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Here is a quick summary:

Bella Swan has been married to her husband Mike for four years. But when Bella meets dashing fireman Edward Cullen her life takes a dramatic turn. Will she be faithful to her husband or succumb to Edward's charm and be forced to live a life of secrets and deceit?



The sun was streaming in through the blinds of my New York apartment as my alarm clock began to ring. I slammed it off and stretched half-heartedly in an attempt to wake myself up so I could get ready for work. I work at the New York newspaper carrying out my intense passion for journalism. I adore my job and have been doing it for three years; since I was twenty-three. My gaze then travelled to the sleeping man next to me. The sunlight was causing his hair to glisten as he slept like a baby… except for his almost constant snoring. I'd grown used to it by now after having been married to him for four years. I looked at my nice husband as he rolled over to face me. He slowly peeled open his eyes.

"Morning baby," he murmured while flopping his arm over my waist.

"Morning Mike," I replied while staring at my nice husband.

Yes my 'nice' husband.

Not fantastic.

Not amazing.

… Just 'nice'.

Of course I'd read those romance stories like Romeo and Juliet wishing what me and Mike had was more like that.

But I'd come to realise that that stuff is only fantasy.

Not reality.

I mean Mike is great… he's … what's that word again?


"Do you want a lift to work?" he asked breaking me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah go on then," I replied letting Mike do his 'husbandly duty', or so he called it. I preferred to take the subway as I relished the hustle and bustle of New York in the morning. It surprised me how much I loved city life after growing up in a small town in Washington State. I went to college in New York and decided to move here because I always found it exhilarating and love the atmosphere.

I dragged myself out of bed to take a shower and looked back over my now sleeping husband tangled up in the sheets wearing only a pair of boxers. I told myself that I would spend a long and happy life with him but I just couldn't squash the nagging doubt in my mind that maybe there should be more. That maybe love wasn't really like this.


I was awoken by the fiery scent of perfume making my banging headache even worse. Man, how much had a drunk last night? I rolled over in my bed to see a mop of bleach blonde hair right next to me. Oh crap who the fuck is that? Cara? … no that was the dark-haired chick from last week… Katy? Caroline? Oh god how am I supposed to remember… they're all the same. She opened her eyes and stared at me through thick mascara ridden lashes.

"Hey you!" she said wrapping her arms round my bare torso and giving me a squeeze. Oh god I wasn't in the mood for this. Ah, Candy, that was her name!

"Morning Candy," I grumbled, "look ah I'm on call today so I really should get up and ready."

"Oh ok sure, well being a big strong fireman I guess you always have to be prepared" she giggled, "well maybe we could meet up again some time?" I sensed the hope in her voice but proceeded to rack my brains to find 'the speech'. The same speech I told every Candy and Cara I hooked up with.

"Oh, look," I started; damn what was her name again? "Candy, I am not really ready for a serious relationship right now. I had lots of fun with you, the best fun I've had in ages probably," yeah right "but I just need some time to myself to focus on my family and my job. It's nothing personal."

"Oh, yeah sure, of course. No me neither… I don't want anything serious," she stumbled out of bed searching the room for her scattered clothes. I didn't miss this chance to give her body a once over.

Hmm not bad.

"I better go… so I'll see you around," she smiled awkwardly.

"Yeah, sure, bye." I heard the patter of her footsteps down the stairs and the door slamming. I flopped back into bed ready to sleep away the morning but I was interrupted two seconds later by the repetitive beeping of my phone.

It was my workmate Emmett, I was needed at work.

Great; so much for a lie in.

With that I jumped out of bed and quickly showered. I dressed speedily then charged out the house ready to face the blazing fires of New York City.

Chapter 1


She weighs how little? Jesus. Since I normally wrote for the style section, my boss had given me an article to write on extreme celebrity weight loss. How original. These were the moments where I didn't find my job quite so spine-tingling (understatement of the year).

Suddenly my phone began to ring and I read the little screen.

'Alice Mob'.

"Bel-ah-uh you won't," Alice sobbed before continuing, "believe what has-uh happened!" she blubbered down the phone.

"Al, what's up? What's wrong?" I hadn't heard her this upset since she stepped in a massive puddle wearing new Gucci shoes.

Wow, this must be serious.

"Jasper dumped me Bella" she screeched, "he told me I was too high maintenance!"

She was wailing down the phone so loud I had to hold it slightly away from my ear. Jasper was her on-off boyfriend, they met over a year ago and to start with they were inseparable but they'd had so many break-ups and non break-ups that I'd lost count. Not so serious after all.

"Aw Alice. Look honey, this happens all the time, you know that. You'll sort it out soon and everything will be fine."

I knew what was coming next: this is different Bella; he means it this time blah blah blah

"No Bella you don't understand, he was so serious" she continued, "this time is different." There it is. However arguing with Alice got you nowhere so I decided to give in early.

"Oh dear, I'm sorry," I replied trying to sound as earnest as possible as she continued to cry down the phone. I hated hearing her upset… damn Jasper.

"Alice please don't cry, it will be ok." I reassured her.

"No Bella it won't be ok," she blubbered on, "can you come round later please, I want to forget Jasper completely, we're going to burn all his things and act like he never existed. Ok?" That was a new one.

"Yeah sure, whatever you want. What time?" I replied.

"Come round at half six, we'll order some pizza and I'll get a bottle of wine so we can drown our sorrows… or I can drown my sorrows. Your married you lucky bitch." Lucky me.

"Well I'll see you later then."

"Ok Bella, and I've invited Jessica too so you guys can both help me get over him." She hung up. Joy, Jessica was coming too. It's not that I don't like her because she can be a lot of fun… it's just that she has this catty side to her that's not so much fun.

"Bella, how is that article coming along?" my boss suddenly asked me. Oh crap the article.

"Yep great, I'm almost done," I replied, quickly closing the page so he didn't see a whole load of white with only a title.

"Good, give it to the editor when you're finished." He walked away leaving me to continue with my article for the rest of the afternoon.

After work I called Mike to tell him I'd be out for the evening and made my way over to Alice's. She lives in a swanky apartment, ten times bigger than mine and Mike's and she lives there alone. That's what I get for being married to a teacher who insists we don't need a fancy apartment. It suits me ok as I have more money to spend on other things. Alice is a hot-shot fashion designer. It was her dream job that she'd always wanted since high school so I'm glad she finally got it. Nowadays I'm always very well-dressed thanks to her kitting me up in designer gear. I took the posh elevator up to her room passing what looked like a pizza delivery person on the way there. I knocked on the door and it swung open almost instantly.

"Bella," Alice yelled flinging herself onto me. Her black, already wacky, hair was more sticky-out than usual and she was wearing huge pyjamas which drowned her small frame. She sobbed into my shoulder soaking my fitted shirt, an Alice original, straight through.

"Oh Alice it's ok, don't cry honey." I nudged her in through the door and swung it shut behind us. I spotted Jessica already on the couch with her long orange legs on the table in front of her. I gave her a quick smile. She replied with a worried smile for Alice. So fake.

"Come on, let's sit down." I pulled her to the sofa spotting an unopened bottle of wine and a freshly delivered pizza, "now tell me all about it."

Alice talked non-stop for half an hour about how she loved Jasper… and how she hated Jasper. It was very draining.

"…and then he had the cheek to say I was too much too handle because I was too emotional. I mean do I spend all my time talking about my feelings like him? No."

Another half an hour

"…but I love him so much and he loves me too. He just needs to understand that."

Another half an hour

" … I mean at least I know what I want to do with my life. First he wants to be a doctor and then a lawyer, I mean make up your damn mind Jazz. Ah Jazz. Do you know when I came up with that nickname? Well we were on a date…"

Another half an hour

"…but he is gorgeous right? I mean don't you think?"

I interrupted her before she could start rambling again.

"Uh-huh, Alice. Didn't you say something about burning his things?" I needed to do something different. I didn't understand all this drama over guys. They were just men. I mean if Mike dumped me I wouldn't turn hysterical. What am I saying? He's my husband, of course I would… I think.

"Oh yeah I have all the stuff he left here that we can burn!" A look of excitement flashed in her eyes and she jumped up and bounded towards her bedroom. I looked across the table at the now eaten pizza and drained bottle of wine, mostly thanks to Alice.

"And I bought my ex-boyfriend's things to burn too," said Jessica while she whipped a pair of boxers out of her fake Gucci handbag.

"Ew they better be clean," I joked.

"Nope," she replied, "lets just hope Jacob was hygienic." We both burst out laughing. Look at that, Jessica could be fun!

Alice came back into the room holding a metal bin, newspapers, a lighter and a load of Jasper's things like t-shirts and a tooth brush,.

"Jess, go and get a glass of water. You know for safety." She giggled, "and Bella, off now."

"What?" I replied confused.

"Your wedding ring of course. This is a man free zone." She stated matter-of-factly.

"Yes, yes ok," I slipped the ring off putting it in my pocket. I had to indulge her and I could see she was getting very tipsy. I'd have to make sure she didn't set the building alight. Alice began filling the bin with newspapers as I helped.

"Oh crap I need something flammable… oh yes Vodka."

Once we had prepared the papers we gathered around the bin in the middle of Alice's kitchen floor. She lit some of the newspapers and poured a small amount of Vodka in.

"This is for Jasper and all the other men who have messed us about," she declared looking up at the ceiling as if she were talking to God.

"And for those who were rubbish in bed," announced Jessica. They both looked to me.

"And to those who are so boring you think you might just fall asleep while talking to them." Mike.

Alice giggled, "now through everything in!"

Alice began putting Jasper's belongings in as Jessica slowly fried the boxers. I suddenly wished I had something of Mike's to burn. Wait, it wasn't like we were broken up or anything. Silly Bella.

"Oh the fire is going out," shouted Alice as she picked up the lighter and stumbled over to the bin in her oversized pyjamas, now very drunk.

"Maybe I should do that Alice," I walked over to take it off her.

"No it's fine," she slurred as she set more paper alight and poured more Vodka onto it.

"Alice I think that's enough!" I almost shouted.


The little bin exploded which unlike me and Jess, Alice seemed to find very exciting.

"Put it out Jess," I shouted. She faffed around picking up the safety glass of water and pouring it over the flames. It only fuelled the fire more as it boomed again.

"I thought that was water?" I questioned.

"Sorry that was mine," Alice replied guiltily. It was now obvious how she was so drunk.

"Bella call the fire-brigade," screeched Jessica as the metal bin began to melt. I ran to the phone and dialled 911 and then came back to help put out the flames. The fire alarm then began to go off as we continued using cups of water to help tame the flames, getting nowhere. There was then banging on the door and I ran to open it and two firemen wearing dark yellow uniforms stormed in. They quickly extinguished the fire using white foam and we all sighed in relief as black smoke came off the bin. Alice giggled uncontrollably and I went over to her and guided her to the couch. Then I heard someone coming up behind me.

"What happened here then?" A male voice asked. I turned round and was stunned into silence. I was staring into a pair of the most piercing emerald green eyes I had ever seen. The fireman had removed his hood and unzipped the top of his suit and was staring right at me. His hair was in disarray and was a bronzy coppery colour and his pale skin was almost flawless. One word… WOW.

"Miss?" he questioned.

"Oh right, yes, a fire." I replied. A fire? Did I seriously just say that? I felt a huge blush in my cheeks as his lips curved up into the most breathtaking crooked smile I had ever seen.

He laughed lightly, "Well I guessed that part," he joked.

"Oh yeah. Sorry. My friend got a bit drunk and decided to set fire to her ex-boyfriend's clothes. It got a little out of hand."

"Ah I see. Well just be more careful next time."

"Will do," I replied.

"And were you setting fire to your ex-boyfriend's things?"

"Oh no, not me."

"Oh, because you already have a boyfriend and he isn't your ex? …Yet." he leaned closer to me as his sweet breath fanned across my face.

Oh sweet jesus

"No," I croaked out when I was finally able to speak, "I don't have a boyfriend."

"Ah well in that case, here's my number," he pulled a small card out his back pocket, "give me a call sometime, I would love to get to know you better. Oh and what was your name?"

His number? Oh crap I didn't tell him I was married. I should correct him. Go on Bella correct him.

"Bella, my name's Bella."

"Ah Bella I'm Edward, hopefully I'll be seeing more of you soon."

Oh yes please.

He winked at me quickly before walking out the door with the other fireman.

What was I doing? I'm married to Mike. I can't go out with that guy. No way, that would be so wrong. I read the card in my hand, 'Edward Cullen'. That's a nice name. Well sorry Edward Cullen, I won't be seeing you any time soon. With that I ripped the card up and threw it in with the pizza rubbish.

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