More than ten minutes had passed and David continued to pray. He asked the Lord for His strength, His guidance, and His presence. And, most of all, he prayed that his God will use him to aid His chosen people.

At last, the same, heavy vibrations of footsteps came upon him. Feeling that the time has come, David gripped his walking stick, stood up, and made his way back to the campsite. There, on the front line of the Philistines campsite, stood the mighty Goliath himself.

"I'm back," Goliath yelled in a song-like tone. "And I am still waiting for your chosen warrior! Who will step forward and fight me?"

Taking a deep breath and exhaling (in his attempt to steady himself), David boldly walked away from the Israelites and toward Goliath.

"David, what are you doing," a voice, who David clearly recognized as Eliab, called after him from behind.

"Come back," another voice, belonging to David's second oldest brother, Abinadab, called to him.

David ignored his brothers' voices as well as the other Israelites' voices, begging him to come back before he gets hurt. Instead, he continued on until he stopped at about forty yards from Goliath, gripping his walking stick with determination.

Goliath took one long look at David before bursting into laughter. "So this is Israel's chosen warrior to fight me? Ha! He's just a boy! A boy with a stick! Am I a dog you come at me with sticks?!" he added in a babyish voice, directed at David. All the Philistines behind Goliath laughed mockingly at David, along with their champion.

David did nothing. He did not allow all those words affect him. He could already feel already feel the Lord's strength and presence within him.

"You come at me with swords and spears," David shouted at Goliath and the Philistines, feeling no sign of fear at all. "But I come to you in the name of the Lord of Armies, the God of the army of Israel, whom you have insulted! Today, the Lord my God will hand you over to me and I will strike you down! So then the world will know that Israel has an existing God!" David raised his stick high in the air. "Then everyone here will know that the Lord can save without sword or spear, because He determines every battle's outcome! He will hand you and all of your people over to us right here, right know!" David finished by shoving his stick onto the ground and released it, making it stand on its own.

Silence spread throughout the land like a brisk of wind. No one moved or spoke. Not a sound was heard. All eyes were on David and Goliath, waiting. David remained silenced, waiting for Goliath to speak. He felt slightly nervous, but forced it to disappear.

Goliath's face was no longer gleefully and carefree as before. Instead, his face was covered by a deep frown, crossed eyebrows, and flaming eyes. "We will see who hands over whom," Goliath growled. "Now we fight!"

The Philistines cheered for their champion as he gripped his spear with both hands and positioned himself in attack mode, pointing the sharp end of the spear at David. The Israelites behind David didn't speak a word as David took out his sling and placed one of his smooth stone on it. He stepped back a step and started twirling his sling.

Goliath screamed in a battle cry before he charged after David. The Philistines cheered louder. The Israelites grew quieter.

David held his ground and continued swinging. He could feel his fear growing with every step Goliath made toward him. But David could feel the Lord's presence and His security and, with that, David willingly pushed all his fears away.

Finally, when Goliath had come dangerously close to David, David threw his swing hard and watched as the stone flew out of the sling and straight toward Goliath.

Just as Goliath pulled back his spear in an attempt to stab David, the stone bashed against Goliath's forehead, blood spattering around the stone. The giant man cried out in great pain and, all at once, he dropped the spear and fell flat on the ground, the land shaking at his downfall. Soon, his body lay still.

The Philistines stopped cheering, shock spreading on all of their faces. The Israelites again were silent, but their faces matched their enemies. Both sides waited to see if Goliath will arise or not.

David wordlessly walked up to the giant man and waited for a moment. He slightly kicked Goliath at first and, after seeing no response, he kicked harder.

At last, David walked forward to grab Goliath's sword and raised it above his head. This action showed a clear message to both sides: Goliath is dead and David had won. Israel has won and the Philistines are forced to surrender to them.

All the Israelites let out a huge cheer for David and his success. The Philistines, ironically, just stood silent, without any word to say. Their champion had been defeated by a boy and his God.

David raised the sword higher into the sky, praising the Lord for answering his prayers and for helping him defeat the tall and powerful champion. David smiled widely and whispered the only words he knew he will be saying for the rest of his life:

"Thank you, my Lord."