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Bella's POV:

"EJ, Renesmee!" I yelled.

Those little kids are always up to something. I walked up to Renesmee's room, and she was missing.

So, I walked up to EJ's room.

I see them wrestling, well EJ was sitting on Renesmee.

He was just a year younger.

"Edward," I scolded, "Get off your sister, and go look decent. Hazel, Andrew, Angelina, and Katie are coming over!"

He was shirtless, I have no idea where he gets that habit.

"Thanks mom," she left to go change.

I went up to Edward and kissed him.

"You should really break your son's habit," I said teasing.

"You don't mind seeing me shirtless," he countered.

"You're a little different," I said seductively and walked off.

I put some skinny jeans and a shirt.

"Hey Aunt Bells," said Angelina.

"Hey, sweetie," I said.

"Hey Uncle Edward!" they screamed and tackled him.

They love messing with him.

"Hey, Bella," said Alice.

"Hey! I see you've dressed Angelina and Hazel," I said.

"You bet!" she said.

"Hey Rose, Em, and Jas," I said.

I gave them each a hug.

"Go eat!" directed Edward.

The kids hopped up and went to the table to eat their lasagna.

Those kids grew up so much.

Renesmee, Hazel, and Andrew look 13.

EJ, Katie, and Angelina look 10.

How my life has changed for the better.

Edward's POV:

The kids tackled me, and I told them to eat.

"Hey guys," I said.

"What up, Eddie?" asked Emmett.

"I would totally curse you out if the kids weren't here," I said.

"Hey Edward!" chirped Alice.

That little energetic pixie.

Rosalie smiled, and Jasper gave me a hug.

"Are you finished?" asked Rosalie.

The shook their head. Silly kids.

How I loved what Bella, and my kids changed my life!

Emmett's POV:

"Let's go play football!" I said.

Andrew, EJ, Edward, and Jasper agreed.

The girls decided to go swimming.

I threw the ball at Jasper, and we kept doing little plays.

I tripped over something and fell into the pool.

Everyone started laughing.

Well, I love them all anyway.

Alice's POV:

I saw Katie about to jump in, but Andrew pushed her.

She went down, and came up looking furious.

Wow, Emmett and Rosalie raised some scary kids.

"I'm going to get you," said Katie.

"You wish," he taunted.

Next thing, they were running around the pool, until Katie stopped and grabbed Andrew and jumped in the pool.

How these kids are so amazing.

Jasper's POV:

"Can I play?" asked Nessie.

Emmett snickered.

"What?" she demanded.

That girl definitely got her attitude from Bella.

"As if I girl could play," said Emmett.

I saw flames in Nessie's eyes.

Emmett shouldn't have said that.

"Can I have the football?" Nessie asked.

"Knock yourself out," I said.

She threw it really hard, where a guy should not be hit.

Emmett fell straight down.

"How about that for football," she whispered to him.

How I love these kids!

Rosalie's POV:

Nessie walked up to EJ, and sat on him.

"That's what you get for earlier," she sang.

Angelina was sitting down sipping on ice tea.

Boy did Alice raise her to be just like her.

Then, Andrew threw water at her.

"You bitch! You'll regret that!" she screamed and got up.

She tackled him immediately and they went back and forth.

Wow, these kids are a hand full.

I jumped in the pool to have a nice swim.

Bella's POV:

Rosalie jumped in the pool, and we all followed.

Now, this is a memory I want to keep forever.

This is how I will remember my family, and how everything has changed.

Not that I mind.

I smiled one last time before, I pulled Edward under the water with me

And planted a firm kiss on his soft lips.

The End

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