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"You can open your eyes now son." Naruto open his eyes to find himself in a huge chamber. The floor was white the ceiling was so high that he

could not see it but it must be there because the pillars that held it up was painted gold, and looking around Naruto saw a throne that was pitch

Black with skulls all around it." How do you like my palace?" Naruto looked at his father and smiled" It is wicked." The death god smiled and sat

Down on his chair." I no its a lot to take in but to start it off I am sorry my son for not coming sooner my annoying sister put in laws that we all must

Abide by." Naruto just look at him," um dad you just called Kami-sama ANNOYNING! Yes and did you no that she likes to have tea and watches

What humans call soap operas when it rains she is actually crying because of them. But do not tell her I told you that or else she will have a BF."

Naruto asked" what is a BF?" The death god if that's even possible paled" I will tell you when you get older." Naruto only grumpeld at that.

"My son I have brought you here for another reason for it is time that you learn something," Narto lokked at him confuse" which is what?" The death

god smiled evily" The family buissness."

Time Skip:1 week later

Some people say hell is a bad place, with the fire the screams and the toutrte, well they were all true and Naruto love it.

After getting settle into this Hell his father began to teach him how to read and write. He quickly learn that He will have to stop fron the ground up

because no one in the leaf village made any effort to help him." I cannot wait when those villagers come here." The death god said as he continue to

partice with Naruto how to read and write " We will see if they like what hell has to offer."

Over the span of weeks Naruto progress was amazing he learend how to read and write and now he was learning Justus from other legendary

Ninja's, the first and seconed hokage. They both came to realize that Naruto was a sponge and that he soak up everything he knew once they

taught him everything he knew the death god let them go into heaven. Now Naruto stood before him in the palace and he sure did change, his once

spikey sun kiss blonde hair was now sliver with a red high lights at the tips and letting it fall down to his shoulders, all amount of baby fight was

gone and he was wearing anbu style pants but it was grey, and gery shirt with a fox on the back and a skull on the front, and to finish it off

grey shinob sandles." My son you have grown into a fine warrior and master Ninja but now its time to learn how to be a reaper, follow me" as he

started to walk Naruto called out "will it hurt?" The death god did not even turn around" you have no idea."

It took years for him to learn how to be a reaper lucky time did not affect hell so they had all the tim they wanted. in the first leasson the death god

taught him about souls, next he had him unlock his bloodline which the death called it soul eyes the first stage he could read people's minds and see

someone soul stage 2: no genjustu could affect him and he can show a person the pain they put on others [like ghost rider] and the finle one was

was the most powerfull he could judge some one and decide where they will spend the rest of their days.

Next thing he learn was how to properly learn how to use a weapon, and he was tak on how to make one. It took him weeks but he finally did.

When he finish he sat back and admired what he had made, it was a scythe. It stood 6 feet tall and Naruto was 5ft7 the staff part was pitch black

with stars moveing all around it. At the top of the staff a fox head stood and with its mouth open it the blade part came out. It was silver with

words like runes engraved on it. It said "the weak dont serve the strong, the strong serve the weak." [I got that from pudgypudge the credit is his]

His father was proud of the weapon. " Naruto how would you like to meet someone?" Naruto looked up from his weapon to him"who? Your tent