Alright, welcome to 'The Blackest Ink' Redux, a total revamp of my previous story under the same name. The ideas just weren't flowing with my original idea and I was stuck for a few months without any other inspiration, so I decided to redo the whole story. Sorry if you don't like it, but this is mostly an outlet for my creative juices, so...sorry.

The Council Room of Konoha was legendary in its repute around the world for being one of the most secure places in the entire shinobi nations. The main Council room was rather small, only barely enough for a large, low table, big enough for all of the shinobi and civilian members, but if made up for its size by the sheer amount of security that surrounded the small, secret room. The walls were six feet of chakra steel, inscribed with anti-eavesdropping seals, trap jutsu, fake genjutsu pathways carved into the metal, misleading potential spies. No one but the Hokage knew that exact way to get through the trap infested hallways that lead to this part of the sub-basements of the Hokage Tower. The civilians were knocked out and carried in by ANBU, the ninja members of the group were blindfolded and lead through a back entrance.

One such member, the leader of a premier Konohagakure shinobi clan, coldly watched the delegation from the Outside file into the Council Room. Hiashi sneered at the two freaks, his aristocratic face breaking into a mask of stony contempt.

Filthy Gai-jin. (1)

Hiashi turned away from the two men, surveying the members who were kneeling on the cushioned tatami floor. The Yondaime Hokage was there, watching the two oddly dressed men file in, his face blank but his eyes dancing in amusement. The retired Sandaime sat next to his successor, smoking his ever present tobacco pipe. The Yondaime caught Hiashi's eye and smirked.

Hiashi turned away, a disgruntled look on his face. The Yondaime may have been on his genin team, but it didn't mean Minato, now the Yondaime Hokage, wasn't too high and mighty not to rub it in the 'genius' of the Hyuuga clan that he, the dead last, had become Hokage.

Hiashi scowled as he surveyed the rest of the members, his pale eyes taking quick note of who attended. All of the powerful ninja clan heads of Konoha were there , the Hyuuga were represented by himself and the Uchiha by Uchiha Fugaku and his heir Itachi. Though the boy was barely tall enough to hold his father's hand (not that the Uchiha permitted that nonsense), he had already passed the genin exams and was well on his way to becoming a Chuunin.

On the civilian side of the table, five of the richest merchants and businessman Konoha had to offer sat. Four wore traditional kimonos and haori, while the fifth, a relatively young man, wore a Western style business suit. Hiashi scowled at the offending clothing, his traditionalist sense of style rebelling from the new, and in his opinion, insulting, attire.

Hiashi was brought out of his reverie by the Yondaime softly clearing his throat. "Welcome to Konoha Fudge-domo." Quietly, the Yondaime adjusted his red Hokage hat, subtly readjusting the smoke bombs hidden there in case of emergencies or council meetings turned assassination attempts. "Dumbledore-sama, I believe you have met Sarutobi-san?"

Hiashi struggled not to spit on the ground as he saw the gai-jin who the Yondaime was introducing the Sandaime to. Dumbledore couldn't have been more different, more abnormal, more offensive if he had tried. His long beard, so long it tucked into his belt, quivered as he talked, and Hiashi had to restrain himself from just reaching out an grabbing it, and… Hiashi shook himself. Hyuuga did not lose control. Still, the animated constellation on the robe set his teeth on edge.

"Oh yes." Dumbledore smiled. "Hiruzen-san and I were quite a pair." He chuckled. "By the way, how is Jiraiya? I believe he was the one who got hexed by the whole female population of Gryffindor?"

Sarutobi smiled back at his friend. "Yes, that was Jiraiya. He hasn't changed much."

The man called Fudge quietly cleared his throat, shaking Sarutobi out of his quiet reverie.

"Ah, yes, forgive the ramblings of old men Minister." Dumbledore gestured for the man to speak.

"Yes, anyway," Fudge blustered, his neck red. It seemed to Hiashi that he was relatively new to the job, for him to feel so embarrassed to be under such scrutiny. "We have important news. You-Know-Who is-"

"Voldemort, Mr. Fudge." Dumbledore said pleasantly, ignoring the jump of fright the man gave. "You shouldn't fear the name anymore."

Hiashi gave his reluctant silent nod of approval. Konoha ninja didn't cower in fear because of a name. Now, Iwa ninja…

"Right, him, well, he's dead."

A ripple of disbelief ran through the Council Room, including Hiashi himself. Dead? How?

"What is the meaning of this?" Fugaku asked, his face dark. "You beg for our help, make a treaty, only to have this Voldemort of yours dead by your own hand? Is this some sort of joke?"

"N-no, not at all!" Fudge said, his voice frantic. "We don't even know how he died!"

"Then how do you know he is really dead?" the Yondaime asked in his 'Hokage Voice'. It made you believe he created the ultimate jutsu, not that he was some super powered nut who loved to torture his former teammates with his glorified status.

"His wand." Dumbledore placed the bone white wand on the table. "As you know, wizards cannot do anything without a wand, one of our many failings." He nodded to the ninja across the table. "It is my belief that he wouldn't let go of his wand, unless, of course, he couldn't hold it."

Ignoring the confused looks he was getting, Dumbledore tucked the wand into his sleeve. "I believe Voldemort"-he ignored Fudge's wince-"has been thrown from his body and is now underground, hiding as a shade."

Dumbeldore held the Yondaime's eyes, the twinkle muted, ignoring the sputtering of the Minister. "I don't believe Voldemort is dead." Then he brightened. "But, for now at least, we can enjoy a period of peace after all the warefare."

"You still haven't explained how Voldemort died." Fugaku's voice was calm again. Apparently, the infamous Uchiha temper could be controlled.

"That is the mystery." Dumbledore said, the twinkle in his eyes back in force. "A one year old defeated him."

"Pardon?" Hiashi's face was stone.

"Harry James Potter, son of Evans Lily and Potter James, destroyed Lord Voldemort with nothing to show for it but a scar on his forehead. He survived the killing curse, even when greater wizards, including his parents, had died before the Dark Lord."

The Council took a few seconds to digest this, Hiashi's working fastest of all. The Yondaime had taken him aside after the first meeting with the Westerners to discuss this very possiblity.


"Hiashi-kun." Hiashi growled as he turned around to face his old teammate. The Yondaime Hokage's blonde hair fell into his cerulean blue eyes, a genetic rarety, a large grin playing across his face.

"Yes, Hokage-sama?" Hiashi said, reigning in his fraying temper.

The Hokage's grin suddenly fell, and his eyes became as steel. "I don't trush these Wizards, Hiashi."

Hiashi nodded, his face grim as well.

"They come to us for help now, but what of later, if they wish to disregard our treaty? We have nothing to offer them once this war is over, they have our natural resources in abundance and for cheaper costs, they have weapons that paralell our own and have powers that disregard the need for any of our chakra inventions." The Yondaime had begun to pace, his cloak swirling around him as he stalked the empty council room. "We need leverege."

Hiashi nodded. They needed a powerful political leader that would forstall any attempt against the village hidden in the leaves. At least until the information on how to access their country was erased.

"By any means necesary, Hiashi, that's an order." the Yondaime met Hiashi's eyes fully, his blue clashing against Hiashi's pale Hyuuga eyes. "If I think you have held back, by any means, I will kill you and excecute your clan as traitors against Konoha, is that clear?"

Hiashi nodded, his face flat and as blank as slate.


"Is this a threat?" Hiashi asked, keeping his voice light. "Have you trained this boy to destroy your enemies?" He highly doubted it, these wizard gai-jin were pathetically weak and they seemed ill-used to the double-cross tactics and personal agenda's of the shinobi world.

"No, n-no of course not!" Fudge exclaimed.

"How would we know? Not until it was too late." Hiashi ignored the looks the Yondaime was giving him; he would pay for this later. "If the boy is so powerful now, what about in five years? Ten? Twenty? What is to stop you from using him to destroy Konoha? Nothing."

Hiashi stood, towering over the small, portly minister.

"I propose an arranged marriage. My eldest daughter Hinata is one year old, the same age as Potter-san." Hiashi fixed the quivering Fudge with his best Hyuuga glare. "This way, Konoha can be sure of the Ministry of Magic's commitment to the Konoha-England treaty." Mentally, he congratulated himself. The arranged marriage made it look like he cared enough to marry him to his daughter (Pfft, as if a gai-jin would have any political power in his clan) to the boy, while still leaving him free to make descicions.

Fudge gave Dumbledore a beseeching look.

"Well, this is unprecedented." Dumbledore said seriously. "In Britain, arranged marriages are…uncommon." Dumbledore's long tapered fingers tapped gently on the wooden council table. "Would the bride live with him?"

Hiashi shook his head, his pale eyes drilling into the old man. He had trapped the old man into a corner, all he could do was accept or call his bluff, and seeing as looking 'Underneath the Underneath' was not a phrase wizards were familiar with, Hiashi was pretty sure he was safe.

Dumbledore sighed. They were stuck. They could refuse and offend a great ally, potentially starting another war, or they could agree and seal young Harry's future. Really, it wasn't a choice.

"We accept."

A/N: Many of my readers have been worried that I'd overpower Harry and make him some sort of ninja genius. I assure you, that will not happen. Harry will not be attending the Acadamy, and if he does, it's only to pick Hinata up and escort her home. If anything, Harry's barely going to know anything about chakra, perhaps only some basic meditation exercises used to hone chakra and magic and stealth techniques. He won't be a pushover, but he won't exactly be a threat to any ninja over a low Chuunin either.

Japanese Glossary

(1) Gai-jin: the japanese word for foreigner

You'll notice that Hiashi uses this word as an insult. I've painted the Hyuuga as a highly traditional clan, resentful of any new ideas or anamalies that affect the status quo. That's basically why Harry won't be particularly well liked by the Hyuuga main branch members, he represents a growing faction of Westerners who are changing the their world. I've also used this to create some political imbalances that can add to the Hyuuga clan disharmony. Think of it as Purebloods against Muggleborns, except it's "Natives" vs. "Invaders".