Fox Trot: the T.V. Show: chapter 1: Death by Mother

Jason and Marcus rushed outside to launch a rocket.

"T- 5...4..." said Jason as he counted down the seconds.

"WHERE DID YOU GO JASON!!!" screamed Page from the house.

"Hurray up Jason, she's coming" said Marcus watching from the doorway.

"3,2,1 Blastoff!!" yelled Jason as he pressed the ignition button.

"NOOO! That was my math homework!" screamed Page.

"Wait, there's a second stage" said Jason.

BOOM! There's was an explosion in the air. A smoldering text book hit the ground.

"Think of it this way, it was a nice little firework in dedication to Einstein." said Marcus.

"You twerps are so dead!" yelled Page as she chased them around the yard. Eventually, Page caught up to them and pounded their faces inside out. Then she went to go tell Mom.

Mom came storming outside. "Jason, you are grounded for two weeks" she said. "No T.V., no video games, no computer. You have to play outside."

"What?! No Resident Evil? No World of War Quest? No Charlie the Unicorn!!!!" Jason held his hands up in the air and fell on the ground.

The next day Jason tried to turn on the TV, but his mom was waiting there.

"If you need some entertainment, you should go get Marcus and play outside" sneered Jason's mom.

When they came outside, Jason and Marcus slumped down in the grass and stared into space.

"Whatda you want to do?"

"I duno, whatda you want to do?"

"I duno, whatda you want to do?"

"I duno, whatda you want to do?"

This went on for about a hour.

Then, Jason leapt up in the air and said, "I will stand for this no longer. I will find a computer if it's the last thing I do!"

"If it's the last thing you do, it will be total waste of time and you'll be dead" said Marcus.

"Fine, then it'll be the second to last thing I will do!"

So they headed off to the Library. When they got there, they went to a computer station. They quickly found a chat room to go on.

TwoBigGeeks has been logged on.

#1StarWarsFan: So then I- I'll finish this story later. Ko-to-ya newcomers. Let me introduce myself: I'm #1StarWarsFan. The headmaster of this chat room. My chums are FrodoJr, and KlingonWarrior.

KlingonWarrior: Welcome.

FrodoJr: HHIii Ilikepiedoyouyoulikepieeveryonelikespieilikepie. hi.

#1StarWarsFan: FrodoJr just got out of the mental asylum.

TwoBigGeeks: Right........okay.

KilngonWarrior: *snicker, snicker.* coughcoughtheyfellforitcoughcough.

TwoBigGeeks: Hey!

After a little 2 hour chat they logged off.

TwoBigGeeks has been logged off.

"Hey Marcus, we should check out some books so we don't look suspicious" said Jason.

"It looks like you went to the Library" said his mom.

"Yeah, I met a few fellow geeks there"

"What are their names?"

"They like to go by their code names."

Jason started sweating.

"What are-"

"GottagofeedQuincybye!" Jason rushed upstairs.

When they got to Jason's room, they locked the door and barricaded it with the chair.

"That was a close one" said Jason panting.

Marcus went home for dinner after they talked about their plans for a giant geek amusement park.

The next day, Jason and Marcus got the computer at the library.

TwoBigGeeks has been logged on.

#1StarWarsFan: Hey guys why are you so late?

TwoBigGeeks: Psychopathic Mom wouldn't let us leave the house.

FrodoJr: My mom's crazy too.

TwBigGeeks: Well, you haven't met anyone like my mom

Later that night, Jason's mom got onto the computer. "Aha!"

When Jason and Marcus got onto the computer at the Library, there was a new user name on the screen.

TwoBigGeeks: Hi, who are you?

TheProtector: I'm another chat room chum of #1StarWarsFan.

TwoBigGeeks: Glad to meet you.

#1StarWarsFan: Hey, who's your friend?

TwoBigGeeks: He said he was your friend.

#1StarWarsFan: Who said I was who's friend?

TwoBigGeeks: n,no,no. TheProtector said...

#1StarWarsFan: no, I mean who said...

TwoBigGeeks: Forget it. Do you want to hear more about my mom?

KlingonWarrior: Yeah.

TwoBigGeeks: She makes horrible dinners.

FrodoJr: How disgusting?

TwoBigGeeks: Have you ever heard of tofu casserole? Or lima bean dip? Luckily I have my older brother Peter to buy all the junk food.

Jason's Mom logged off while she had the opportunity.

When Jason got home that evening, his mom was waiting for him.

"You've been on a geek chat room at the Library haven't you?" questioned his mom.

"How'd you know!" cried Jason.

"My username was TheProtecter" she said

"Wait, I'm smarter than this!"

"Apparently not. Now up to your room mister, and you get two servings of dinner tonight."