The sun had just appeared from the horizon by the time David started out for his family's flock of sheep, his hand carrying his walking stick.

The sheep were all huddled together inside a round gate, caging them all from escaping. And it was David's job, as a shepherd, to take the sheep out into the rich, grassy plains, so that the sheep will feast upon them.

It was a continuous ritual for David. Everyday, he would take the sheep out for them to eat, making sure no predators attack them, and, by nightfall, he would take them back inside the gate. He would count the sheep to see if no one had run away, and then afterward, he would go back to his home and rest, waiting for the next, same day to come.

David didn't mind doing all that work every single day. But he couldn't help the feeling of boredom. He wanted something different to happen in his life. Ever since a prophet, called Samuel, came in search of Israel's future king and picked David out of all of his older brothers, David was more ready for his time as a shepherd to come to an end. He was to be a king . . . over Israel! At first, he didn't understand how this could be true. He had no royal blood and he was only a boy. However, Samuel assured David that the Lord had a very special plan for him.

Even after waiting for almost a month or so, David continued to wait for the Lord's plan for him. But after his three oldest brothers went off to join King Saul's army, and his other brothers leaving home, David's doubt and impatience were beginning to grow inside of him. However, David would always pray for the Lord's patience as he endlessly went back to what he does best: shepherding.

David was just about to open the gate, to allow a passage to the sheep, when his father called for him. Obediently, David rushed to his father, who was standing by a cart filled with food.

"What is it, father," David asked him.

"David, I need you to do something for me," his father answered. David nodded for him to continue. "I have packed roasted grains, cheese, and bread into this cart. I need you to take them to the Israel's campsite and deliver them to your brothers. While you are there, see how your brothers are doing and bring me back news. Do you understand?"

"Yes, father," David said, trying not to show his excitement over going to the battlefield, where a battle will certainly be at.

"All right, David, be careful. May Yaweh be with you."

They both exchanged their farewells before David head off, leading a donkey that was carrying the food filled cart. As he journeyed on, David prayed for his safety if he arrives in the middle of a dangerous battle.