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Seven months later

I sat on the sofa with my head buried deep in my hands. I was in my apartment and it was empty and cold. So cold. It had been seven months since Bella had left me; seven long months of my loneliness and sorrow. But today I was ready to take the next step. Today I was going to find the strength inside me to do what I was about to do.

Just after Bella had left me, when I'd got back from staying with my parents, I'd come back to our apartment. Now my apartment. Bella had removed all her belongings and there was no trace of her. It was like she never existed. But I could still feel her presence. Her presence that haunted me every day. Every day that I tried to move on and forget her it was still there. She was still there. I felt no hatred towards her anymore, no resentment that I felt seven months ago. Instead I felt sadness.

But slowly the pieces of my life were coming back together again. The hole she made in my heart was slowly filling up and it was only a matter of time until I was whole again. I hoped. But would I ever truly be complete? I was worried that when I was finally put back together that some of the pieces wouldn't fit properly, and that I'd never be how I was before and I'd have to make do with a broken Mike. I hoped that wasn't the case. I guessed that time would tell.

I looked down at my watch and saw that it was half six. I probably needed to be leaving in about ten minutes.

"You can do this Mike. Be strong." I chanted to myself.

I was so determined that I would be strong and take this big step. Because if I could do this then maybe there was hope for me.

I'd gone back to work almost straight away after the 'Bella incident', as I was now calling it, as I loved my job because it relaxed me. I was a teacher at a primary school where I taught seven and eight year olds, and being round the children seemed to comfort me. Their cheeky smiles and cute little faces made me love my job. I'd always wished that Bella and I would have children someday, although I'd never discussed this with her, but it seems fate had other options. But I was only 28 so there was still time. I hoped. All the other teachers had been so kind to me after hearing of mine and Bella's divorce. Yes divorce, it was final now. And some of them had even shown an interest in me. But I just couldn't do it, because none of them were Bella.

Until she came along.

A couple of weeks ago a new teacher had joined at the school. Her name was Angela and she was twenty five and had long black wavy hair. She was sweet natured and we got on so well, she was like my new best friend. We'd met up a number of times out of school where we'd talked and had fun together. I'd told her all about Bella and she'd listened and been sympathetic. I'd never thought of her as more than a friend until a week ago when I realised that I felt some kind of spark when I was around her. It was the same kind of feeling I felt when I first met Bella. It wasn't as strong, but similar. So I'd plucked up the courage to ask her out and see if it went anywhere. Maybe she'd be the one for me and would help me finally get over Bella. I hoped.

At the time, asking her out didn't seem so terrible. But now that I was meeting her in fifteen minutes I wasn't so sure. I was terrified.

Could I really do it?

Could I go out with another woman and not think about Bella?

Well I was about to find out.

I stood up and smoothed down my jacket making sure my open collared shirt wasn't twisted. I walked over to the mirror by the door and brushed my blonde hair making sure it was neat. Then I turned to face the door. I breathed one shaky breath and prepared myself for what I was about to do.

I didn't know what would happen when I went out with Angela. I just knew I had to do it and that it would help me get over Bella. Me and Angela had some kind of chemistry and I didn't want to waste it. So I took a deep breath and turned the door handle.

Everything would be fine.

I hoped.


"And heave…" I encouraged myself.

"Hurry up Bella we haven't got all day!" Alice screeched causing me to jump and drop the heavy box I was holding. If I'd broken anything then she was paying.

"Yes Alice I'm coming!" I yelled back preparing myself to try and pick up the box again.

"Do you need any help with that?" a male voice asked. I turned to see Jasper leaning against the doorway, arms folded, with humour in his eyes.

Did he like seeing me struggle?

"No," I brushed him off, "I'm fine," I said even though I wasn't. I bent down ready to have another go at picking the box up. I pulled it up off the floor and in doing so began to fall back.

"Argh oh Goddd…" At the point two strong hands steadied me from behind and took the box out of my arms.

"What was it you were saying about being fine?" Jasper smirked.

"Hmph," was my only reply as I saw the word 'books' written on the side of the box.

Ah that was why it was so bleeding heavy.

"I'll take it down to the van," he said as he went out the doorway and out of sight. I was moving out of Alice's apartment today and it felt great. After seven months of being under her and Jasper's feet, I would be out the way and somewhere lots better. When I was satisfied everything was in the moving van, I went out of the door and spotted Alice in the hallway.

"Are you finally ready?" she asked.

"Yes I'm ready. Geeze Alice calm down."

"Whatever," she dismissed me and I smiled as she went to shut and lock up the door to her apartment. We both got in the elevator.

"I was only trying to be helpful Bella," she pointed out, "you don't want Edward thinking you've changed your mind now do you?"

"No Alice," I agreed just to get her to shut up and smiled at her.

Once we got to the bottom of the elevator Alice and I got in my truck. The moving van was meeting us there, along with Jasper who was coming as well to help me move in.

Yes I was moving in with Edward. Finally.

After spending days on end at his and seeing him almost daily, he'd finally decided to ask me to move in with him. It took him long enough. And I was more than happy to say yes.

"So are you nervous Bella?" Alice asked as we drove towards Edward's, "moving in together is a big step."

"I know and no I'm not nervous. I've got butterflies in my tummy… but in a good way. In an excited way."

"Oh well that's good."

"And you'll finally have me out of the way," I said.

"Oh Bella, no, you were not in the way, I swear. Most of the time it was nice to have another girl around, and when me and Jasper wanted some alone time, well, we just pretended you weren't there."

"Yeah I noticed. The walls are verrrry thin Alice."

"Ha-ha sorry," she giggled. That was another reason I was glad to be moving out, so I didn't get a live audio sex show 24/7.

I arrived at Edwards house nice and quickly and drove straight into his drive, as the gate was already open. The moving van blocked the front door so I couldn't see him. I was sure that I would soon enough though. I got out my car, slammed the door behind me and walked round the side of the van only to see Edward talking to Jasper. It took him a second to notice me and when he finally did he gave me his gorgeous crooked smile. He walked over to me, as Jasper went to Alice, and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me up and spinning me around.

"Ready to move in with me?" he asked as he set me back down on my feet.

"Eh, I suppose," I replied joking.

"Well maybe you're not excited… but I am." With that he kissed me on the cheek and began nuzzling into my neck.

"Stop, that tickles," I said laughing.

"Ha-ha it's supposed to," he gave me a cheeky grin which I returned by giving him a kiss on the lips.

"Hey Bella," Alice called from behind me, "we'll start unloading," she said with a knowing smile as she watched us being all loved up.

"Okay," I replied smiling and then turned back to Edward who still had his arms around my waist. He was looking at me and his deep green eyes were shimmering with delight.

He leaned forward so his forehead touched mine, "I love you Bella," he said softly so only I could hear. We were in our own little world where it was only me and him. No one could get in the way and nobody could break us apart. Ever.

"I love you too Edward. So much."

We pressed our lips together and the spark between us was a symbol of good things to come. Very good things.

The End.

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