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Chapter One: Haunting Memories

"It begins"

Caim looks around for the owner of the mysterious voice.

" Caim"

Finally recognizing the voice Caim turns around, as the figure of his younger sister materializes in front of him" Furiae..." he says her name in a faint whisper. Shocked that he could hear his own voice Caim moves a hand to his neck

turning away from her brother, Furiae walks away from him and to the far wall where she disappears from her brothers watchful eyes.

" Furiae!" Caim yells as he runs after the retreating back of his sister. Slowly the walls turn black and a red liquid, much like paint flows down them and another voice echoes through the air.

" La la la la la. The watchers laugh. La la la la la"

Caim turns around in the direction the mysterious voice came from and was confronted with a small figure, all black except the eyes the deepest shade of red. Slowly Caim backs away as the figure moves toward him. Caim reaches behind him for the hilt of his trusty sword only to find nothing but air, quickly he looks back to indeed find the sword not to be it's usual place at his hip.

the figure continues to move toward him, the blood red eyes never blinking" La la la la la. La la la la la"

Yet again the scene before his eyes changes to that of his sister in a deep red dress her hair tied up in a bun and a head piece on top of her beautiful light brown head. It reminded him of the time before his sister sacrificed herself for the peace of all man kind. Before she had become...The Goddess. However his happy memories were short lived when he saw a dagger stabbed deep into her heaving chest, grunting in pain she looks toward Caim with a look of shame"..... don't look...at me" she pleaded as she grunts in pain one last time, slowly her eyes drift shut and her body goes limp. She was dead....

" Furiae!!!"

The small figure appears again only this time wearing a dress, gloves and boots all the shade of red with armor around her shoulders. Her blonde hair ran down just short of her shoulders the girl laughs and looks over at Caim and smirks" Did the watchers laugh too?"

Caim shoots up out of bed and looks around the room, blurry-eyed and sweating, trying to get a sense of his surroundings. Finally his vision clears and his heart which was beating a mile a minute, slowed to a relaxed pace. Sighing deeply Caim runs his hand through his sweat-soaked hair then slowly gets up and walks to the bathroom to take a shower, all the while thinking back to his dream. The same dream, but why? What does it all mean?

Tears roll down his face mixing with the water and washing away as thoughts of his sister come flooding back into his mind. Then, the red eyes from his nightmare flash in his mind and his clenches his fist, so tight that blood flowed from them and mixed in with the water on the shower floor, turning a light shade of pink before sliding down the drain.

After the shower Caim stares at himself in the mirror's reflection, his face, rigid and one eye clouded over and the other burning with fire of murderous intent. I will find you and when I do, your going to wish you never crossed me, you will pay for the pain you've caused. There will be no escape for you this time.... Manah.

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