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Ok, here's my story. I, Isabella Marie Swan, has turned into Isabella Marie Volturi. It all happened 80 years ago when the Cul…Cullens left. It still hurts me to have to say their name.

I was in the forest just sitting. I was waiting to die. What was the point of living when the person you love, hates you? So, there goes an olive-toned vampire. He looked very familiar. "LAURENT," I yelled. Never in my life did I think I would be so happy to see him. "Bella?" he asked. "Yes, what are you doing here?", I replied back. "I was actually here to hunt, and you smell delicious.", he said. I said, "Oh, please do it. Kill me now! I don't want to live!" "You don't want to live, huh? Well then, you must live forever.", he said. Then he made his way toward me and then all I felt was the darkness creeping over me.

Then I woke up, 3 days later, regretting what I was and what I could do. Then, I made my way to the Volturi and begged them to kill me. Oh, what I wouldn't give to have them kill me. They refused and made me join them. Every time I tried to do something that would make them kill me, they would always find out the second before. Then, at one point, I just quit trying to escape and that's when I learned I had powers that were beyond the ordinary.

First, I had a shield that could block off all mental powers, like what HE could do. I can't say his name, it hurts too much. The second power was I could act human in ways vampires can't. For example, I can cry with real tears and not tearless sobs. I can eat real food, but I prefer animal blood. Those powers were enough to make the Volturi keep me, even though I really didn't want to live.

Now, I'm taken by Cameron Jason Volturi. We have been together since the first day I got here. He has a completely different background. He was made into a vampire when there was a killing spree by Newborns. The newborns didn't kill him because the leader was there to save him. So, he stayed there until he could make an escape. Sure, he was not HIM, but Cam was nice, sweet, and gorgeous. I also know that he would not leave me. I still wonder, if Edward Cullen is out there looking for the old me and not the vampire who is stuck at 17 years old. So, that's how I came to be Isabella Marie Volturi.


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