Dear Readers,

I'm sorry to tell you that The Blackest Ink will no longer be continued. I've completely lost all interest in the plot and have no idea where I was going with it. Sorry. I'm not adverse to someone adopting the fic and I would be happy to beta for the author that chooses to take on this project. There are only a few things I'd like you to consider before adopting this fic

1) I'm fine with you completely revamping the story- ripping it down and starting from scratch doesn't bother me, neither does adding or taking away parts of my story. However, I'd prefer if the piece mostly took place in the Naruto world rather than primarily in the Harry Potter world, which most NarutoxHarryPotter crossovers do. Make it semi-original, savvy?

2) Credit me with the idea, 'kay? I might have given up on this story but that doesn't mean I'm not territorial with my ideas. I'm giving it to you- respect that.

3) Have fun, alright? Go crazy.