snow slowed and when her mother's eyes were clear, the snow stopped completely. Her eyes filled with a joy so complete, it broke Seph's heart. Demeter leaped to her feet and took Seph into her arms.

"My child! My precious Kore! You are returned to me! How I have missed you!"

She pulled away to look at her and asked,

"Has he hurt you, my darling? Has that monster put his hands on you? What did he do? How did you escape?"

Seph shushed her with another hug and said,

"Do not speak of my husband so, mother. He is no monster."

Demeter pulled away from her embrace, accusing.

"You are not Kore! My Kore was kidnapped!"

"No mother, I am not Kore. I am Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. It is time you accept what is my destiny."

Demeter shook her head, adamantly.

"You will be no such thing, Kore! You will stay with me, and we will return the world to what it once was and stay here, happily. I know what is best for you!"

Seph smiled at her, indulgently. Who would have thought that their roles would ever be reversed? That she would ever have to act as a mother to Demeter. She took her shoulders into her hands, gently and said,

"Mother, I will aid you in returning the world to what it once was, but then I must return to my husband."

Demeter's features were set, staring at her.

"You have returned to me, and you will not return!"

Seph sighed before she reached into the bag she had taken from Hermes and held on her arm. She retrieved a small fruit and broke it open. Demeter shook her head.

"This is no time to eat, Kore! We are having a discussion! Where are the manners I taught you?"

Seph smiled at her and picked a few seeds from the fruit, placing them on her tongue and chewing, thoughtfully before swallowing.

"This is truly delicious."

Demeter was now staring at the fruit.

"What is that?"

Just as Seph lifted a few more seeds to her mouth, she said,

"Fruit of the Underworld."

Shocked, Demeter slapped her hand away from her mouth, causing the seeds to fall to the ground and threw the fruit away from her, spilling seeds across the garden, where they lay, harmless looking. Demeter grabbed her daughter's hand and screamed,

"How could you, Kore? You know that once you eat the food of the Underworld, you are forced to remain there!"

Seph nodded and said,

"I wish to return to my husband, mother. I knew if I had eaten the fruit before I met you, you would think I had been forced to. Now you see that I truly do love my husband."

Demeter shook with fury and in a swirl of leaves, they appeared in Zeus' temple in Olympus. She threw Seph to the floor and screamed,

"This impudent child has eaten the fruit of the Underworld! There must be a way Zeus, to have it removed from her!"

Shocked, everyone stared at her. Seph got up from the floor and said, calmly,

"What is done is done, mother. There is no way to reverse it."

Demeter fell to the ground, sobbing and the air was chilled once more. Zeus lifted his hand and Hades appeared in front of him, cold and serious.

"You called, brother?"

He turned, saw Seph and for the first time, the Gods saw something other than the cold shell he usually showed. He was shocked, his expression puzzled, but shone with such love, Aphrodite felt it spear her heart.

"This love is as pure as a babe the day it is born..." she whispered to the other Gods.

They smiled as Seph ran to her husband and embraced him. Zeus said,

"She has eaten the food of the Underworld."

Hades shook his head.

"I have never allowed her to eat it."

Seph smiled and said,

"I took a pommegranate from the kitchen."

Hades stared at her, shocked and then grinned, lifting her for a kiss.

"You brilliant, brilliant woman!"

She laughed and kissed him also. Demeter stared at them and then screamed,

"You have corrupted my daughter! You cannot have her! The world will die before you can have her!"

Her powers pulsed around her, causing a sudden increase in the downpour of the ice from the sky. Zeus, said, calmly,

"You cannot stop her, Demeter. It is law. She has eaten from the fruit."

"But he must have forced her to! No matter what she says! He has done something to her, Zeus! Can you not see? My Kore would not kiss a man!"

Seph frowned, worried about her mother. The other Gods seemed worried about her sanity as well. Hera whispered,

"Is there nothing you can do, Zeus?"

He sighed and said,

"How many seeds did you eat, Seph?"

"Six..." she whispered, unsure of what would happen. Zeus nodded and then proclaimed loudly,

"For each seed that Persephone has eaten, she shall remain for a month in the Underworld with her husband! For the rest of the year, she shall remain in Olympus with her mother!"

Demeter looked hopefully at Zeus and said,

"She shall be with me, from now on?"

"Since she has just been wed, Demeter, I believe the first six months shall go to her husband. You cannot kill the earth completely. You may show your rage and grief in nature in a way that will not harm or kill the beings that inhabit the earth!"

Demeter screamed her frustration before bowing her head, docilely.

"So it shall be..." she murmured.

Seph went to embrace her mother, who held her for a few minutes, weeping in her arms before releasing her and glaring at Hades.

"You will pay!"

Hades smiled at her and said,

"I love you too, sister dearest."

She turned on her heel and left, to return the world to its usual way. Seph kissed her husband and followed, aiding her in melting the ice and growing the crops.

"While you are gone, I won't be able to stop myself from retaliating on the earth."

Seph hugged her mother and said,

"We shall find crops that will grow even with the ice, then, mother."

Demeter smiled at her, and said,

"I shall miss you, child."

Seph hugged her once more and left to return to her husband.

Demeter looked at her daughter leave her, to return to her kidnapper and rage filled her. She would find a way to show Kore that her husband was a wretch, no matter what happened. He could not be trusted and Kore would soon see that. She swore to herself, silently, that she would find a way and when she did, her daughter would return to her and never leave her side again.

Seph ran back to Olympus where her husband waited for her. He took her hand and they were at the mouth of the cave to the Underworld. They entered and were greeted by and exuberant Cerberus who licked them and tried to sit on them for a while. Laughingly, they made their way to Charon's boat, where he stood, gleefully watching their progress.

"You have retrieved our Queen, master!"

Hades laughed and said,

"She returned by her own means, Charon. She is quite clever, your Queen."

Charon grinned and helped her into the boat before taking them across the river quickly. They made their way to the palace, greeting servants on the way, who were overjoyed that their Queen was returned to them. The news of her departure had spread quickly throughout the Underworld and a gloom had spread over it, only to be banished now, by her presence. Hades took his bride to their bed chambers and lifted her into his arms, spinning her around and kissing her.

"So we are going to have a wedding night after all, love."

She laughed, huskily and whispered,

"I had no doubt that we would."

He lifted his head, his eyes showing his regret.

"I am sorry I did not believe you, Seph."

She caressed his cheek and said,

"I wouldn't have believed me either."

Before winking at him.

"I love you, husband."

He caressed her face, joy filling him.

"And I love you, my dearest wife."

This was the tale of Hades, King of the Underworld and Persephone, his Queen. She was not stolen from her world, but walked freely into his. Their love is one of the few shining examples in all the worlds. Now, my dear friend, I must bid you farewell. I have enjoyed stopping to tell you this tale, but as always, time must move on. So goodbye friend, and remember, as you travel along this road we call life, to stop and try to see beyond what we are told to what truly is.


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