Hello again everyone! Thanks for the reviews on my last story.

Well, I planned on writing a story about Seto Kaiba, but for some reason I couldn't come up with anything good at the moment. After watching the latest battle between Paul and Ash, I knew I had to write a story about him. I'm not very familiar with the newer pokemon episodes, I'll always love the old ones. I really enjoy Paul's character though, so I hope you all enjoy.

Kanto Safari

Chapter 1 - "Journey To the Safari"

The tray of pokeballs with the yellow mouse pokemon sitting on top was handed to Ash, "Thanks, Blissey!"

"Bliss-blissey!" It smiled happily.

Pikachu jumped onto Ash's shoulder as he put his pokeballs back into his belt, Ash then turned around toward Brock and Dawn who were eyeing a poster on the wall of the pokemon center. What are they looking at over there?

Ash walked over to his friends, "Hey, guys. What are you looking at it?"

"Ash, you haven't checked this out yet? It looks like the Kanto region is hosting a three day Kanto Safari event." Brock explained.

"That's right," Nurse Joy said walking over to the group.

"You're Ash, right?"

Ash blinked and pointed to himself, "Uh, yeah, that's me."

Nurse Joy smiled, "I've heard a lot of good things about you from the other Nurse Joys in the Kanto region."

Brock began to spin in circles with little hearts dancing around his head, "Did they say anything good about me, Nurse Joy?"

She continued to smile, "The Kanto region is hosting the three day event because of the excess of pokemon that are now there. Trainers from all regions all welcome to sign up for a free trip over there for some pokemon catching fun!"

"Wow, really? That sounds great, I'd love to go back to Kanto for a few of days. What do you guys think?"

Dawn was unknowingly blocking out the other three people after noticing Paul walk into the pokemon center. What's he doing here? Dawn thought to herself, always frustrated over the fact that Paul worked his pokemon into the ground and rarely brings them to the center; Dawn watched as Paul took his pokemon to Blissey at the counter.

He really is healing is pokemon…


Dawn snapped out of it and shook her head side to side, "Huh? What?"

Brock laughed lightly, "Ash and I asked if you would want to sign up for the Kanto Safari trip."

Dawn stared at the two boys for a moment, "Oh, yeah. Yeah! That'd be great, we'll be able to see so many more pokemon!"

Paul overheard the annoying the voice of the girl with the blue hair from the counter, he looked over his shoulder.

"That's wonderful you've all decided to go, I think you will enjoy it. So, the sign up sheet is right here…" Nurse Joy trailed off as she handed them the chart with the sign up sheet on it.

"You're lucky you three came here, the train will leave for Kanto tomorrow morning. Make sure to rest up, and say hi to the Nurse Joy's over there for me." The pink haired woman smiled as she walked back to the pokemon center counter.

"Thanks, Nurse Joy!" Ash called to her.

Ash, Brock and Dawn wrote their names down and then began heading outside, Dawn was last to leave, but noticed Paul staring over from the counter. She looked back at him curiously, but he was not looking at her, he was staring at the Kanto Safari poster. Paul then directed his eyes onto Dawn, who was busy staring back at the purple haired boy.

"Hmph," he grunted as he turned around toward Blissey; Dawn's face turned into a frown and she growled as she walked out of the pokemon center. She met up with Ash and Brock outside, "Well, it's almost five now. We should probably get something to eat and decide on where we'll be staying tonight, the sign up sheet said the train will be leaving from Eterna station at five pm in the-"

"Five in the morning!?" Ash shouted, "I knew Nurse Joy said it was early, but five o'clock!?"

"You'll be sleeping on the train anyway, Ash." Dawn joked.

"Ash will sleep anywhere that early in the morning."

"Yeah, yeah." Ash said waving his hand back and forth at this friends.

"Let's go get something to eat, I'm starving." Dawn said rubbing her stomache, and the group walked down the road to the closest inn

Later that night, Dawn was tossing in bed; even though she felt tired, she couldn't manage to fall asleep. She looked over at Ash and Brock sound asleep in their beds, she let out a sigh and turned onto her other side facing away from them. A few seconds later she turned onto her back, Dawn ran her fingers through her hair and scratched her head.

Am I ever going to be able to get a good sleep?

The alarm went off at 4:30 am, it was too early, even for Dawn. It felt like she had just fallen asleep when the annoying buzzing sound began going off, she put her pillow over her head and assumed one of the boys would turn it off. Brock moaned and turned over to turn the clock off, he stretched and yawned then looked over at Ash. The black haired trainer was cuddling Pikachu, the yellow mouse was trying to break free of Ash's grasp who seemed to be dreaming in his deep sleep despite the alarm clock going off.

"Come on, guys. It's time to wake up, we'll be late if we don't leave soon." Brock said gathering his belongings. Dawn finally pulled the pillow off of her head, her hair was frizzy and she still looked extremely sleepy; Brock went into the washroom, Dawn looked over at Ash and yawned.

"Come on, Ash," she began as she shook his shoulder gently. "We need to get ready and get going, we'll miss our train."

Ash grumbled to himself and woke up, he rubbed his eyes and looked at Dawn, then looked at the time and groaned.

"Aww, it's so early."

Brock came out of the washroom, "It is, but we have to get going. The faster you get up the faster we'll get to the train and you can sleep all you want."

Ash and Dawn reluctantly got out of bed and readied themselves to leave, Ash fell asleep standing up, but Dawn managed to shake him awake again. The three trainers walked out of their room and out of the inn, it was still early and the sun was not up yet. Ash, Brock and Dawn made their way down the dimly lit streets until they reached the train station; Brock saw a large poster with the same Kanto Safari picture on it from the pokemon center, there were two men dressed in green with the words "Kanto" written on their arm bands. Ash looked ahead towards where Brock was looking at, there were a handful of trainers boarding the train; Ash didn't recognize any of them, and probably still wouldn't have if he did know any in his current tired state.

The three trainers walked up to the men who were letting the trainers through onto the train, "Names?"

"Brock, Dawn, and Ash," Brock said speaking up.

The one man looked over his chart then looked back at the trio, "Alright, you're clear to go. Enjoy your trip to Kanto."

Hearing the name of his home region made Ash perk up a bit, the three walked on board and the small train was nicely decorated and had a clean feel to it. There were trainers that filled up most of the seats, "We had better find a spot quick you two, or we probably won't be able to sit together."

Ash scanned the area and saw up ahead there were four open seats, "There!" Ash shouted as he darted towards his destination while barreling through Dawn, Brock and the other trainers in the isle. Pikachu held onto Ash's shoulder as he dove into the seat against the window, he let out a sigh of relief, "Now I can sleep." Ash said stretching.

Brock and Dawn made their way toward the trainer and looked at the open seats Ash was surrounded by then sat down; Dawn sat across from Brock and Ash hoping no one else would take the open seat beside her so she could lay down to sleep.

"Brock, what time is it now?" She asked.

"4:50, this is going to be an all day ride, Dawn. You had better get some rest."

Dawn nodded and kept her fingers crossed in her mind that no one else was going to take the seat; after a few more minutes had gone by Dawn was about to take off her backpack and use it as a pillow, then stopped. Walking down the isle with hands in his pocket, was Paul.

Ugh, no! If he sits here…

Dawn looked down at the rest of the seats she could see in front of her, they were all taken by other trainers. Dawn gulped as Paul neared her and her friend's, she looked straight at Paul when he stopped a few steps in front of her. Ash noticed Dawn was staring in the other direction of him and Brock, "Is something wrong, Dawn? It- huh? Paul?"

Brock looked over to his side as Paul looked at the group of three trainers, a low growl was heard in his throat, but he managed to get out words he thought he would never say to this group.

"Is this seat taken?"

The trio stared at the purple haired trainer, Brock then spoke up, "Well, no. I guess this must be one of the last seats, you're welcome to sit down."

Paul grunted and he stepped over the feet of Dawn and Brock, the free space was a window seat; Paul was left wondering why Dawn had not taken it. Sitting down in his seat Paul slumped down with his backpack in front of him, he caught Ash staring at him, "What are you looking at?" Paul said sternly.

Ash was too tired to respond, and instead looked away from the grumpy trainer and rested his head on his hand as he tried to fall asleep. There was a long awkward silence, Dawn was holding onto to her backpack fiddling with the straps while Brock pulled out a pokemon breeding book; before looking inside, the breeder decided to ask Paul why he was here instead of continuing through the gyms in Sinnoh.

"So, Paul, have you come to see a little bit of Kanto and capture a few pokemon? It really is a great region."

Paul looked over at the pokemon breeder, Brock noticed Paul also was tired; the purple haired trainer's eyes were half open and facial expression was identical to Ash's earlier this morning.

"A few pokemon? I wouldn't go all of the way out to Kanto to only capture a few pokemon. I'm here to capture the strongest Kanto's safari zone has to offer, that's it."

There was another long silence, but Brock managed to give a little smile and nod as he began to read through his book; Dawn had been watching the tired trainer's movements and bickering between him and her two friends.

He does seem grumpier than usual…

Paul stared at the floor, then placed his backpack underneath his feet; he laid back into his seat and tried to avoid looking at Brock and Ash sitting across from him. Pikachu was looking out the window as Ash began to snore lightly, it was inevitable for the Kanto trainer to fall asleep.

Dawn admired the clean cut look to the train, and felt cheerful to be on a small new journey with her friends, even if Paul's gumpy attitude would get in the way for the beginning of the trip. Though the train was packed with other pokemon trainers, it was quiet for the amount of people who were on board; it was now 5am, and Dawn could see that most people on the train were not early birds.

Dawn shifted in her seat a few times to get comfortable, she must have slept wrong, her back and neck felt sore; Paul was getting more agitated from Dawn's constant movement, "Will you stop already?"

The train was so quiet that it seemed Paul had yelled at her, and it caught some of the other trainers attention; Dawn was not in the mood to argue with him at this hour, but she wasn't about to be bossed around.

"Well excuse me, your highness! I need to get comfortable."

Paul stared into blue eyes of the other trainer for a moment, then crossed his arms and changed his gaze to out the window.

"Annoying girl," he muttered.

Dawn set her backpack down underneath her as the train began to move, she leaned ahead a little bit to get a good view out of the window; Paul looked back over his shoulder, their eyes both shot daggers at each other and Dawn grumbled to herself and decided to sit back down in her seat. The calm and smooth movement from the train began to make Dawn feel tired, she could feel her eyes getting heavier, her head fell forward but she snapped out of her state to pull herself back up. Her eyelids began to fall, and she had forgotten that Paul was ever sitting beside her, everything began to get darker.

Afer seeing the same sights as he would walking around in Sinnoh, Paul sat back in his seat and stared forward down the isle; he himself also felt exhausted, he remained keeping his arms crossed until he began to lose consiousness. Paul's arms slowly unraveled themselves and then rested on his lap, Paul had immediately fallen into a deep sleep and was slightly leaning to Dawn's side. Dawn's head dropped forward as she also fell asleep, and as the train gently took a corner her body was pushed up against Paul's.

Awake, Dawn would have pulled away from the purple haired boy immediately, but both trainers were fast asleep; Dawn's head now rested on Paul's shoulder while Paul leaned his head over Dawn's.

Brock saw the two trainers leaning against each other, he chuckled to himself and turned the page in his book; seeing as how Brock was the only one in their group of four awake, he decided that he would leave the two trainers be in hopes of seeing some fireworks when either one woke up.

The train remained silent with a few bumps here and there, Dawn felt a warm feeling come over her, she had not been sleeping well the previous nights and now she was able to somehow sleep peacefully, but why now? A small bump woke Dawn, and she slowly opened her eyes for a second and looked down, she could see the dark blue sleeves of someone, but was half asleep and did not bother to think anything of it. She felt content, and she again closed her eyes and unknowingly snuggled against Paul's shoulder; Paul's eyes twitched in his sleep from the movement, but he did not wake up.

Morning went by quickly, and it was now into the afternoon; the sun was shining brightly through most of the non-covered windows, and most trainers on the train were beginning to wake up. Brock had been dozing off with his book in front of him and Pikachu had been sleeping in Ash's lap, though Ash was snoring loudly it did not seem to bother the other three trainers throughout the morning.

The sunlight beaming in from the window hit Dawn's face, she held her eyes shut tight but had no other choice but to adjust herself; Dawn moved her head underneath Paul's to face away from the sun, this stirred him in his sleep and he awoke. Paul remembered he was on the train to Kanto, and that he was also sitting with Ash and his annoying friends; he felt warmth underneath him and he lifted his head and looked down. Paul blinked and was shocked to see Dawn laying on his shoulder, his eyes then narrowed and he shoved the girl off of him. Dawn quickly snapped awake, she looked at Paul as he opened his mouth, "Stay on your own side."

His words were so cold, Dawn rubbed her arm trying to remember what happened and why Paul was even mad at her. Was she really on his side of the seat? Brock looked over at the startled girl, "Dawn, you were so tired this morning you fell asleep on Paul's shoulder. You too, Paul. You guys have been sleeping against each other all morning."

Both trainers raised their eyebrows while their mouths dropped open, they had shocked expressions across their faces, "What?" Paul said sternly.

"You both looked exhausted, the good thing is is that you now have gotten some needed rest, right?"

Paul and Dawn glanced at each other, then looked away, "Hmph," Dawn growled as she too crossed her arms and legs.

The chatter grew louder inside the train as the hours in the afternoon went by, Ash awoke for a few minutes and attempted to chat with his friends, but ended up falling back asleep; Dawn had been reading a magazine she pulled out of her backpack, she still couldn't get over Paul's attitude from earlier. That warm feeling though, was sleeping against Paul the cause of it?


Dawn thought to herself as she viciously flicked through another page, I was just tired, that's all.

During the afternoon, Paul had been comparing his pokemon to each other, but he was now resting his head on his hand as he began to doze off again; Dawn noticed Paul's head fall forward from the corner of her eye, she looked over at the trainer. Paul couldn't keep himself awake, and like Dawn earlier, was drifting in and out of conciousness in his seat; Dawn giggled to herself and she watched him snap himself awake a few more times.

Paul finally drifted off into slumber and Dawn watched him rest peacefully, she then shook her head back and forth and stared back down at her magazine.

What am I looking at him for?

Dawn flipped through a couple more pages, even though she wasn't reading them; the train took another turn on the tracks and Paul's body was now up against Dawn's. She held her breath for a few seconds, then looked down at the sleeping boy; it was not in Dawn's heart to shove him off so easily like Paul had done to her earlier, she couldn't make a decision on whether or not to leave him like he was or wake him up.

Leave him like this? Why would I even…

Dawn then shook him gently and used her shoulder to move Paul back onto his own side, Paul's eyes fluttered open; Brock and Dawn were both staring at him, he cleared his throat and then rested his head on his hand again and drifted back to sleep.

Dawn let out a long and quiet sigh, Brock hid a smile that would have went across his face and went back to reading his book, he was almost done and soon the sun would be going down.

The train went dark again, and all trainers were now awake and eating; Paul stayed in his corner while eating trying to ignore the others by staring down at his plate. Ash, Brock and Dawn joked around as everyone seemed to be in a better and more awake mood; Paul was asked by the others if he wanted to join in the conversation, but he simply continued to ignore them.

After a long day of sitting, the train finally reached their destination in Kanto; the chatter on the train grew louder as it came to a stop, everyone was excited to get off and stretch their legs.

"We're here!" Ash shouted, Pikachu was bouncing up and down in his lap, it too was happy to be back in Kanto.

The trio put their belongings away and rose up out of their seats, and one by one each trainer was being let off; Paul bumped his way through Brock, Dawn and Ash to get ahead of them in line.

Brock followed behind the purple haired trainer as their turn to get off neared, Ash and Dawn walked slowly behind him.

"You're going to love it here, Dawn." Ash said.

She smiled as she walked, she noticed Paul looking out the window; it was now dark outside, and there was a feeling of excitement in the air. As they reached the exit, it was Dawn's turn to step off, and she tripped suddenly between the train and the gap to the ground, "Wahhh!"

Dawn fell forward knocking into Brock, who got knocked into Paul; all three fell forward and Ash was left scratching his head, slightly amused that he was not the clumsy one for once. Paul coughed, Brock was laying on top of him with Dawn laying on top of Brock; Paul shot Dawn a dirty look, a hand then reached down in front of his face and Paul turned his head.

"Welcome to the Kanto Safari Zone!"