AN: Harry and Draco. . . Once in love, but not together anymore and yet. . . still in love?

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Like Dust On An Artwork

He began to wonder every day how life had come to be this miserable. Was it just that he was mourning a love lost, or a love he never had at all? Was it the loneliness that settled like dust on his heart, leaving imprints everywhere an impact had been made? Where someone had lifted the dust and let the colour shine through, but it only lasted until that someone was gone and the dust settled down once again. It covered the streaks of colour and beauty, leaving only the slightest traces.

Yes, the solitude was like dust on a work of art. How can one ever appreciate the true beauty of a masterpiece that has been left to face the cruelty of negligence?

He remembered both the agony of being bound by the chains of society's expectations, and the excitement of being locked within a love only they could understand.

Draco would never know why he made the decision he did. Harry would never really forgive him for not knowing. But Harry himself couldn't blame him. The Weasleys had expected Harry and Ginny to be together. It was convenient. It was normal. Not to mention, the Malfoys needed an heir to continue the pureblood line.

They had hit the iceberg that sunk the ship; it was no one's fault.

He had come into Harry's life, unexpected and uninvited, but not unwelcome. Harry, in a moment of weakness, welcomed Draco into his world, and what resulted was a kind of connection one could hope to find in a lifetime, let alone in high school. It wasn't chance. It was destiny.

But all of that was over now. Draco was living a different life now, and Harry had his own life to live. A relationship with Ginny to establish, a foundation for his future to build. What right did he have to pine for a boy (although he was a man now) who'd only ever caused him to question himself and what he thought he knew?

"If you really love me, you'll let me go. . ."

They just never found their way back.

AN: Um, yeah. Supposing Draco and Harry fell in love while in school, but had to keep it secret, obviously. . . This would be their breakup. I guess. Harry choosing to be with Ginny because it's what's expected of him, but not necessarily what he wants. What a pointless reason for Harry and Draco not to be together. But likely.