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Z: Zaraki Kenpachi of Bleach

"So this is Mordor?" Zaraki Kenpachi questioned, staring at the Gates of Mordor as the Army of the West began gathering behind him.

"Yes, sir," Pippin replied nervously from where he was clinging to Zaraki's shoulder. He still wasn't entirely sure how he had ended up in this position. It almost seemed like Zaraki habitually had a small person attached to him.

"Anyone worth fighting in there?" Zaraki asked. "Cause the fights so far have been really friggin' boring."

Personally, Pippin had never seen anything less boring in his life than the battle of Pelennor Fields. "Gandalf said there's hundreds of thousands of orcs and men. Plus ringwraiths, trolls, mumakil, and whatever new horrors Sauron has cooked up."

"Che! A hundred thousand weaklings is still boring," Zaraki replied dismissively. "But if there's even a chance of someone strong…" Zaraki continued, putting Pippin down, "…I'm gonna find it!"

As Pippin watched, Zaraki started glowing bright yellow, and the air grew heavy. Zaraki drew his sword and charged the Gates of Mordor, delivering a massive diagonal blow that cleaved the Gates in two. By the time the enormous structure collapsed to the ground with a deafening bang, he was already out of sight, continuing on into the heart of Mordor.

Gandalf reached Pippin's side first and pulled him up onto his horse. "That wasn't in the plan!" he said grumpily.

Aragorn heard him and chuckled. "Do you truly think Sauron's Eye is focused anywhere else? If it accomplishes our objective, who may care whether it was planned or not?" he asked reasonably.

* * *

The End

* * *