This was written after reading an article about the fashion choices made in the newest Star Trek movie. In this article the designer comments on a cut scene that involved Sarek riding up on a motorcycle and rescuing Amanda (after she's just left her house and seen the drill). After reading i figured if Sarek can have a motorcycle why the hale can't Spock?! It's only logical :P

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" You own a hoverbike?" She asked with disbelief. She'd figured they'd be taking a cross-town shuttle when he asked her to meet him under the largest poplar tree on campus near the Omega block.

Instead he'd taken her to a storage facility near by and opened the small garage locker they now stood in. Spock cocked an eyebrow at her as he continued to check that the systems of the machine were still functioning optimally.

" Why?" she gaped spreading her arms slightly. She felt like she was in some surreal world, guys like Jim Kirk rode hoverbikes, not Spock, Commander no – Professor –Vulcan – Spock.

" I would have thought such a machine's purpose for transportation would have been abundantly clear to you Cadet-"

" Nyota. We're not in class and we're going off campus, there's no need for rank," She leveled a glare at him, she wasn't about to go to an event that was sure to be one of the highlights of her life if he was going to insist on being a wet blanket chaperone.

" Nyota," he acquiesced with an incline of his head, handing her one sleek, shiny black helmet and taking up the other for himself.

" You didn't answer my question. Why do you have hoverbike? And don't tell me for transportation purposes because you don't go off campus that much." She set the hand that wasn't holding the helmet into her hip firmly.

Spock slung one long leg over the machine to straddle it, the close fitting pants and strange leather-hide jacket he wore now made more sense as well. No wonder he'd requested she wear pants for this excursion, she'd just thought maybe he was tired of seeing so much skin all the time from the female cadet uniform

" When I accepted my position as a Starfleet cadet, my mother purchased this hoverbike for me as a gift. She encouraged me to explore Terra with it." He said looking at her with something challenging in his eyes, like he always did when she asked something particularly unexpected to him. He paused looking down contemplating if he should add what was really on his mind; " I had also been loath to leave my previous craft behind on Vulcan." He turned and pressed his palm to the console before him causing the sleeping beast to come to life humming in a clean and efficient manner as it rose away from the ground a hands width.

" You drove a hoverbike on Vulcan?" she was still reeling. It was an overload of information and the images and situations -of Spock being a rebel with the wind blowing in his usually so orderly hair- popping into her mind via one overactive imagination was not helping.

" Yes, although it was of a Vulcan design the mechanics of the vehicle were very much the same." He seemed to be getting a bit exasperated with her disbelief although his tone betrayed nothing to that conclusion, " We must depart shortly, mount the passenger seat," he indicated to the slightly raised portion of leather behind him. Uhura raised an eyebrow at him telling her the Vulcan equivalent of "Hop on!", but did as he said and eased in behind him as he slipped his helmet carefully over his ears. Going to do the same, she paused and sighed heavily, reaching around to dump her helmet in his lap.

"Hold this for a second," she then carefully began rearranging her hair from its customary high ponytail into one that was loose and clasped at her neck instead. Then she took her helmet back, feeling Spock tense minutely and smiled a bit before pulling the snug black cushioned plastic over her own head.

" Okay," She said unsure of what to do next, without turning Spock continued to fiddle with the controls.

" Situate your legs onto the supports behind mine," His voice was clear enough, she figured he had some sort of communication link between the helmets, and she did as he said slipping her feet into the wells for them that pressed her close behind him, her legs bracketing his. She worked to breathe evenly trying to think of the serious matter that was her education and Starfleet and the federation and then wrapped her arms gingerly around his abdomen.

" You have to hold on tighter, Nyota. A secure grip is all that is keeping you anchored." His voice was so calm, unaffected, Uhura made a face and pulled in even tighter. The heat from his body was starting to seep through the combined layers of their clothing and the bike was vibrating minutely under them. She desperately tried to picture Klingons in her head, their food, their language, their teeth–

Spock positioned her hands so she had an optimal grip on her own forearms, his warm fingers gentle and diligent. All too soon his hands were gone and he'd hit another button that pulled them off of the ground significantly. Uhura swallowed a frightened noise that threatened to break out of her chest.

" The ride will be substantial in length. Strain to your neck and shoulders is expected, to lessen the effects pull your hips in and if the stress becomes undue you may rest your head on my person." He said over the electric revving of the motor.

" A-alright," Klingons weren't working anymore, nothing was working anymore, her heart was pounding, he was sure to feel it.

" Do not be afraid," he turned his head slightly, but not enough for her to actually see his visor. And then he cranked one leg and twisted something and they were streaking out of the garage and into the air.

Uhura let out gasp and reflexively held on tighter her eyes squeezed shut her head pressed to his shoulder. There was the sensation of falling and then a gentle bump of air pushing them up and they were gliding forward smoothly if not violently fast.

When she opened her eyes the world was a blur, her hair occasionally whipping around for her to see. She imagined what they must look like, weaving around the slow moving shuttles as they left campus, a humming black blur, her hair streaking out behind them.

Getting used to the sensation of moving so fast she began to appreciate the experience; Spock's lightning fast reflexes pulling them safely around corners and between other vehicles like a flitting butterfly. Uhura laughed joyfully and bit her lips.

" Hey, Spock?" She asked tentatively when they were at an open stretch of road.

" Yes?" he sounded as he always did, like she'd just knocked on his office door and interrupted his marking yet again.

" We have to do this again," She said confidently not expecting any reply.

" While the Conference will only occur annually, I can only assume you mean the traveling experience." He paused for a long time and she sighed a bit disappointedly at his response. She didn't know what she was expecting, a confirmation that this was as enjoyable for him as it is for her, or something…

" There is always the return trip." He spoke softly, a tone lurking around the edges of his words that revealed a teasing edge; one she'd only ever heard when he addressed her. She grinned and rested her head on his shoulder again. Most definitely the best conference she'd ever been to.