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A Fairytale

"Aniki, will you read a story to me?"

A pink-haired teen arched an eyebrow as he looked at his younger brother up and down.

"Why should I read some stupid story to you? You can read it yourself".

Chitose pouted and pulled the sleeve of his brother's shirt.

"Please, aniki. Mom and dad have gone for a business trip and I don't want to ask servants to do it. Could you please spend some time with your sick little bro?"

The kid made pleading eyes that were begging for a positive answer.

Yahiro rolled his eyes in annoyance. Chitose was a good actor, but he was indeed ill with a flue. And as an older brother Yahiro had to take care of the younger one. Well, Chitose didn't ask him to do anything that often, so the older Saiga's heir decided to spend some of his precious time with his sibling.

"But if you fall asleep before I finish reading, I will never read to you again. Is it clear?"

A 12 years old boy nodded.


Yahiro made himself comfortable in the nearest armchair and turned on a table lamp. It was already dark outside, but the atmosphere was cozy and calm in Chitose's room.

The boy coughed dryly.

"Did you take your medicine?" Yahiro asked sternly.

"Yes" the sick boy answered weakly.

If to be honest, he was very happy that he managed to convince Yahiro to read the story. He missed his aniki very much and when there was some free time in his schedule, Chitose tried his hardest to fill it with his presence.

A smooth voice began to read the story.

"Once upon a time there lived a King who had a brave and valiant son…"

30 minutes later.

"And when he kissed the sleeping girl under the tree, he understood that she was the only one he wanted to spend his life with. His cheeks coloured red and his heart began beating twice faster. Pleasant warmth spread inside his chest. It was the first time he felt that way towards somebody. Prince took his white handkerchief and covered the girl's face with it so that no one could see her beauty, not even the sun.

After doing so, Prince climbed his horse and rode away trying to hunt that mysterious snow-white deer. Now he wanted to put it at her feet in the sign of love and respect".

"Yahiro-nii, is it really true that when you fall in love with someone, you feel the same way Prince felt after he kissed the girl?"

Yahiro looked at his brother like he was some kind of an alien.

"Of course not! It's a fairytale, baka. The real life is a way too different".

"Hmm?" Chitose sighed thoughtfully. "But Sui-kun's older brother said that it's just like in the story".

The pink-haired guy arched an elegant eyebrow.

"Who is Sui-kun?"

"He is my classmate. Takishima Sui, he is Takishima's Kei younger brother".

Yahiro cleared his through loudly.

"Who are you going to listen, Takishima or me? I'm your brother and I know better than anyone that this story doesn't tell you the truth".

"Ok" the boy said quietly and prepared to listen for the rest of the fairytale.

But Yahiro didn't hurry to read. He was absorbed with his own deep thoughts.

"If my dear friend Kei said that it is really true, than he knows what love is. How intriguing".

"Aniki? Will you read the rest?"

"Where did you get this book?"

A sudden question from his brother's side startled Chitose a little.

"Why? Sui-kun brought it with him today when he came to visit me. He said that his brother had read it to him the previous day, and he really enjoyed the story. So he gave it to me, but I have a terrible headache, so I asked you to read it to me as I really wanted to know what it was about".

Yahiro was silent. His right hand was supporting his head by the chin, as his elbow was resting on the elbow-rest of the armchair. He was looking at one spot in front of him, while the book lay at his lap peacefully.

"I will read the rest of the story tomorrow. Go to sleep, Chitose. Goodnight".

Chitose watched as Yahiro stood up, took the book in his hands, turned off the lamp and walked out of the room, leaving his little sick brother lay in a total astonishment.

"What's up with him?"


All day he couldn't understand how it could be. A man is not a romantic type of a human. So why did Prince feel that way when he met that girl in a forest? Yahiro had no clue.

He didn't believe that a guy could feel those agitating emotions towards a girl. A blush on your cheeks, a rapid heartbeat and warmth in your chest? It was ridiculous!

The school day was finally over and the young man decided to cool his thoughts by taking a walk in a central park. He liked to be lost among a faceless public. The atmosphere of the park had always had a calming effect on him and today wasn't any different.

He was walking slowly with his hands in the pockets of his uniform pants, inhaling a sweet aroma of spring in the air.

He couldn't kick the thoughts of that stupid fairytale out of his head. No, screw that. He couldn't understand one thing: why did his dear friend Kei say that you feel all those emotions when you were in love? Did he really feel that way towards that Hanozono girl?


"And so, after that fateful day, Prince didn't see her again. He didn't catch the white deer, and he lost the girl's trace. He got sick from a terrible misery. All he wanted was to see her face again, but it was impossible because he didn't know where she was.

The King was on the edge of despair. He couldn't stand seeing his only child dying like that. So, he ordered to bring a wise girl that lived in the neighbor Kingdom, so that she could give her advice how to heal Prince. When the girl learnt Prince's true name, she was surprised because there were the same initials on the handkerchief she had found on her face the day she got lost in the forest.

And when Prince saw her again, he gained the lost wish to live. He wanted to recover as soon as possible because he longed to be with the one he loved with all his heart".

The rest of the story ran through the guy's mind. He read the fairytale till the very end when he came to his room the previous night. And it made a confusing impression on him. Why did people suffer so much when they loved someone? Was it that fun to do?

Yahiro put his elbows on the back of the bench he was sitting on and looked up at the clear blue sky.

"Dear friend Kei couldn't lie about such things…why does it bother me so much anyway?"

He sighed and lowered his head. A glimpse of brown and pink caught his eyes and he tensed his eyesight to have a good look of what it was.

Not far from him there was a giant oak-tree. But it wasn't a tree that caught his attention. It was a divine graceful creature who was sitting on the grass, resting her back and head against a rough tree surface. She reminded him of some mythological Greek goddess that came from above. Her hair was like a liquid gold shining in the sun. Her eyes were closed and she didn't make a move. It looked like that mysterious yet addicting young female was sleeping peacefully, letting the sun rays kiss her face and hair.

Curiosity took over him and forced him to stand up and approach the girl. When he came closer, Yahiro recognized no one other than Yamamoto Megumi who had confessed to him 2 months ago. The guy found himself a little frustrated about the fact.

She indeed was fast asleep. Silly girl, it was dangerous to take a nap at crowded places like that. What if someone decided to take advantage of her stupidity? The girl's innocent attitude towards everything couldn't stop amazing him.

Yahiro sighed in annoyance. He sat on his haunches beside her and looked at her sleeping face. She had so chaste and peaceful expression that his hand stopped on its way from waking her up. The guy looked away in confusion. What was that strange feeling in his chest?

He looked up at her again and noticed how her long wavy hair was swaying with the gentle wind, caressing her bare arms, neck and cheeks. Her rosy lips were parted a little in a cute manner. Her long black eyelashes made a good contrast with her creamy skin, drawing the attention to her closed eyes. Her chest was moving up and down slowly as she breathed.

Yahiro couldn't but agree that she looked really attractive yet innocently beautiful. The Saiga's heir felt as the warmth in his chest came to his face. Somehow he couldn't take his eyes off of her. Her well-shaped lips held a brief smile as she continued her peaceful slumber. Maybe she was watching some pleasant dream or maybe she was that strange to smile in her sleep. Yahiro didn't know but he liked the view of her calm pretty face. And it was the girl who had guts to confess to him. She was really strange but some part of her was very unusual, and it made him wonder why he became interested in her so suddenly.

The girl sighed in her sleep and whispered something, but he couldn't understand a word. His legs began shaking due to the position he was in, so he sat on the grass beside the Hakusen student, now he was a little bit closer to her than some minutes ago.

He didn't know how much time he spent just sitting like that watching her sleeping. But he caught himself on a thought that he didn't want to stop doing so. Why on Earth did he want to touch her luxury hair and feel its softness? He understood that if she woke up he would be in an awkward situation, but somehow he didn't want to care about it at the moment.

"Interesting…what shall I feel if I kiss her?" a sudden thought sliced his mind and he got really surprised with it himself.

He shook his head trying to kick that thought out of his head, but…the idea was really intriguing. Of course it was the fault of that stupid fairytale, but friend Kei didn't deny the truthfulness of the description of the feelings himself…and…

"When will there be a better chance to make sure if it is really true or false?"

Yes, it was easier to say than to do. Yahiro drew his face closer to hers examining every inch of it with his sharp gaze. And when he felt her warm breath on his cheek, he suddenly jerked away as if it had burnt him. The guy was looking at her instantly, trying to get used to the idea of his plan. If he kissed her, it would be his first kiss. But it wouldn't count as she was unconscious. That meant that his first kiss wouldn't belong to her.

Argh…why was he so confused!?! He wasn't a girl to be so overprotective about his first kiss!

Yahiro threw his forehead on his palm. He was not scared…was he? What was the problem anyway? He needed just to check his theory, that was it. And all he had to do was pressing his lips to hers. What a big deal! But still…

Yahiro took a glance at her. It was good that she was still asleep and didn't see his wavering.

"If I don't do it, I will never know"

With those thought, a violet-eyed teen leaned in to her face again, closed his eyes and…


No. He couldn't so that.

Why was he so uncertain? He needed to find out the answer and it was the best opportunity to do so. He opened his eyes and his gaze fell on her alluring rosy lips. She was still smiling like a child in her sleep. Yahiro swallowed hard. What was happening to him? He had never felt so nervous before in his life.

And she…she was so beautiful. It was the first time he could look at her that closely. Well, maybe it wasn't that bad to give her his first kiss since she was better than anyone from his female friends. And she told him that she loved him…of course it was a lie, but still…she was the first one who said those words making him feel all confused and curious at the same time.

So…anyhow he was glad that she would be the first girl he had ever kissed, even under such unusual circumstances.

"I hope neither you nor me will regret it"

And as he thought that last, Yahiro closed the small distance between their faces by laying his lips on her small soft mouth.

The moment their lips touched, he felt as electric lightning hit his body. He couldn't hear anything around because all he could hear was the sound of his loud jumping heartbeat in his ears. His heart was pounding so fast that it could explode any minute. Her sweet scent made him feel light-headed as if he could walk in the clouds freely.

He could not say how long he was going to continue his "checking the theory", but he found out that he didn't want to leave her lips in peace just yet. It was the most pure kiss a teen could imagine. Their lips were just barely touching but it was enough for him to see the stars in the sky in the middle of a day.

People were passing them by, watching them, but Yahiro didn't care. They were no one to him. All his attention was drawn to the sleeping beauty he was kissing under a giant oak tree.

The moment his hand moved unconsciously to brush her brown silky hair, the girl stirred in her sleep.

It made Yahiro open his eyes immediately and jerk away from her by jumping on his feet and hiding behind the other side of the same tree. The next moment a pair of chocolate eyes flew open and looked around sleepily. Something felt strange…as if someone was just here.

Megumi could feel someone's presence even now, but there was no one in sight, just random people in the park. She looked away trying to think why she felt so strange inside, but there was no suitable answer.

Yamamoto sighed and looked at her watch. It was late already. She needed to go home or else Ryuu-nii and Jun-kun would be worried. So she stood up, smoothed her pink dress, took her belongings and headed to the central entrance of the park.

Little did she know that a light-pink-haired Saiga's heir was still there, sitting under the same tree with his face buried in his palms. He felt so strange and tangled. His face was burning; he couldn't force his heart to slow down its rapid beating, and the worst thing was that he couldn't kick the image of her lovely face and the sweetness of her innocent lips out of his mind.

His body was on fire as if he fell a victim of a cruel fever.

What was happening? Did Prince felt the same way? Or wasn't it better to ask if Yahiro felt the same way as Prince did?

"But he loved her and I'm not in love with that weird singer…oh boy…what's up with me?"

Yahiro pressed his nape to the stem of the oak-tree and looked at the clouds tiredly. He didn't plan to feel that way towards her. It was wrong. According to the story, you had to be in love with somebody to feel those overwhelming emotions, but he wasn't in love with Yamamoto Megumi. So why did it happen? He was sure that when he kissed her he would prove his rightness about the false description in the story. But look at him now…the great Yahiro Saiga was sitting under the tree where he gave his first kiss away to the strangest girl in the world, absolutely numb from the pleasurable yet confusing emotions he had ever felt in his life.

"It can't be true! Stupid fairytale!" he punched the ground with his knuckle.

He had to do something…anything with that unfamiliar state. First of all he decided to find something to drink as his throat felt dry. Yahiro stood up on his shaking legs supporting himself with the help of a firm stem of the tree. How pathetic. That kiss had paralyzed all his limbs. He really didn't want it to turn out like this. He didn't know that the kiss would affect him this way or else he would have never kissed her in the first place.

And Yahiro headed to the nearest café where he could sit quietly and think while drinking some refreshing juice.


It had been 2 weeks from that terrible day. He thought that his brain would manage to fight against that importunate remembrance, but the more he tried to forget it, the more it would stick in his mind.

She…that girl…she made him going insane! Wherever he went, his eyes were trying to find her in the crowd. Whenever he was alone, he felt as he had that unbearable wish to look at her pretty childish face and see her smiling lips. The image of her was haunting him everywhere.

No, it wasn't true. It couldn't be true! He wasn't in love with her! But how could he explain that disturbing attachment to her person? It was illogical!

And then a bright idea visited his brilliant calculative mind. What if…it wasn't her who made him feel that way? What if the story was indeed false and you could fall under that sensation after kissing some random girl? Well, it could work out and prove his statement if only he had a chance to kiss any other girl. But he couldn't just go in the street and kiss the first girl he would meet. No, he was Yahiro Saiga none the less!

"Oh dear friend Kei…if only you could know what your incorrectness makes me going through" he hissed clenching his fist.

A knock on the door interrupted his plans of the retribution.

"Come in" he said with annoyance.

The next moment a servant entered the room and bowed.

"Yahiro-sama, you have a guest. It's Ushikubo Sakura-san"

"Bring her here".

"As you wish"

And the woman bowed again before hiding behind the door.

A short-haired girl walked into his cabinet with a bright smile on her young pretty face.

"Yahiro-kun! I'm glad to see you. Will you help me with a piece of advice?"

"Please, take a seat, Sakura-chan" he pointed at the armchair next to him.

When the girl took her seat, young Saiga followed her example.

"So, what brought you here?"

She grinned. He knew that grin; it meant that she was up to something.

"Yahiro-kun, I'm going on a date with Jun-kun and I need man's advice. What should I wear—a skirt or a dress?"

His eyebrow arched elegantly.

"Sakura-chan, in your case you'd better wear something that will really catch his eyes. What about a two-pieced swimsuit? In that rate, you two may go to the aqua-park and have some fun".

He said as a matter of fact.

The Ushikubo heiress blushed a little.

"You really think so? I'm afraid he will run away when he sees me in that swimsuit". The girl sighed. "Tell me, if you were my boyfriend what would you like me to wear?"

Yahiro fell silent but not because he was thinking about her question. He tried to figure out what would he feel if Megumi came to him with the same problem.

No, screw that! Where did that thought come from? Why couldn't he live a day without thinking of her?!

"Yahiro-kun?" he heard Sakura's curious voice as she watched him shaking his head from left to right as if he wanted to clear his mind. "Is something wrong?"

"No. Everything is fine" he sent her one of his fake smiles that of course didn't work on her.

"If you don't want to tell me, I'm fine with it, but you have been acting really strange lately".

He looked at her with suspicion. Was he so easy to read? No, it couldn't be.

It was all that's weirdo's fault. She distracted him so much that he still couldn't bring himself together.

"Just in case you want to know, if there is something I can do for you I will be glad to help you, Yahiro-kun" Sakura sent him a reassuring smile and put her small hand on top of his.

She was a good and reliable friend but how could she help him with this heart-involved problem? She was just a young inexperienced girl who didn't know the delicacy of love affairs.

Wait a minute…she was a girl. And it meant that she could really help him to solve his dilemma. Oh, how glad he was now that she was a girl!

But…what if she refused to help him with that problem? In order to find out the solution he needed to kiss her, but what if she didn't agree with his conditions?

He looked up at her confident face and lost himself in deep thoughts again.

After some minutes she dared to ask him.

"Is something wrong? Why are you staring at me with that blank expression of yours?"

He spoke slowly and carefully.

"Sakura-chan, I do really want you to help me to cope with one problem that has been bugging me during all this time. But I'm afraid you won't accept my conditions".

"What are you talking about, Saiga Yahiro? We are friends and if my help brings a sincere smile on your face than I will do anything you ask".

He chuckled mentally. If only she knew what she was saying.

"So what should I do?" the pink-haired girl asked in anticipation.

"Just close your eyes and don't move…and Sakura-chan, please don't hate me after what I am going to do".

She gifted him with an enquiring look, but did what she was told.

So, that was his chance to make everything clear. If he would feel those emotions after kissing Sakura, it would mean that Kei was wrong and the fairytale was just someone's stupid fiction that told no truth. But what if the result would be opposite? No, it couldn't be. And he would prove it now.

Yahiro stood up from his armchair and bent closer to his friend's face. His lips were inches apart from hers. All he needed to do was just to lean in and capture her lips with his, and everything will be solved.

She looked attractive. She could make any boy fall in love with her. But… why didn't her lips look as alluring and pure as Megumi's? And why didn't he want to touch Sakura's cheek and stroke her hair like he wanted to do it to Yamamoto's?

Just a little closer and he would know the result of the test. She didn't move as she was told, but her face was getting redder, since she understood what he was planning to do. And again…what a good friend she was. She was ready to sacrifice her kiss in order to help him to find the solution to the riddle that made him feel so miserable.

He had to kiss her! He needed to know the answer!

Yahiro shut his eyes tightly and was about to press his lips to hers, when an image of a smiling brown-haired beauty appeared in his mind as if she was right there in front of him. It shocked him so much that the guy's eyes flew open and he jerked away from Ushikubo as if she was a burning fire.

The next moment he fell in the armchair and hid his face in his hands. He let a deep long sigh of disappointment escape his lungs. Yahiro's eyes widened in disbelief. He was mistaken after all. His theory failed. He didn't feel any of those emotions towards Sakura. No rapid heartbeat, no warmth in his chest and no blushing. His body reacted that way only to Megumi's presence. It was strange. Did it mean that he really felt something for the female Yamamoto twin? But when did it happen? Why didn't he notice such an important thing? What did he miss?

"Yahiro-kun? Are you alright?"

Huh, he completely forgot about Sakura as his mind was too busy thinking of another certain someone. He took his hands away from his face and glanced at the girl who was sitting in her armchair next to him.

"Thanks for your help, it really means a lot to me" there was gratitude in his voice and she couldn't but smile.

"You are welcome, but I really don't understand what I have done".

"It doesn't matter. Sorry, Sakura-chan, but I want to be alone now. I will call you later".

She looked at him with concern but decided to do what he asked.

"Okay, take care".

Before exiting the cabinet she heard his words.

"And if you want my advice, a bright-pink dress would be the best choice".

She turned and sent him a grateful smile.

"Thanks!" and after saying that last she disappeared behind the door.

So he was alone in his cabinet.

Pink wasn't his favourite colour but it looked wonderful on the sleeping girl that he met in the central park 2 weeks ago. After what happened today, he felt as he lost the last power to fight against his own heart. When the vision of Megumi ran through his mind he understood that he couldn't kiss Sakura, because it wasn't what he wanted for real. In a small corner of his consciousness he longed to see the girl with big chocolate eyes but he tried all the ways to delete that little wish from his head. And when there was the last chance to do it, he failed completely. He couldn't kiss Sakura, because he didn't want to kiss anyone else but her.

Prince was right. Not seeing the face of the person you liked brought a severe misery to your heart. The fairytale told the truth after all, dear friend Kei was right while he, Yahiro, was wrong from the very beginning. It was a bad idea starting that pointless competition with no one in particular, in the end of which he found out one terrifying thing.

He was in love with the girl he thought he didn't have any interest in.

The realization made him feel calmed and satisfied. There were no suffering, no painful misery and total emptiness anymore.

Yahiro laid his head on the back of the armchair and closed his eyes. Being in love wasn't that bad if it brought you such pleasant feeling of warmth, secure and needfulness. Why couldn't he understand it earlier?

"Silly girl…do you know what you made me go through?" he mumbled quietly with a brief smirk on his lips. "I won't leave everything as it is now. You are going to be surprised".

That night he slept peacefully not waking up till the very morning.


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