Bereavement of a Beauty

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"It's not your know what? It's not even my fault..."

A flurry of doubt hit Mei hard as she began making her way towards the giant construction that was Genesis Stadium...she had no idea in what department Danzee would be working and she still couldn't shake the slightest niggle that perhaps Danzee had left of her own accord and maybe just wanted the troubled family that was the Kilas' out of her life.

But...then she remembered how Danzee had said she loved her and Mei knew that people who loved each other (in any kind of way) would never abandon each other, a flash of Tia and Rocket flicked into the teen's mind.

Finally Mei was at the front desk of the gigantic football stadium that took up most of Genesis. The man at the desk looked up.

"Yes?" He asked importantly. "This isn't the ticket booking area you know"

"I know" Mei croaked. "I...I..."

The man stared at her suspiciously from under his glasses. "Have you been drinking madam?" He enquired as his hand crept to his holo-watch.

"No!" Mei squeaked defensively. Aware that this man was 'normal' and she was not. "I'm here to enquire about a worker here?"

"The customer complaints desk is just down the hall" The man stated quickly, he pointed down the long hallway.

"It's not a complaint!" Mei protested.

"Then what on earth do you want!" The man demanded.

"TO SEE DANZEE!" Mei yelled back, the man jumped back in shock and looked worriedly at the teen before him.

"Danzee? You mean the janitor?" He asked in cautious, hushed tones.

This information hit Mei with a pang...her wonderful maid and friend had been forced to find a job as a janitor at one of the dirtiest stadiums in the galaxy.

"Yes" She replied confidently.

"Why?" The man asked in confusion.

"Just get her here, please?" Mei begged in exasperation.

"She's not here today, she's at home" The man said.

"Can I have her address?" Mei whispered.

The man obviously spotted something desperate in her eyes and so wrote Danzee's address onto a scrap piece of paper. Mei snatched it and bolted out to grab a hover taxi immediately.

The sound of the doorbell ringing reverberated around Mei's skull so loudly she felt like her head was going to burst open.

Then the door opened and there was Danzee; there were dark circles around her eyes and she'd lost all her curves, she looked bony, slight and most of all ill.

"Danzee?" Mei whispered in disbelief.

Danzee's large brown eyes (still so familiar and comforting to Mei) were stretched in shock, her mouth open in surprise.

"M...mistress?" She ventured.

"I'm not your mistress anymore Danzee" Mei choked out after a moment of silence.

"But..." Danzee grasped her forehead and leant against the door frame, a pang of worry shot through Mei as she realised Danzee really was not well.

"Wha...what're you doing here?" Danzee continued. Her forehead wrinkled in confusion.

At these words Mei felt horrified- Danzee wanted to be free of Mei and her troubles! What did she think she was doing? Invading/upsetting Danzee's new life. With these thoughts swimming around in her head Mei was silent; her eyes were watery and to her distaste she felt her bottom lip quivering; what right did she have to come and make Danzee feel guilty? To remind her of the pain and stress she'd suffered with Mei? For Danzee's sake the teen sniffed loudly and wiped her eyes quickly.

"J...just popping in" She replied stiffly before turning to leave.

"...Your hair's grown"

Mei turned to look at Danzee; it was true- Mei's hair was shoulder length now, somehow the back had caught up with the front and it was all equal. She often tied it up in a ponytail now because she just couldn't be bothered...and because she was used to it.

"It...has" She agreed. A ghost of a smile flickering over her face. "Your hairs shorter" The teen gestured at Danzee's now chin length brown hair.

"I missed you" Danzee suddenly blurted. The words tumbling out in a mess of emotion.

Mei's eyes widened and she stared at Danzee- who had just said what she'd been hoping for since she'd arrived upon Genesis.

"I know it sounds stupid..." Danzee muttered.

"I missed you too" Mei whimpered- she was worried she was going to break down into happy tears due to the pure exhilaration running through her.

"I really, really didn't want to leave but...your dad" Danzee stuttered and for the first time Mei saw someone as young and as innocent as she. The teen's expression darkened.

"What?" She asked, venom obvious in her tone- so clearly filled with anger towards her father. Mei didn't blame her father for her mother's death, or for her own descent into depression, but the thought of her father hurting the one woman who had been there for all it...was a true crime in Mei's eyes.

"I...Mei you're here now...can we not talk about it?"

Sensing the desperation in Danzee's voice, Mei nodded. Danzee smiled in return.

"Are you still playing football?" She asked.

Mei couldn't help but smile at the absurdity of the question.

"No...a lot changed since you left" She muttered.

"Tell me?" Danzee implored.

Mei nodded.

Once Mei had finished telling her story on Danzee's comfy couch the older woman had tears in her eyes.

"At least there was a reason for me to worry" She quipped.

"You shouldn't have did all you could for me" Mei reprimanded- trying to hide the pain she felt at knowing Danzee had been worrying.

"I couldn't help it" Danzee shrugged. "I literally worried myself sick" She tugged at her limp hair. Mei pulled her into a hug.

"What are you going to do now?" Danzee asked as she pulled out of the hug.

"I don't know...I'm not going back to Akillian or playing football ever again though" Mei shrugged.

Danzee was silent for a moment as she picked at the fraying cover on her sofa.

"Mei you know you're always welcome to stay with me..." She mumbled.

"Oh Danzee" Mei whimpered. "I couldn't possibly put so much bother on your..." Suddenly the teen burst into tears- all the incidents had come to head and had suddenly burst out of her in an emotional tidal wave.

"I want you to stay here, Mei. Because you're my friend" Danzee whispered as Mei's head hit her lap and she began stroking her hair.

The alarm shrieked loudly and awoke Mei with a start. Nowadays it was the alarm that awoke her- not horrible nightmares...Mei had been living with Danzee for up to four years now and slowly but surely all the hurt and pain had been soothed out of her, Mei felt it was like a deadly poison had been sucked out of her.

The years had been hard but they'd got better. Two weeks after Mei had left Akillian forever she'd received the news that her father had hanged himself. Mei was sad- she wasn't sad however at his death (and she felt immense guilt at this) no she was sad that her and her father had ended things on bad terms, she was sad that her father hadn't been strong enough and she was sad that her father hadn't had someone like Danzee to help him through the pain.

Mei stood up and padded to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She heard the chorus of: "Snowkids! Snowkids!" as she reached for her toothbrush. Pausing she turned to the window. She still sometimes missed the team and her friends.

The only person she was still in contact with was Tia who had informed her that she and Rocket were together but taking it slow. Tia admitted that it wasn't perfect and sometimes she wished it was easier but occasionally she'd get a glimpse of the old Rocket, her Rocket and she'd vowed to never give up.

Also, according to Tia: D'jok hadn't taken Mei's leaving well and looked moody and depressed a lot of the time, but apparently he had told Tia he wasn't going to try and find Mei...because he didn't want to go through anymore pain- this hit Mei in the heart; she was upset that she had made someone's life unhappy, especially someone who had meant so much to her at one point- but she knew that getting back together with D'jok wouldn't solve any of hers or his problems and would just hurt him more in the long run. But still...sometimes she longed for the times when she'd been able to fall into his arms, she missed those memories when things had been simple; but things weren't simple anymore and D'jok had hurt her...Mei shook her head shaking the upsetting thoughts -that would probably plague her the rest of her life- out of her head for the moment.

Still it was strange to think the Snowkids would be playing in the GF cup without her; but she was glad they'd gotten into the final 16 again.

The football craze had been going on in Genesis for two weeks the day the doorbell rang:

Danzee and Mei had just been watching the Lightnings vs The Wambas match (which surprisingly the Wamba's had won- though Mei had noted Warren had retired).

Danzee stood up and headed for the door and Mei smiled as she noted yet again that Danzee had filled out and was looking the picture of health nowadays- since Mei had started living with her.

Settling down Mei took a handful of popcorn from the bowl in front of her and popped one in her mouth, but she was interrupted by Danzee calling her name.

Standing up, Mei proceeded to pad to the door to join Danzee and then proceeded to gasp out loud when she saw...Sinedd.

Danzee quickly slipped away but not before giving Mei a comforting pat on the arm. Then she was gone and it was Mei and Sinedd standing opposite each other.

Sinedd's once youthful face looked older and more mature, but the fire within his onyx eyes was still there and there was still a definite sense of arrogance and cockiness surrounding him.

Mei stared at him confusion as he –at the same time- stared at her in wonder; Mei was plumper than the last time he'd seen her, her hair was shoulder length and wavy, and her skin had a natural glow to it- thought it was still pale and milky.

They stood in silence for a few minutes before Mei opened her mouth.


But Sinedd interrupted her. "You left" He mumbled. There was no accusation in his voice and not even a hint of sorrow but for some reason Mei felt the need to explain herself.

"I had to get away" She garbled.

"You ran away" Sinedd replied- his dark eyes penetrating deep into hers.

Mei couldn't look into those eyes- too many memories came flooding back; of the cold icy tarmac on Akillian.

"I'm...sorry" She whispered.

"I think I loved you"

Mei looked up in shock. Sinedd had said it so casually and Mei still couldn't read any semblance of hurt upon his face. It was a fact and he had stated it as so.

"I don't love you now...I'm sure of that...but it still kinda confused me when you left...I suppose, it hurt" Sinedd continued.

Mei blinked.

"I thought at the very least...we were friends" He explained.

"We were...are" Mei stuttered.

Sinedd looked down and let a disbelieving smirk slip onto his face. "We're friends are we? Just like that? After all these years?"

Mei didn't know how to reply- Sinedd had every right to be mad at her; she'd asked for advice and pestered him and weighed him down with her problems and he had helped, and in return she'd left. Mei felt tears welling in her eyes. Jeez she was crap at being grateful to people who'd helped her.


Mei looked up in confusion. She was shocked to see a little hope apparent upon Sinedd's face. Mei stared at him, startled.

" want to be friends with me?" She choked out.

"I've had four years to think this over" Sinedd replied dryly. "For some reason, yes, I do"

Mei swept her arms around one of the few people who could identify with her situation and this time...he didn't push her away- because they were friends.

And through this friendship Mei could see all was forgiven and that included her mother...who hadn't been the perfect mum in the world but in Mei's eyes had been the perfect mum for her...No more guilt Mei thought, squeezing her eyes shut...Mum's proud of me.

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