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Chapter 24 - Epilogue

Madam Pomfrey was neither shocked nor embarrassed to find Scorpius in Albus' bed the next morning. She knew very well what he'd been up to the past few days and found it funny that the boy actually thought she was oblivious to the goings-on of her hospital wing. She smiled fondly at the sleeping pair, snuggled warmly under the covers, before schooling her face into the appropriate expression of surprise and disapproval.

'Mr. Malfoy!' she cried aloud, laughing inwardly as the blond shot up in the bed, his face a mask of startled confusion. Potter woke at the sudden movement, mumbling a bit as his face scrunched up in an effort to clear the sleep from his eyes.

Madam Pomfrey stood at the foot of the bed, her arms crossed, one foot tapping an ominous rhythm and a solitary eyebrow raised in challenge at the pair of disoriented boys in the bed.

'Mr. Malfoy could you please explain what you are doing naked in my patient's bed?' the nurse asked sharply.

Scorpius' eyes widened as he finally realized what had happened. Albus had woken, they had made love, and they'd fallen asleep together. He'd allowed himself to drift off while naked in the hospital wing without the protection of the invisibility cloak and now Madam Pomfrey was standing there staring at them with a look that promised doom. She could have no doubts as to why he was naked in the Gryffindor's sick bed, and somehow Scorpius didn't think she would agree that post-coma sex was on her list of cures for Albus' ailments.

A list of excuses bubbled to the forefront of his mind, everything from needing to warm Albus with his body heat to the suggestion that his clothing had been snatched in the middle of the night by Nargles, but in the end none of them seemed clever enough to even momentarily fool the stoic Pomfrey.

'Er, well, I…he woke up,' Scorpius stuttered lamely instead.

'Why thank you for that thorough assessment, Mr. Malfoy. I have no idea how I would have managed to notice his alertness had you not pointed it out to me. After all I have only been the nurse in this institution for over fifty years,' Madam Pomfrey replied, her tone sarcastic but not unkind.

'Right,' Scorpius responded, face reddening even more as he pulled the covers higher as though to shield himself from her unimpressed gaze.

'Now, if you don't mind, I would appreciate it if you would remove yourself from Mr. Potter's bed so that I might examine him. While it appears you conducted your own…examination last night, I would like to give him a proper once over as I am unconvinced that your efforts were up to the level of detail that I insist upon,' she remarked sternly, her tone belying the twinkle of mirth that shimmered in her eyes.

'Yes ma'am,' the Slytherin muttered as he slid from the bed, bending to kiss a mortified Albus before grabbing a pillow to cover his bits and inching his way toward the invisibility cloak and his discarded pile of clothes. He reached the chair he'd vacated the night before and felt around until his fingers touched the wispy material of the cloak. Heaving a grateful sigh he threw the material over his shoulders, allowing the pillow to drop as his body was covered. Certain that Albus was in good hands, the blond gathered his clothes and removed himself from the room, eager to be dressed and try to regain some of the dignity he had lost.

When he had fastened the last button of his robes he made his way through the infirmary to check on Albus once more. Seeing that the curtains were still drawn and that Madam Pomfrey wasn't quite finished examining Albus, Scorpius decided to make himself useful and inform his father and Professor Potter that the boy had finally wakened.

Slipping out of the infirmary doors, Scorpius headed for the dungeons, a light hop in his step. Albus was safe, awake and all his again. They had given themselves to one another completely last night and despite the embarrassment of getting caught naked this morning by Pomfrey, Scorpius wouldn't have traded the experience for the world. He had his Gryffindor back and he intended to keep him.

Giddy with excitement, Scorpius cheerfully gave the password to his father's rooms and headed in, his mind still wrapped up with thoughts of Albus and their healing night together. So deep in his daydreams was he that he didn't even bother to knock on the bedroom door, but rather waltzed right in with a cheery greeting. A greeting that died abruptly in his throat with a strangled 'eep' when he caught sight of his father and Professor Potter writhing around in the centre of the bed like a couple of rutting animals in heat.

Hearing the startled noise from the doorway, Draco turned his head to see his son standing there, wide-eyed and slack-jawed.

'Fuck!' Draco cried, grasping eagerly for the duvet to cover the pair of them, his face turning a dusky pink from a mixture of arousal and embarrassment.

'What…why'd you stop?' Harry asked in a voice full of desire before he peeked around Draco's shoulder to see Scorpius' frozen form. 'Oh, shit.'

'Yeah,' Draco agreed before turning to face his gobsmacked son.

'I…I…' Scorpius stuttered as he rubbed his eyes with the heels of his hands, desperate to erase the image of his father shagging his Defense professor.

'Well?' his father prompted.

'Sorry just give me a moment, I'm willing myself to be Obliviated,' the boy replied.

'Well perhaps that will teach you to knock next time,' Draco responded with an elegant arch of his eyebrow.

'What's the matter, Scorpius? Did something happen with Albus?' Harry asked, reaching for his glasses with rushed movements as he contemplated the reason for Scorpius' sudden visit, his mind conjuring image after image of his son somehow getting worse.

'Nothings wrong,' Scorpius rushed to assure him. 'He woke up last night.'

'He woke up?' Harry asked, his heart pounding as his body was flooded with relief.

'Last night? Why weren't we informed before now?' Draco asked, noting the brilliant flush of his son's cheeks at the question.

'Well, it's just, we…Albus wanted me to stay with him last night. He begged me not to go, so I figured it could wait until morning. I didn't want him any more upset than he already was,' Scorpius explained, hating how his face warmed.

'I see,' his father replied with a knowing smirk.

'Yeah, well, anyways sorry for bursting in on you like that, but I thought you would want to know. I should be getting back.'

'You go ahead, we'll be along in a minute,' Harry replied. He waited until the door slipped closed behind the younger blond before lying back on the bed and allowing a single tear to slide down his cheek.

'Harry, it's all right. It's over. He's going to be fine,' Draco said softly, gathering the brunet in his arms to comfort him.

'I know. I'm just relieved,' Harry said, wiping away the rogue tear on his face as he snuggled into Draco's embrace for a moment, gathering his thoughts and emotions before facing his son.

'It's all worked out. Finnegan's bastard son is in captivity, Albus is awake, and it appears that Scorpius and he have made up,' Draco noted with a smile. 'Now all we have to do is remember to put a locking spell on the bedroom door.'

'Indeed,' Harry agreed with a laugh. 'I don't fancy getting caught in the throes of passion by anyone, let alone our sons. Then again in this case I suppose turnabout is fair play,' he added as he thought of how this entire adventure started with him finding Albus and Scorpius in the hall cupboard.


Harry's visit with Albus had been awkward and emotional but just what the boy had needed. He allowed himself to be swept into a bone crushing hug that would have offended his teenage sensibilities only a week before, allowing his father to cuddle him as he hadn't since he was a little boy. It had been a rough week and both he and Harry had needed that moment.

Luckily the boy's nighttime romp hadn't exacerbated any of Albus' injuries and after another night in the infirmary the Gryffindor was released from the ward. The moment Albus entered the common room, Scorpius by his side, he found himself with an arm full of a sobbing red-head.

'Albus! You're awake. How do you feel? We were so worried,' Rose gushed, her arms wound around the brunet's neck in a kung fu grip of death.

'R-Rose…can't…breathe,' Albus choked out.

'Oh! Sorry,' Rose said, releasing Albus with a fierce blush and stepping back to stand with her boyfriend.

'So, how are you feeling?' James asked, wrapping an arm around his shoulders in a brotherly hug.

'Better. It's nice to be out of the infirmary.'

'Well, it's good to have you back,' James said, patting him on the back.


At the sound of the voice they all turned to face to portrait hole to find a teary-eyed Lily standing in the entrance, Harry close behind her. After a moment of hesitation the youngest Potter hurried into the room and enveloped her brother in a tight hug.

'You're okay, thank Merlin,' she whispered, her voice shuddering from the strength of her relief.

'I'm fine, Lil. What are you doing here?'

'Dad Flooed to say you were out of the hospital wing and I had to come see you. I had to tell you how sorry I am,' she explained, pulling back to look into his eyes.

'You're sorry?'

'I acted like a complete jerk at Christmas. I was wrong to say what I did,' she confessed. 'I'm sorry I called you a poof and that I doubted Mal-Scorpius' intentions.'

'If it wasn't for Scorpius I may not have survived,' Albus said

'I know that,' she said before turning to face the blond in question. 'Thank you so much for helping my brother Scorpius. I was wrong about you. I hope you can forgive me.'

Scorpius nodded in return, not quite sure what to say. They stood in silence for another awkward moment before Albus' stomach broke the quiet with an almighty roar.

'Good grief, Al, didn't Madam Pomfrey feed you?' Rose teased.

'I'm recuperating, I need a few more calories to get my strength back,' Albus replied with a blush.

'Well then you lot best head down to dinner,' Harry said motioning the students out of the room.

Lily stood aside, looking uncertain before Albus called over his shoulder, 'Coming Lils?'

Taking this as acceptance of her apology she smiled and hurried after the group, eager to catch up on all that she had missed.

When they reached the Great Hall the students at the Gryffindor table welcomed Albus back in a flurry of excitement, the whole of the house coming to greet him with pats on the back, hugs, and words of encouragement. No one mentioned Liam or the events that had led to Albus' noted absence, rather opting to chat about Quidditch and exams and inform the brunet of all the things he had missed while he was 'away'.

With Scorpius on one side, Rose on the other and surrounded by family and housemates, Albus felt more content than he had all year, maybe ever.


Albus stood from his seat and gathered his things as the train screeched to a halt on the platform. As he threw his backpack over his shoulders he turned to gaze at Scorpius, a loving smile gracing his face.

'What?' Scorpius asked when he noticed the Gryffindor staring.

'Nothing, I'm just wondering if you know how gorgeous you are,' Albus commented, loving the pink blush that stole across his lover's cheeks.

'Of course I do. I am a Malfoy after all,' the blond replied with mock-superiority.

'Of course, Love, how silly of me to forget,' Albus said with a slight roll of his eyes. His face sobered as he looked into Scorpius' eyes again. 'I can't believe I get to call you mine.'

'Ditto, Love,' the bond said. The two stood there for a moment, enjoying the last minutes they had together before they had to go their separate ways for the summer.

'Come on you two, everyone's waiting. Get a move on!' Rose shouted, poking her head in as she passed the compartment.

'We're coming, Rose,' Albus called before grabbing the Slytherin's hand and leading him off the train.

Once they were on the platform, Albus led Scorpius to a secluded corner and pulled him into a tight hug.

'I'm going to miss you so much, Scor,' he whispered as he pressed light kisses onto the soft skin of the Slytherin's neck.

'I'll miss you too, Al,' he whispered back.

Scorpius pulled back just far enough to capture Albus' lips in a soft kiss, drinking from his sweet mouth as if he could make this one kiss last for the months they would be apart.

'You know, it's not as if you'll never see each other again,' Harry commented from behind the pair, an eyebrow raised in a fine imitation of his boyfriend. The boys broke apart, breathing heavily, and stared at their respective fathers.

'Well, yeah but we don't know how often we'll get to visit,' Albus replied.

'Perhaps you won't have to,' Harry told his son with a twinkle in his eye.

'What do you mean?' Scorpius asked. Though he was pretty sure he knew what the two were talking about, he wanted to hear it from them himself.

'Let's just say that the Potters will be spending quite a bit more time at Malfoy Manor. In fact, if I get my way, you'll be staying there permanently,' Draco answered.

'Permanently?' Albus repeated, looking as though Christmas had come early.

'We'll see,' Harry said, his smile warming all of the platform.

'Oh come on, Potter, you know I'll get my way eventually. You may as well give in and save me the hassle of trying to convince you,' Draco replied with a smirk.

'The kids…'

'They love the idea. Don't you?' Draco asked the boys.

'Hell yeah,' Scorpius replied, already envisioning the many rooms of the manor he and Albus could put to use.

'Let's just get off the platform, get some dinner and we can discuss this later, okay?' Harry said, though he already knew he had made his decision. It wasn't a hard choice really. He wanted to spend every day and every night with the man he loved. Both he and Draco knew he would give in, but, he thought with a smile as he led his family out of King's Cross, there was no harm in letting the blond sweat it out a few more days. It would be worth it to see what measures the Slytherin went to in order to ensure his victory.


It had been an interesting year, one filled with humor, drama, trials and revelations that would forever be a part of their lives. Their memories of it were rocky, yet sweet. Turbulent yet soothing. Frustrating yet all together satisfying.

Some would say it was a fabulous ending to a hectic year, but to Albus, Scorpius, Draco and Harry it was merely a fabulous beginning.


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