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Kanto Safari

Chapter 8 - "In My Arms"

Dawn turned the doorknob, she took a moment before pushing the door open; when she walked inside the room she could see Torterra sleeping near Paul. The purple haired trainer was asleep as well, and the sounds of small beeps were heard; Paul was all bandaged up and looked a lot better than he did the last couple of days. They had definitely been through a lot, and Dawn didn't want to wake him, so she turned back around and was about to close the door when she heard a voice.

"You can come in, you know."

Dawn turned around, Paul's eyes were now open looking directly at her. Dawn raised a hand to her face, "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you."

"Are you coming in or not?" Paul's voice had gone back to it's strong, cold tone.

Dawn looked at the door handle, then back at Paul, "Um, yeah. I'll come in."

She closed the door gently and walked up to Paul's bed, there was a long silence between the two of them. "How are you feeling now?" she asked.

Paul looked out the window, "Better, and as soon as I get out of here I'm heading back to Eterna City."

Dawn looked at the floor, "Oh…"

Paul continued to stare out the window, purposely trying to ignore her sad face. Dawn pulled up a chair and sat beside Paul's bed; he finally turned his head towards her, "Aren't you going to be heading back with your friends now?"

Dawn rubbed her arm up and down, "Well, yeah. But like I said before…" she trailed off.

"The offer is always open for you to join us."

Paul grunted and turned away, Dawn squeezed the sheets in her hand.

Was now the time to tell him?

"Paul, I…"

He didn't hear the girl continue, Paul then turned to face her and they both locked eyes. Dawn didn't need to say anything anymore, the moment they shared explained it all.

Would it really work between us?

Dawn opened her mouth, "I… wish you good luck on your journey."

She then turned around and ran out the door, droplets of tears trickled underneath the room light as she left. Paul sat up in his bed, "Hey!"

The door slammed, Torterra woke up and was now looking over at Paul. The purple haired trainer looked down at his bed, "Torterra," it put his eyes on his pokemon, "What? She can go if she wants to."

"Tor..terra," it came up and nudged Paul's hand.

"Stop it," Paul ordered.

He leaned back in his bed and stared up at the ceiling, Paul's heart had been feeling different ever since he arrived to the safari zone. Now that he had gotten a chance to rest, that feeling started to grow and Paul's heart was beginning to ache. He had never felt anything so emotionally strong before, Paul was beginning to realize that letting Dawn walk away wasn't the right decision, but did he really want to go after her?

She's an annoying girl, and so are her friends.

Lies, Paul's heart knew that wasn't true, no matter what he said to himself. For the rest of the night, Paul laid in his bed contemplating; a nurse came into the room, Paul wanted to get out and continue on his journey already. So, to make things less awkward if Dawn were to come in again to say goodbye in the morning, Paul demanded that he be released. The nurse was finally convinced into letting him go, and later in the evening Paul was dressed and packed ready to go. His arm was in a sling, and he occasionally felt dizzy; but that night Paul made the long walk down the hallways of the hospital, and with a determined look he set back on his journey in Sinnoh.


Ash, Brock and Dawn decided to stay overnight in the hospital lobby before heading back to Eterna City, it was 8am; the next train to Sinnoh was leaving at 8:30. The next one wouldn't be leaving until 1:30, so the three trainers hurried to the train station of Fuschia. Dawn had not forgotten her last encounter with Paul, she felt like she had chickened out; but if Paul wanted to pursue anything further he would have went after Dawn.

He is pretty stubborn though…

"Dawn? Are you alright?" Ash asked as they walked onto the train."

Yeah, Dawn. Just let us know if anything is wrong, you've seemed a little out of it since we go out of the safari zone."

"I'm fine," Dawn gave a fake smile as she got onto the train, her arms wrapped around her.

She sat next to the window this time and rested her head on her hand, Dawn watched as the last number of people got ono the train; none of them the purple haired trainer she was hoping for. It was a long train ride back to Eterna, but everything seemed to go by quickly in Dawn's mind; she spent most of her time day dreaming while looking out the window. It was now evening, and the train had just entered Eterna City.

"Finally," Ash said adjusting himself in his seat.

It was raining in the city, Dawn saw a couple walking underneath their umbrella together; as they arrived at the Eterna train station Dawn finally began to break down after holding it in all day. Her eyes started to water and her heart felt broken, Dawn rushed to get ahead of Ash and Brock in hopes that the rain would cover her tears.

"Whoa! Settle down, Dawn. What's the rush?" Brock asked as the girl hurried down the isle in front of them.

Ash put his hands over his head, "She just wants to stretch her legs probably."

Dawn stepped off of the train, her legs almost buckled when she saw the soaked trainer she had been hoping to see standing in front of her. Dawn quickly attempted to wipe away her tears, the rain was pouring down hard; Paul immediately walked up to her. He raised his hand and wiped the tears away for her, Dawn began to blush when he gently put his hand on her face.

"Paul, I-I…" Dawn stuttered.

Paul lowered his arm and set it on Dawn's waist, and after a few more moments of staring into each other's eyes, Paul leaned in slowly and placed his lips on hers. Rain continued to fall, and both trainers were now soaking wet; it could have been a snowstorm, but all that mattered to the two of them was that they were sharing this moment together. Paul began to feel Dawn shaking, so he deepened the kiss and pulled her in close with his good arm.

Dawn had butterflies all over her stomache, she pulled away from Paul slightly and looked up at him, "You were hiding something all along," she whispered.

Paul smirked and leaned his forehead against Dawn's, she nuzzled her head into his. Brock and Ash stepped off of the train, only to notice that the two trainers were being close with each other. Brock smiled, he wasn't surprised; Ash's mouth mouth hung open, not knowing what to make of the situation.


Dawn turned her head and looked at the both of them, she blushed and began twirling her hair as she turned her attention to the ground. Paul gave Ash a cold stare, "Paul," Ash said, gritting his teeth.

"Now hold on, Ash." Brock said holding out his arm in front of the boy. "Something went on in the safari zone of Kanto, don't you see that they both care for each other?"

Paul grunted and turned his head away, he still didn't like hearing any mushy speeches, especially those coming from Dawn's friends. Dawn looked back up at Paul, he put his eyes back on the girl with her two friends in the background.

"Are you going to join us now?" she asked, looking at him with hopeful eyes.

"If you're going to learn about the world of pokemon," Paul began, glancing at Ash and Brock."It's best if you train underneath me."

It wasn't specific on their relationship, but it's all Dawn wanted to hear. Brock stepped up to the both of them, "Come on, you two. Let's find some shelter and a bite to eat."

Brock began to walk off into the city's direction, Ash walked up near Paul and Dawn; he stared at Paul for a moment, and for once they both nodded respectively at each other.

"Let's go," Paul said gently pulling Dawn into the direction of Ash and Brock.

Dawn couldn't stop smiling, it was an amazing feeling. She held on tight to Paul's arm as they tried to stay underneath the closest shelter as they continued walking down the streets.

Paul had finally let blue haired girl into his heart, though it had to take some life threatening situations, the end result in both of their minds was rewarding. The droplets of rain covered the silence between the two of them, Dawn then leaned in and kissed Paul gently on the cheek. The biggest shade of red covered the trainer's face, and before reaching Brock's restaurant destination in Eterna City, Paul kept his smile on for all to see.