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Sonny had left, without giving anyone a reason. Marshall had told them that two weeks ago, now he was back to tell them something different.

"Our ratings are low. Too low. If we don't get more viewers, then the show is gonna be canceled." he explained. The others were shocked.

"Well, we need Sonny back!" Zora exclaimed.

"How will we get her back?" Nico asked, "She left for a reason, that she refused to tell us!" he added.

"Well, I'll leave it up to you kids to try and get her back." Marshall said and went back in his office to mope.

"It's really easy to tell why she left." Tawni said.

"Why?!" the three chorused.

"She was in love with Chad, he always teased her, and she was oblivious that he loves her too." Tawni explained. Zora, Nico, and Grady looked at her dumbfounded.

"Okay...." Zora managed out.

"Well, then how about we stop Sonny and set her up with Chad?" A girl said, coming out of the shadows in the corner of the room.

"Portlyn! Were you spying on us?!" Tawni gasped, appalled.

"Yes. Now, let's go find the girl, so Chad can finally be happy." she said with and eye roll. The others narrowed their eyes, but nodded.


The cast of So Random, minus Sonny, plus Portlyn, headed to Sonny's apartment building. After Tawni parked they all headed to her apartment, Portlyn trailing slightly behind, seeing as she had no clue where to go. Nico started incessantly banging on Sonny's door. After a little while with no answer, an old lady came out of the door across from them.

"Hi! Do you know were the girl who lives here is?" Portlyn asked, acting nice.

The old lady looked at them, "Oh, she moved out quite recently, that place is empty now." then she walked on down the hall, calling a tootles over her shoulder.

"No! We're too late! Now, So Random is going to be canceled!" Tawni cried. The others sighed, but Portlyn smirked.

"Not yet! We might be able to get those two together yet!" she said and started walking out towards the car, the others following, looking at her questionably.


When they got back to the studio, Portlyn lead the to the Mackenzie Falls lobby.

"We're not allowed in here, remember?" Zora asked.

"Now you are." Portlyn answered, heading towards a dressing room marked CDC. She knocked and Chad opened the door, face automatically going into a sneer, when he saw the Randoms.

"What are they doing here?" he sneered.

"Shut up." Portlyn said, pushing him into the room and motioning the others to come in. They followed a little surprised by Portlyn's bossy attitude, Chad was too, if you couldn't tell from his shocked looking face.

"You need to go to Wisconsin!" Portlyn demanded and at the shocked look on his face Nico elaborated.

"We don't know how, but someway, Chip Dramapants, Sonny fell in love with you and the reason she left was because she didn't want to be hurt." Nico continued.

"Well, what makes you so certain I want her back?" Chad asked finally getting over his shock.

"Ha!" Portlyn barked out a sharp laugh, "Maybe the fact you've been mourning and sulking in your dressing room the last two weeks." Chad rolled his eyes.

"I'm not going to go to Wisconsin." Chad said with finality.

"Think about it. Do you really want to spend the rest of your life wondering what would have happened if you didn't tell her how you feel?" Portlyn asked softly. Chad snorted and turned, heading farther into his large room. Portlyn sighed, "Well, that's all we can do besides waiting." She lead them out of the room and they were all surprised to see Marshall and the Mackenzie Falls director talking, more like arguing, and the cast of Mackenzie Falls watching.

"I'm not going to let Chad go to some far out state, just for some girl!" the director shouted.

"Yes, you are! That girl is the star of my show!" Marshall shouted back, it was about thirty minutes of those two arguing before Chad opened the door to his room and came out. He walked briskly pass the two and the watching crowd.

"Where are you going?" the director barked, when Chad headed to the door.

Chad smirked, "Wisconsin."

"No, your not. You go there and your off Mackenzie Falls." the director said, folding his arms.

Chad's smirk widened, "So be it." he said and went the rest of the way out the door. The director's mouth dropped open, as did almost everyone else's in the room.

"Yes!" Tawni and Portlyn both called. Portlyn looking as if she was hiding a victory dance.