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Information time~ Over the past 5 years, trade between the UK and Russia has increased quite a bit. The UK has been investing substantially in Russia, and was the biggest investor in 2006 and 2007. Just a tidbit of info for the first chapter.

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Chapter one… Commence! ))


"These don't taste good. Not at all," Russia said with his usual 'gentle' smile, dumping his plate of tea biscuits into the garbage right in front of his gracious host.

England couldn't but let out a very faint sigh of frustration, careful not to let that damn Kolkhoz hear it. This was getting very tiresome, Ivan coming over often to check up on their trade agreements. Very. Tiresome. Not to mention that he was so disrespectful of Arthur's compliance. True, the other nations were sure to let him know that his cooking sucked, but Russia somehow seemed to be even more of a bastard because of his 'pleasant' attitude.

"That's too bad," Arthur distantly said, trying to shrug this off. Ivan's pipe happened to be leaning against the dining room corner, within close proximity. He did not want the thing to be touched until Russia was leaving. "What is it that you want me to agree to this time?" The sooner you get out, the happier I'll be…

"Oh! Yes! About that," Ivan said with a smile, turning to look at his host. "Your investments this year."

England stiffened up, pretty much knowing what would come next.

"You had the most last year and the year before. 2006 and 2007. Though, this year… England didn't have the most." Russia smiled. It was a smile that any stranger would think was nice, but every nation knew was bad news.

"So I let it slip a bit. I was a bit preoccupied with managing several trade agreements while America was bothering me with NAFTA being launched," Arthur explained irritably.

"I see," Ivan simply said. He paused for a second, then started to walk closer to where England was seated, with his half-finished tea and untouched pastries. "It won't happen again, da?"

"Accidents happen," Arthur bluntly said.

Ivan stopped in front of his host, then swiftly slammed his hand onto the table menacingly. "It won't happen again, da?" he repeated, a shadow cast over his eyes.

England was a little nervous now, leaning backwards away from the other a bit.

"Go get the paperwork," Russia demanded with his trademark deceivingly kind tone of voice.

Arthur kept himself from letting out another sigh. He got up to go do so, just wanting that damn Kolkhoz out of his house as soon as possible. Russia just watched after him, straightening his posture again while loosely clasping his hands together in front of him.

England closed the door to the dining room behind himself, letting out a pent-up breath. He quietly walked away towards his study, an angry frown written all over his face. This was a fine mess that he had gotten himself into. No, no… It wasn't his fault. It was Russia's fault completely!

Arthur let himself into his study, firmly closing the door. He locked it.

Something had to be done about this. He wasn't sure how much of Russia's pestering he could take, after tons of phone calls and this surprise visit. It was ridiculous to be expected to make the most investments in the larger country. He wasn't opposed to being in good favor with Russia, he just couldn't stand being threatened to do so.

England smiled to himself. He had the perfect idea to alleviate this situation for a while, if not remedy it completely. Not wanting to waste one minute, in fear of that damn Kolkhoz stumbling upon this, Arthur retrieved his chalk and candles from the lowest drawer in his desk. He set them on the bookshelf near his spell book to go yank aside the rug, revealing the beautiful hardwood floor. He then quickly set to work drawing the right circle and setting up the candles, based on what the book instructed.

England went to turn off the lights and stand beside his circle. Opening the book to the right page, he read over the incantation with a smile. Without further delay, Arthur started to recite the lines with his eyes closed. He muttered the spell's words in order, repeating the last two lines several times as the candles burned brighter.

Finally, he ended the casting of the spell. The candles returned to normal as the circle started to disappear. Arthur closed his book quickly with a smirk on his face.

"With that, he should now be as docile as a harmless little cat," England declared. He should be a little more understanding and carefree for a while. Hopefully, he thought to himself, going to pick up the candles and kick the rug back into place.

Just in case it didn't work, England made sure to grab the paperwork from his desk's top drawer.

"I'm back," he announced, walking back into his house's dining room. "They were buried under tons of other stuff I was busy-"

Arthur paused, looking around in confusion. His houseguest was gone. Did he leave? Much to his dismay, the pipe was still leaning ominously in the corner. Russia never went anywhere without that thing.

England went tense, looking around while holding the stack of papers closer to his chest. Where was that damn Kolkhoz? Was he snooping around the house? Or was he hiding with the intent to attack?

All of a sudden, England felt something rub up against his leg. With a yelp of fright, he jumped backwards and fell to the floor, sending the papers flying. He shook the papers off of himself so he could look for the offending source.


Arthur did a double take. He started at the only other life form on this room, and thought, What the hell is a cat doing in here?!

Indeed, he was staring at a very light brown cat. It looked like it was somewhere in between kitten hood and adulthood. It sat down in front of the startled nation, staring straight at him in curiosity. The cat purred, seemingly entertained by this whole scenario.

Arthur realized the more pressing issue right now. Russia somewhere loose in his house. Russia was…

"Docile… like a cat…" England thought aloud, staring right into the animal's big, purple eyes. Only then did it hit him. In panic, he crawled backwards a bit.

This was not good! Not good at all! If, or rather when, Ivan returned to normal, he would not be happy! He needed to do something else. Cast another spell or something!

England's hysterical thought process was brought back to reality as he felt something land on his foot. He looked to see that the cat had pounced on his company's shoe, taking firm hold of a plastic shoelace tip in his mouth.

"R-Russia?" Arthur asked. The little beast paid no attention to him, content with chewing on his prize as his tail flicked back and forth in delight.

England sighed. Well, the menace of Russia was gone. But now he had a whole new problem.

Lithuania hesitantly pushed the button for the doorbell. He could hear it echo inside the house as he stood there on the doorstep. It was an awfully nice day out, yet he had received a call from England earlier. So much for getting some work done in the garden with Raivis.

Eventually, he heard the unnerving sound of angry stomping heading towards him from the other side of the closed door. Bracing himself for bad news, the door was ripped open and something was shoved at his chest. Toris recoiled with a gasp, quickly grabbing hold of whatever it was. He looked down to see a black duffel bag, with only a slight bit of weight to it.

Lithuania looked up quizzically at Arthur, who looked out of breath. For some odd reason, his hands were a bit cut up…

"It's your issue, now," he spat, going to close the door.

"W-wait! What do you mean?!" Toris asked. Though, he received no reply as the door was slammed in his face. He looked down at the duffel bag again, thoroughly confused over this sudden event. Deciding that the rude Brit wouldn't be coming back out to explain, he went to retreat to his car.

As he sat inside in the driver's seat and placed the bag on the passenger seat, he felt the curiosity consume him more and more. Lithuania shoved the key into the ignition without starting the car. Then, moving as slowly as if he was defusing a bomb (for all he knew, it could be one), he reached for the zipper. He hesitantly unzipped the main part of the bag. At the count of three, he ripped open the top.

Instantly, his fear and nervousness melted as he realized what the contents were. He peered over the opening of the bag with a smile on his face, completely captivated by the small cat stuck inside. Despite the fact that it looked a little annoyed, Toris reached in with both hands to pick up the kitty by the middle, lifting him onto his lap.

"Hello there," he gently said, petting its back. The poor thing was a little bit shorter than his forearm, and seemed a little scruffy. It seemed to glare at him a bit with its big, purple eyes. "I am a bit of a cat person… But how did England know?" he wondered aloud.

Toris smiled, shrugging it off. "Oh well. I'll take care of you until I figure out what to do with you. Okay, kitty?" He drew the cat up to his chest to cuddle it. Instantly, his new friend reached up with one paw and scratched him across the cheek.

"I'm back…" Toris tiredly announced as he came through his front door. Raivis came to greet him from the sitting room.

"So… why were you called away?" Latvia quietly asked. He couldn't help but notice the duffel bag cradled in the other's arms. He obviously didn't leave with it, so England must have given him something. Not to mention that his cheek seemed to have been grazed by something.

"Well…" Lithuania started. He put down the bag and unzipped it to show rather than explain. The cat instantly jumped out of his prison, completely through with being confined in there. He haughtily took a step or two, then sat down on the tiled floor to lick down some ruffled fur on his front leg.

"Ah! It's a little kitty!" Raivis happily declared. "He looks a bit older than a kitten… Why did England give him to you?"

"I'm not really sure. I guess… everyone he really knew didn't like cats?" Toris attempted to reason. "I'll take care of him for a while. I'm not sure whether I should keep him or not."

"Cats are nice. It wouldn't be too bad to have one around. You should keep him, Toris," Latvia suggested, carefully squatting down in front of their new guest. Noticing the movement, the cat looked up to see the source. Instantly, Raivis froze. The kitty… It had purple eyes! Just like that guy

He stood up immediately and backed away, starting to tremble in fear. The cat got up, too, and began to follow him curiously.

"What's wrong?" Toris asked, noticing the sudden change in mood. "What is it?"

"Th-that cat i-i-is unnatural! It's evil! C-cat from Hell!" Raivis hysterically tried to describe. Lithuania quickly came up to them, picking up the animal to hold close to his chest. Latvia backed away from his own friend.

"He's a little irritated from the ride here, and being shoved into a bag, but he's not evil," Toris sighed. "I thought you liked cats, too…"

"N-not that o-o-one! Keep it away!" Raivis exclaimed, making a run for the sitting room and leaving a very confused nation behind him.

Estonia came out from the sitting room instead. He must have come while Toris was away. "What's with all of this commotion?" he asked. "Usually he only gets that worked up when Russia is around."

"I don't know. He liked the new kitty at first, then got scared," he sighed in response.

"Well, you do have a big, red scratch across your cheek," Estonia noted. "And Latvia has never been really great with pain."

"I suppose so…"

"You should go get that cleaned up before it gets infected."

Lithuania nodded, a little upset with his friend avoiding him because of a somewhat harmless cat. He began to walk away towards the bathroom, bringing 'the cat from Hell' with him.

"Oh, what's its name?" Eduard asked before he could get away. Toris turned to look at him again, a clueless expression on his face.

"I don't know…" he said, thinking. "I could give him a name right now." He looked down at the kitty sitting comfortably in his arms, which in turn looked back up at him.

Those purple eyes… "Vanya," Toris decided, informing Estonia.

"Vanya…" Eduard said, looking a little sullen now.

"Because… He kind of reminds me of……." He didn't finish that sentence.

"I see," Eduard responded. "It's a cute name for a pet. It has the little 'nya' like the sound cats make, right?" He grinned.

"…Yeah." Lithuania turned away and continued to his bathroom. His first aid kit would have wipes and Band-Aids.


New place. Big, big place. Nice guy, nice guy's place? I see chasing things. Is that string? More string! Climb on that! Have to climb! …Hungry… Want food… Food… Play or food? Food first.

Guy give me food. He will. Hey! Hungry! Feed me!

Guy called Toris. Right? Toris! Toris! Food, Toris! Food!

…………. Toris… ?


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