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B: Botan of Yu Yu Hakusho

"I will take the Ring," Frodo announced nervously. "Though…I do not know the way."

"Yeah, which direction exactly is this Mount Doom?" Botan interjected.

"It is two hundred leagues directly south-south-east, as the crow flies," Gandalf replied.

"No problem!" Botan declared, grabbing Frodo's arm. "Let's go, Frodo!" Producing an oar from thin air, Botan sat down on it and pulled Frodo up behind her. "See you guys in a couple hours! Hold on tight, Frodo!" Botan directed before taking flight, accelerating fast enough to create a sonic boom in the air above Rivendell.

Frodo had transitioned from fear to utter terror to blessed numbness over the course of the ride, which could be compared to the roller coaster ride from Hell. Finally, Botan jerked to a stop. "Let's see, six hundred miles in the right direction and we have a volcano surrounded by evil. Looks like we're here!" Botan announced cheerfully. She flew a quick circuit around the mountain, found a gateway, and flew in, avoiding stalactites and stalagmites by a very small margin. Frodo felt terror trying to make a comeback, and determinedly held on to his numbness—the situation was easier to deal with that way.

Botan landed on a ledge that overlooked the pool of magma. With a sense of numb disbelief, Frodo pulled the Ring from the chain around his neck and tossed it into the molten lake.

"Did it work?" Botan asked.


Taking off in a run, Botan and Frodo reached the exit of the mountain just in time to see what had to be the Tower of Barad-dur collapsing on itself into ruins.

"Now that was anti-climactic," Frodo commented.

"Hey, don't sweat it! A victory is a victory!" Botan replied cheerfully. "Come on, I want to get back in time for dinner!"

Frodo immediately found himself in his previous position of holding Botan for his life. His wail of "Not again!" mingled with the new sonic boom in the air above Mordor.