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Lithuania sat in the comfortable chair beside his living room window. He stared up at the sky through the glass, where the snow slowly and gracefully made its descent to the ground. It was a peaceful and quiet night scene, perfect for the end of Christmas Eve.

His gaze moved down to see how much snow covered the trees and the ground, making everything look purely white as the light grew darker. He closed his eyes halfway, tired and sullen. His house was too quiet… And too lonely. He hated it. Ever since that day… Well, it was hard to get out of bed from all the worry and sadness that he suffered from.

Toris closed his eyes and leaned his head back in the chair to relax a little more. Although, he knew that doing so always made his thoughts more audible. He was no longer distracting himself from thinking by staring at his surroundings. But perhaps it was better to listen to himself sometimes.

Ivan… where are you now? And how are you?

He opened his eyes to look back outside his window, taking comfort in the serenity of the capability of snow staying bright as the sunset behind the clouds. It was still hard to keep himself from feeling anxious. There were so many questions that he wanted to ask Russia… But now he couldn't. He probably never could.

Depending on…

Suddenly, he heard his front door open. Wondering who it could be at this time, he stood up and walked away from his armchair. He had politely declined on spending Christmas with Estonia and Latvia this morning, wanting to stay at home. His plans had changed, based on a single phone call.

Lithuania left his living room to head towards his entryway. He stopped dead in his tracks as he realized whom his visitor was, taking off his snow-covered coat and wet boots. A water pipe was now leaning against the corner next to his door.

Russia lifted his head to look up at Toris when he noticed that the smaller nation had joined him. With a hesitant and slight smile, he asked, "Am I too late for one of Lithuania's delicious meals?"

Toris was gob smacked, wondering if this was an illusion. He slowly took a step or two forward, his eyes instantly watering up as his face grew red. With a sniffle and a sob, he threw himself forward into Russia's arms. A bit unstable on his feet at this point, Ivan couldn't help but fall backwards, leaning back against the closed door with Toris clinging to his chest.

Russia embraced him also, stroking the back of Lithuania's head comfortingly.

The gesture snapped the smaller nation's head back to look into Ivan's eyes, an angry expression on his face despite the tears running down his face. "How could you? You left the hospital without a word! Do you have any idea how worried I was when I received the call from your doctor? Since you were in a coma for so long… I thought that maybe someone kidnapped you…" Toris vented. He resorted back to crying.

"No… No… This is my fault. I should have realized it sooner," Lithuania wept. "I killed you… H-how… How could I…" His half-crazed thought process was smothered by despair as he blamed himself.

He seemed to almost run out of tears, as his eyes became dry. Toris came closer to Russia, lying down beside him. He cushioned his head on Ivan's large chest, closing his eyes with no desire to do anything else for a long time. He didn't care how long he would stay without moving from this spot. He couldn't imagine doing something else with his life at the moment as long as his beloved was dead.

He was abruptly surprised as he came to recognize something. He felt his breath seize up, as he was able to pick up a faint heartbeat from the other nation's chest. It was feeble, but it was there. And his chest was rising and falling ever so slightly.

In one quick motion, Lithuania shot up and bolted to his kitchen for his phone. He dialed for an ambulance as fast as he could, with hope blossoming in his heart.

"Why did you suddenly leave without telling me?" Toris asked while narrowing his eyes accusingly.

"It's okay, I checked myself out," Ivan tried to reassure him. It came to Lithuania's attention that the larger nation was still wearing the hospital pants and shirt, his coat and boots having been pulled over it (his clothes had been stored in a small cabinet in the room). Of course, he had also grabbed his trademark pink scarf.

"By checking out, you mean 'disappearing without telling anyone'?! And that was this morning. Where have you been?" Lithuania demanded to know, since the hospital that Russia was admitted into was only a ten-minute drive away.

"I don't think Lithuania has ever raised his voice this much to me before," Ivan declared with a smile. "I had to go thank someone for getting me into this mess that brought us together."

Toris's expression immediately turned into a very concerned look. England was the one who gave 'Vanya' to him two months ago. So… Did that mean…

"Don't worry, I didn't leave him behind without telling someone about his… current condition," Russia reassured him. 'Condition' implied that Russia had probably used his pipe to show his appreciation.

Deciding to let this go before he became the next one to suffer, Toris sighed. "I was so worried…" he quietly said, looking away.

"I'm sorry, Toris…" Russia apologized with a smile. "I wanted to surprise you in time for Christmas."

"This is awfully sudden, though. You were asleep for so long… that I didn't think you would… make it. How did you wake up?" Lithuania asked.

"I didn't know what was going on as everything was dark… But I kept thinking about how badly I wanted to see you. So I suddenly found myself in a hospital bed, wondering what had happened as I heard some people walking in the hallways while talking about Christmas," he explained, slightly clueless about the situation himself.

The conversation was interrupted by the sound of Ivan's stomach growling.

"Ah! Well, I'll make something right away! We can have dinner," Toris offered, blushing while he backed up. He got to his feet, and offered Ivan a hand up. With a pleased smile, he took Lithuania's hand.

It was harder to pull up the taller and heavier Russia than Lithuania had neglected to realize, but he managed to do so.

It was only a short while later that Ivan was sitting at Toris's dinner table, happily eating the food that his host had quickly prepared.

"So good," he simply declared before taking another bite with a very pleased look on his face. Lithuania contented himself with watching Russia from the chair next to him with a smile, leaning his chin on his hand with his elbows on the table. He had eaten a small dinner earlier already.

"I've been thinking," Toris started to say, grabbing Ivan's attention. "I think I might adopt another cat. I really miss having one around the house. I mean, I'm not saying that I missed you being a cat! I like you like this again! But I like cats too, and now there's not one around, so…"

As Toris was getting red in the face and more flustered, Russia plainly said, "Don't."

"Huh?" Lithuania stopped trying to explain himself. "Why not?"

"Because… I can't stand for Toris to divide love between a cat and me. I want Toris to show affection only for me," Russia justified with an unsettling smile on his face.

As Lithuania turned a deeper shade of red, he tried to reply, "But… It's just a cat… I'll love you both, but in different ways, you know? It's just a bit lonely by myself, is all…"


Toris knew to stop pushing the issue. He fell silent in defeat, a look of disappointment clearly apparent on his face as he stared down at the table.

Suddenly, he felt something brush his cheek. Lithuania glanced over to see that Ivan had leaned over to nuzzle his cheek tenderly. "I guess I'll have to spend some more time with Toris then, yes?" he suggested in a gentle voice.

"Y-yes…" Lithuania shyly agreed, going a bit red in the face.

Ivan gingerly took hold of Toris's jaw with his thumb and forefinger to turn his face towards him. Without another word, Russia brought their lips together, kissing Toris. Lithuania grew a deeper shade of red, especially as he realized that he liked this.

When they were finished, he smiled, leaning his head forward to lean on the larger nation's shoulder. "I'm glad that you're okay…" he choked out, feeling tears form in his eyes again.

Russia embraced him comfortingly. "I am, thanks to you."

"Although… you could have realized my situation a little earlier…" he added, a bit of frustration in his voice. Toris tensed up nervously.

"Urgh… My head…" England complained, lying on his couch with a bag of ice on a rather large bump right above his hairline.

"I'm done! I'm done, England!" America declared, running into the living room. He brought with him a freshly cooked burger on one of the nice china plates. In one fluid motion he had come to sweep the bag of ice to the floor. Before Arthur could protest, he found the burger on his head as a replacement.

"Get this off of me, idiot!" he spat, trying to move to take it off despite the pounding in his head that protested the movement.

Alfred grabbed his wrists to restrain him. "It works! Trust me! A hero never lies!"

"But apparently a hero can be exceedingly daft!" He tried to break away.

"Come on! You never listen to me! I know what I'm doing, this makes me feel better every time!" America loudly whined. This only made England's headache worse.

He sort of knew that this was his just reward. But he couldn't believe that Russia would be cruel enough to call this brat of all people to take care of him. That was low.

As Ivan rested on the couch in the living room, Toris kept himself busy by cleaning while keeping an eye on him. He searched underneath the various pieces of furniture to see if he had accidently left some cat toys lying around. He found some under the decorative chair. Lithuania haphazardly tossed each one out into the middle of the floor behind him so he could reach deeper and deeper underneath.

Suddenly, he heard a loud thump behind him as something hit the floor. Toris shifted backwards to sit up on the floor and see what the source of the noise was.

Russia had moved from lying down on the couch to kneeling on the floor. He was nearly on his stomach as his arms had reached out to grab the purple mouse toy that Lithuania had tossed. Ivan noticed the bewildered look on Toris's face as he stared at him in disbelief.

A very faint smile of amusement crossed Lithuania's lips. As if nothing had happened, Russia straightened back up. He shimmied over a bit to sit in front of Lithuania, as Lithuania realized that he made a dire mistake.

"If you tell… anyone about this, I will be forced to harm you. Understand?" Ivan asked. Toris knew that the larger nation was thoroughly embarrassed inside, despite the intimating demeanor Russia was trying to exert.

Feeling quite courageous for once, Toris smiled more visibly. He leaned forward a bit more to bring his lips straight to Ivan's in an affectionate kiss.