Bereavement of a beauty

'A scream. Mei turned' When someone Mei loves dies, she doesn't know how to react. How will she deal with her loss and who will be there for her in her time of need?

Set just after Season 2. Hopefully will become epic with reviews and help from you gorgeous people.

Urgh I look a state Mei thought moodily to herself as she combed her hair through with her fingers.

From looking in the window she could already tell she had too much foundation on, that her hair was frizzing and the outfit she was wearing made her look fat…and it was only the start of the night.

"Mei, d'ya want a drink?"

Mei turned to see D'jok smiling at her, hand outstretched as he waited for her to deposit money there.

Everyone on Akillian were celebrating the win of the Galactik cup for the second time or in the Snowkid's case the end of one long season.

"Yeah I'll have a…" Mei trailed off as she realised her control freak of a mother was listening in, alcohol wasn't an option then.. Sighing Mei turned back to her boyfriend and shook her head, smiling sweetly. "Better not"

D'jok's smile faltered and he cast a quick glance at her mother before nodding and walking over to join Micro-Ice at the bar, no doubt to bitch about her mum.

Sighing Mei fell back on her chair with a plonk.

Her mother immediately shuffled up next to her. "Don't sit like that Mei it'll give you a bad posture and don't sigh so! You'll get wrinkles!"

Natter, natter, natter Mei thought.

"Smile Mei!" Her mother encouraged.

"Urgh! I'm going outside for air!" Mei announced before jumping up and making her way to the door.

The cool, moonlit night was in sight when Yuki popped up in front of her.

"Hey Mei what's up?" She enquired.

"Just trying to get outside" Mei replied, attempting to dodge past her friend.

"Cool, but it's really quite cold out there" Yuki warned her, still smiling.

"Good" Mei said before running out of the doorway.

To her annoyance she realised that Yuki was right, it was freezing, goose bumps decorated her skin as she shivered and held herself.

"Mei? What are you doing out here? You'll freeze to death! Get inside instantly!"

Mei clenched her fists in anger as soon as her mother began speaking, she was fed up of the constant orders! She thought it would stop after she'd told her off in her first year of footballing but it clearly hadn't made a lasting impact on her mother.

"I like it out here mum!" She said moodily, leaning against the icy railings nearby.

"How can you like it out here?! It's about…" Mei's mother's hands flapped wildly as she searched for a suitable enough temperature. "-78 degrees out here!"

Mei snorted. "Maybe I like it that cold"

"Oh Mei stop being ridiculous, come here" Mei's mother snarled grabbing at her daughter.

"Urgh! No mum, back off!" Mei shrieked, running down the icy stairs, she heard her mother calling for her.

Muttering insults under her breath, Mei stalked across the slippery road.



A scream. Mei turned.

"Mum?" She whispered.

Short first chapter, but please tell me what you think of it so far.