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A: Amelia wil Tesla Seyruun of Slayers

"There is a fell voice on the air," Legolas spoke.

"It's Saruman!" Gandalf exclaimed.

"He's trying to bring down the mountain! Gandalf, we must turn back!" Aragorn shouted.

"No!" Gandalf rebutted, and started chanting.

"Hear me, fiend trapped in the heart of darkness!"

The entire Fellowship turned incredulously towards the new voice, to see their youngest member, Amelia wil Tesla Seyruun, standing on Legolas' shoulders as she expounded.

"So long as evil exists in this world, the wrath of justice shall strike it down!" Amelia continued dramatically.

"Is she serious?" Merry asked of the world at large.

"Against any fiend in this world or any other, my justice shall not waver!"

"Is it just me, or does she have stars in her eyes?" Pippin asked Frodo in an undertone.

"Cease this attack which is born of your evil soul!"

"What is she doing?" Gimli hissed at Aragorn.

"Obey me, or else feel the hammer of justice!" Amelia finished, leaping off of Legolas' shoulders…into a massive faceplant.

"Are you alright, Miss Amelia?" Sam asked worriedly.

"She always has been before," Boromir replied, rolling his eyes.

Sure enough, Amelia bounced back up…just in time to see the oncoming avalanche. As the rest of the Fellowship dove for cover, Amelia cupped her hands together and shouted, "Bomb Di Wind!" Her powerful wind spell cleared away the entire avalanche, along with all the snow on the mountain side. The Fellowship gaped.

"Let's go, Warriors of Justice!" Amelia exclaimed.