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Sensational Spider-X

Chapter 1: After the Storm

Jean Grey was sleeping peacefully in a bed but not hers; she was in Scott Summer's bed as she felt his body against hers. She was slowly waking up to the feel of his body that she was sleeping on. Jean looked to see she was using his shoulder as a pillow and smiled as he slept. He wasn't wearing the visor as he had the power suppresser watch on, that Peter had made for him. She could feel it on her body where his arm was wrapped around her. She put her head back down and just took in the moment. So much had happened lately, with mutants being exposed, and with some of them being kidnapped for some type of experiments by the look of it. They still weren't sure who was behind it, only that they were using Oscorp facility and equipment.

She had been one of those taken, although she didn't remember much thankfully. It was all a blur when the X-Men had come to her rescue and the others. It had been a couple of weeks and the mansion was nearly finished being fixed from the attack, by of all things, giant robotic spiders. After being rescued, she and Scott had taken their relationship further. She smiled remembering their first time alone in the woods, now they had surprised each other at the river and how she had taken the first move. So she had been impulsive for what seemed like the first time in her life but she didn't regret it.

Even though they had been found out by the adults soon after but she would never trade that night away for anything. Not that they were the only ones that night, of all people Rogue and Peter also had been caught. Well she couldn't blame Rogue, all that time not being able to touch then Peter comes along. He reaches out to her, they date and he makes her a device to allow her to touch, then he gets taken like she had been and Rogue thinks that she would never see the first person she loved again.

And Jean knew that they loved each other, you could see it in them now. Well after that night the two couples got a long talk with the adults and so they still had extra training with Logan as punishment to go and other duties. But at least they were allowed to have sex still, as long as they followed the rules, first always safe sex, second to keep it to themselves as in no private dips into the pool or anything.

Well that was fair to them and so Jean took advantage of it. Like now as she was cuddled up to Scott after a night of love, she had to admit even though there was the pressure of dealing with their secret being out as well as other things, moments like this with Scott pushed them all away.

She didn't want to worry about anything at the moment, all she wanted was to just enjoy the morning after with Scott. She wondered if Rogue was doing the same at the moment, the two of them haven't talk much but given they seemed to be the only girls that had taken their relationship to this level maybe it would help make things better between them. Rogue had never gotten along with her but then Jean hadn't reached out as maybe she should have, opted to giving the girl her space. But now with things as they were maybe they could start being friends.

So much had happened that it still surprised her. The Brotherhood had gotten new members and apparently Mystique had taken one girl as another adopted child. Not much was known only that apparently the girl really didn't like Rogue. There was a lot of anger in her apparently. She didn't know much about one of the others but Max, the one that went by Electro, he was someone to be careful of. Tabitha had thought she had found a common free spirit when she lived there. Only to have it turned into a nightmare as Max was very controlling and even somewhat abusive. When Tabitha left him she left the Brotherhood as well, taking Lance and Wanda with her.

Then there was that mysterious Goblin person, that laugh of his was still haunting. They had no idea what he wanted but apparently he had some link to have had happened to them. But at any rate there was some good that came out of all of this. Like the Connors, Dr. Connors after they saved him from his 'Lizard' problem, was a very good friend to them, as was his wife and their son. In fact their son came over all the time to play with Jamie and another new addition Olivia.

Jean smirked at that, you could never call her Olivia in front of her, she hated being called such a 'girly' name. Somewhat of a tomboy the girl had been rescued off the cold streets by Peter, who seemed to have adopted him as her 'big brother' it would seem. So she preferred to be called 'Ollie' or just Spyder. Plus the young girl and Jamie had been seen holding hands now and then. Jamie had such a crush on the girl, Jean wasn't aware how it happened but the two were so cute together at times.

She gave a small laugh remembering some of the teasing the other girls did to them. She shouldn't laugh but it was kind of funny.

"What's so funny?" Scott asked.

"Oh sorry, did I wake you?"

"No, I was up for a couple of minutes now." Scott told her, he had thought she was asleep and was enjoying being together like this when he heard her laugh. "So, what's so funny?"

"Just remembering some of the good times is all." Jean told him as she got more comfortable.

"Man I must have been tired last night, I don't even remember falling asleep." Scott muttered as his free hand went to rub his face. Last thing he remembered was that he and Jean were cuddled up on his bed talking. The next thing he knew he was drifting off.

"Well we've all been working hard with the repairs." Jean said. "Plus I was too tired to get up and go back to my own room so I just slept here. Hope you don't mind."

He grinned down at her, looking into those green eyes. God how he missed seeing colors but even so he would never want to lose the memory of those eyes. "Nope not at all, although if anyone comes in here they'll get the wrong idea."

She sighed knowing he had a point, although they were sexually active, they had only 'done it' three times. Last night they were just too tired and not really in the mood for anything like that, not that anyone would believe them. She looked at the clock and groaned.

"We still can stay a few more minutes until people get to breakfast." She told him.

"I can deal with a few more minutes." Scott said.


May Parker, recently widowed after decades of marriage, had to admit that she never thought her life would turn out like this. Here she was in a mansion of all places, she remembered when she was first dating Ben that he promised her a rich life style even if he had to work his entire life. Well that never happened, but she couldn't have cared. She loved that man and as long as they were together she could have lived in poverty for all she cared.

But they had had a good life, a rich life. Peter had been like a child to them, given they had tried to years but never could for some reason. Then Ben had died and things had been so very dark for her and Peter. Peter was going out late and she noticed the bruises, she thought he was getting into fights or trouble. Little did she know that he was going off being a hero, and to her he was a hero. Sure it scared her but she understood why he did it. Now she was living in a mansion full of life and strange things and she felt happy again.

She felt useful for once, helping all these young people with amazing powers and she was the only normal person here as well. Some of these children needed love as well. Some were from broken homes or had no home to go back to. It was so sad but she knew that she had found a calling in life. It filled her with warmth to know that even the little things she did helped the children out. Plus the staff was also nice as well. Henry, after getting used to his appearance, was a very intelligent and charming man. Such a gentleman and kind fellow, truly you couldn't judge a book by the cover with him.

Ororo was an amazing woman, May could just feel the inner strength the young woman had. There was just something about her that you couldn't understand but wanted to be around, like this aura. She was calm and understanding but like the weather she controlled, she could become a force of nature. Logan was hard to get used to, he was such a bad influence at times but he also would protect the children with his life. He was an odd one, obviously a man with a hard life that for some reason wanted to ensure the kids never had to go through some of the things he had gone through.

Then there was Charles Xavier, she had never met a man like him. He had such a presence about him that you couldn't help but gravitate to. He was cultured, sophisticated, charming even. She had to admit, he was a man she was very comfortable with and enjoyed their tea times together. He cared so much for the world as well, wanting a world of peace and understanding.

Yes things were different for her now but it was a good kind of different.

At the moment she was helping Ororo with the morning meals. It was just something that she enjoyed doing, she had been a homemaker for most of her life so it was only natural to her now. Plus she knew that Ororo loved the help, with so many students living here now it got crazy at times. Right on cue the doors opened up and several more young folk came in for morning meals. Some still looking sleepy, with their hair unkempt and still in their sleeping clothing.

"Oh man I'm glad my room is finally done," Roberto said as this was the first night he had a good nights sleep. "Evan snores like you wouldn't believe."

"Hey I do not!" Evan yelled out from his spot at a table still eating.

"Dude, you so do," Roberto told him.

"Yeah well there are still a few places we need to fix up," Amara yawned. "I better get Tabitha some food, she's sleeping in again."

"Man she better enjoy that while it lasts," Bobby laughed as he was still eating himself. "By the time school is back, if she's not out of the habit you will have to be her alarm clock."

Amara rolled her eyes, since the rooms were more redone since the damage she and Tabitha had been paired up. They could have split up but both girls had liked hanging out together, plus Tabitha had gotten her friend Wanda to join in and Amara was slowly making progress with making friends with the older girl. It was certainly an odd friendship that was forming, a princess from a small nation that the world didn't know about, one girl that was abandoned by her father to a mental asylum, to a runaway whose father forced her to do crimes.

You'd think that they wouldn't have anything in common but they managed to work things out. Amara was still catching up to all the technology and history of the outside world, it wasn't easy for her but it was a lot better than when she had first gotten here. She maybe have been excited, afraid, confused all at once. But she had made friends and they took the time to explain things to her. Maybe that was why she could relate to Wanda in some way, all those years locked away and the other girl had missed a lot of her education. Wanda was currently being tutored by Beast to help her catch up, in fact sometimes since their return she and Wanda would work in the same study group as they both were weak in some areas. Tabitha had to join as her grades needed the boost for next year, she had slacked off when she had been with the Brotherhood.

Meanwhile in another part of the mansion one more person was waking up, or trying to. Spyder was sleeping in her bed with her curtains trying to block out the light. She had slept all night long but she still felt tired. It was something that had been going on recently for the past week, it just got harder and harder to get out of bed. She put it off as thanks to the heat and humidity, maybe she was just rolling around in her bed all night. She snuck a peek at her clock and the young thirteen year old groaned, if she stayed any longer she would have to make breakfast herself and she didn't know much on cooking.

'Man this sucks,' Olivia thought to herself, 'I mean why am I always so tired lately? I takes me hours to wake up and then I just crash later at night. Maybe I should see McCoy?'

He was the only doctor that she had ever had. Given it was hard to hide the fact her skin was grey, as was her hair and eyes only different shades. She didn't remember her parents only that they left her with her uncle and she had been fine with that. If they didn't want her then who needed them, right? But after her uncle had died she had no one, then Peter found her and her life was suddenly better. She still missed her uncle a lot, but she was glad for the change. She could finally go to school, and have friends.

She blushed a bit as she saw a little necklace next to her bed, her birthday had been last week and Jamie had gotten her this silver one with a spider on it. She reached out to touch the cold metal and she felt herself smile. Jamie who had been her best friend since she got here was now something more now. Maybe she was growing up or something. She didn't know, only that Jamie made her happy.

"Well if you want to eat might as well get to it," Spyder told herself as she forced her limbs to move. She groaned as she felt her joints crack. How long had she been sleeping in that pose for? She didn't think it was possible for all the joints to do that, well she could move a bit easier now but she still felt sluggish and low on energy.

She usually only felt like this when she used her electrical webbing too much, that was another part of her mutation. Although Peter had made some version of his web shooters for her to use so she didn't use too much, she still used her natural webbing in training. She had to learn how to fire them, how much of an electrical charge was needed and various other things. It really took a lot out of her, but Xavier said that was because she was young and would eventually grow into them.

She hoped so, she couldn't wait until she was a pro at her powers. The only thing she could do was stick to walls, which Beast had told her was a type of static cling ability. She had never thought about how she stuck to objects but it wasn't as cool as she thought it would be. This made her feel like the sock you found stuck to your shirt after you pulled it out of the dryer. Well it was still cool to be able to do it, even if the how sounded a little lame to her. She quickly put on some cotton pants and a t-shit and headed down for breakfast, she would shower and change into her usual clothing later.

-Later that day-

Rogue was in her new room, she had just finished the decorating of the place and it felt a lot better to have her own room for a chance. Of course sharing with Kitty had its ups and downs but it was just nice to have a place all her own. After everything that had happened with the new members of the Brotherhood, then the kidnappings, that freak that called himself the Green Goblin and mutants being exposed to the world. It was just a lot going on and now school was coming up, she wasn't looking forward to that. But there were some good things going for them, the few humans friends they had didn't turn on them at least.

She looked at her wrist and smiled at the bracelet there, a gift that gave her so much. She lightly touched it with her bare fingers knowing that inside of it was a complex device that turned off her powers. Peter had given this to her and she had never been so happy in that moment when she could tough for the first time. She blushed a bit remember how she thanked him by kissing him hard on the lips, which turned into a little make out session until they had been interrupted. Peter had been the best thing to happen to her in her life, there was no question about it.

Ever since he got here he had made her life different, even all their lives. She remembered the first time she saw him during Christmas as Spider-Man as he helped her and Scott from a group of gang members, they could have used their powers but they had been worried about that. But then he came out of nowhere and he even called her cute. She laughed remembering that night. They searched and found him and convinced him to live with them.

Then things between them grew, he could understand her in a way. Both of them had hard lives and they both knew the pain of loneliness too. Both had been outsiders for the longest time and maybe that was what had started them on becoming more than just friends. But whatever the reason she was glad for it, he made her happy, he made her smile more than she could ever remember. She sighed thinking back to that night in the woods a few weeks back where she had taken him deep into the forest to a place that she had set up. They had confessed their love for the other and she took it to the next step as they made love that night. They hadn't since but that night had been the most memorable night of her life.

She started to turn out the lights in her new room as she changed into some sleepwear. It was still hot so she kept her French doors open and she was only now in a large dark green t-shirt and nothing other than her underwear.

"God you look so hot right now," a voice said making her jump and turn around. There was Peter only in some boxers and a wife beater looking at her. She felt herself blush a bit at being caught like this and also stealing a glance at his body. He wasn't overly muscular like some but his build was slim and yet very athletic. Like a gymnasts' body actually which kind of fit for him.

"Damn it don't scare meh lahke that!" She said angrily at him.

Peter smiled nervously scratching the back of his head, "Heh, sorry about that. I was just checking in on you tonight."

Her anger fade a bit more, "So...ya not goin' out tonight?"

He shook his head, "Naw I'm keeping a low profile until we figure something out."

Peter sighed as he thought about the complications of how his life was now. He was Spider-Man but was also part of the X-Men using a new costume and identity as Spider-X. Sure it sounded good at the time but it wouldn't be long until people made the connection now that the X-Men were outed. Now he also would have to admit to having powers or at least to being a mutant since he was living here. If he tried to say he was the only 'normal' person in a home for mutants, well no one would believe him. He had a plan but he wasn't sure if it would totally work.

Rogue saw him deep in thought and worried about something that was one thing she learned about him was that he worried a lot. Especially about the big things, he always carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. She walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck making him look at her. Maybe she could distract him they had enough to worry about anyways.

"Ya know we are alone right now." She said to him as she blushed a little, although what she had planned they had already done. It was just that she wasn't used to this part of their relationship, she was still getting used to touching others.

Peter felt a smile tugged on his lips as he had to admit, this was very tempting. Although they had only done it that one time he had been looking forward to more. Although things had just been so busy, especially with the extra training for the punishment they as well as Jean and Scott were getting for that one night.

"I didn't bring anything with me." Peter said lamely knowing the deal with the adults and hoping she knew what he was talking about.

"Ah...got a few in tha night stand." Rogue blushed even more at that. That had been embarrassing to get and not something she wanted to go through again.

"You really want to?"

Rogue just smiled and nodded.

-Unknown Location-

It was a dark room filled with odds and ends, there were tables and benches filled with devices or half created ones. The room smelt of burned solder and metal as well as chemicals. On a chair with several monitors hooked up to a slapped together computer system a cloaked figure was watching the images that played on the screen. They were images of the battle between mutants that had been caught on the news.

"So are you among them as well, or are they only just another show?" the figured asked as he looked at this as well as old news footage. These were the few recorded sightings of Spider-Man, including the first time he was ever seen, helping out at a burning building.

Over on a board there were clippings of everything that might have something to do with Spider-Man as well as other odd things that had happened lately. Strange people showing up, odd events and such. There were notes around these clippings. Some were crossed out in red as they weren't what he was looking for. He was looking for leads on Spider-Man, after all that was the one he wanted. He was currently looking at two video clips.

The first on the left was of the various film sightings of Spider-Man on the right were images of the X-Men's battle with the one known only as Juggernaut. He was looking at the mutant in the black and white uniform with a spider symbol on it, with the legs turned into a modified X. He had been comparing both of them and he could tell the similarities. After watching the videos long enough he felt that there was a connection. Either they were the same person or they could be related or something like that.

At any rate, he would have his revenge again Spider-Man.

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