Shadows II

Chapter 1

As Cyrus stepped out of the church, he looked out over the huge city that had grown around the church. So many people practically worshiped the church, it was funny actually. Slowly descending the steps leading up to the church, he thought about how much the world had changed, all because of his brother. "Shame you're not around to see it." He said quietly, as he walked off into the night. He was not, however, unseen. The mysterious woman watched him with her cold eyes, waiting for him to leave. Her intentions secret, but obviously dark, she began her approach to the church. Upon reaching the huge decorative doors, she pushed them open, the doors creaking loudly.

"I'm afraid the church is off limits during the night hours." The old proprietor said, not looking up from his ledger.

Ignoring him, the woman continued to walk up the aisle silently, her eyes locked upon the diamond figure that was the centerpiece of the church. Hearing her footsteps, the old proprietor looked up for the ledger, shocked to see her still approaching the statue.

"Ma'am, I'm sorry but the church is closed." He repeated, standing up.

"Silence!" the woman ordered, and with a flick of her hand, the old man flew across the room and slammed against the room.

Attracted by the noise, the young man that helped the old man entered the main chamber, shocked at the scene before him.

"Stop right there." He commanded the woman, but was sent flying back through the door he entered with another wave of her hand.

"The homosapiens are such a pathetic race." the woman said, chuckling to herself as she took the final steps towards the statue. "So you're the one? You don't look like much more the human, could it be that you're the same as him?" The woman asked the statue, not expecting an answer. "You're not even conscious are you. What could a normal man do, even if he weren't encased in such a unbreakable shell?" She let out a sigh as she placed her palms against the chest of the figure. "I, Lumarisa, Queen of the Western Continent, condemn you to hell." She said, all the while gathering energy in her hands. As she began to release her power rapidly, the statue lit up, shining brightly and blinding her. She stumbled back, halting her attempt on destroying the statue. Shielding her eyes, she stared into the bright light as the church began to shake violently.

"No..." She said weakly as the light began to fade. "No!"