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Chapter 3

Voices, painful, worried, annoyingly loud voices echoed in the deep abyss of his mind. Some sounded vaguely familiar, others were new to him. The desperate shouts became louder, and clearer, by the moment and soon he could understand what they were all saying. Didn't help the fact that they were still being too loud.

"When will he wake?"

The voice was gruff, firm but had an underlying hint of protectiveness and definitely uncertainty. The booming voice hurt his aching head and was probably the reason why he felt so close to waking up. A much softer feminine voice replied, giving the gruff voice an answer.

"Soon, it was lucky he didn't lose so much blood. I think it was a good idea to give SOLDIERs some sort of first aid training."

He was hurt? He didn't feel any aches or pains in his body except for his head... then again, his body felt numb and heavy. The thick blanket, was it a blanket? That covered his body felt like a sheet of thick metal molding to his shape and pinning him down to the bed. He... he could feel something light and soft in his hand, a familiar feeling clasping around his small heavy hand, tightening every so often.

"Any signs of rape?" A lighter voice asked, still firm and had the same hint of protectiveness and uneasiness. It sounded familiar as well, caring and belonged to someone that was close to him.

The hand tightened again, this time for longer, thumb pad stroking over his knuckles. The touch was soothing, a gentle warmth gathering his painful headache and easing it away into a dazed haze. He felt sleepy, on the verge of his deep unconsciousness and full awareness.

"There are no signs except for the torn clothing, we're going to..."

The voices faded away again, the haze enveloping his mind. His body felt light, so close to losing all feeling. He tried to keep hold of the hand, tightening his grasp in a small twitch, but it was all hopeless as he lost all consciousness.

Zack stayed by Cloud's bedside the entire night, right through to the morning. Angeal had popped in before he had gone to sleep in their dorm and early that morning Genesis had brought a cup of coffee for the young SOLDIER and stayed to keep him company. Zack had been determined to be with the blond when he first woke up, to apologize to him for everything that had happened.

The dark haired SOLDIER didn't know what had happened, but when he heard Angeal say sorry to him, it struck something within him. Like a pair of scissors cutting the cord that finally releasing that long time built up ignorance to say sorry. Zack didn't sleep that night, angry at himself for doing something so stupid that brought the relationship close to its knees.

"That's a bit of deep thinking puppy." Genesis murmured, slightly concerned about the deep expression on his lover's face. He rarely saw an expression so confused or so guilt ridden on the young first class' smooth usually grinning face. How long has it been since he's seen his puppy smile?

"I..." Zack murmured, looking up with sad eyes at the blond. Small twitches, every small detail, chest rising and falling... Zack held onto those small details of his unconscious. Counting every second he remained oblivious to the world.

"Cloud's like this because of us...?" He asked quietly. He turned his head to his auburn lover, eyes holding tightly onto unshed tears, spikes drooping, tail barely moving, and ears flat against his skull. Poor kid is in a sorry state...

"No little one, Cloud's in this state because someone was too selfish. We should not feel guilty for someone else's sins."


"Genesis is right puppy." Both members looked up, genesis smiling as Angeal stepped towards Zack and ruffled the slightly greasy spikes. Angeal made a vow that as soon as the four of them were back at the apartment he was gonna fill them up and force them to have a shower. "Guilt is a tricky emotion to conquer, often feeling guilty for nothing. You're still young puppy; it takes everyone awhile to understand what and what not to feel guilty about."

Zack smiled, though weak it was genuine, something all lovers had missed. There was a small whine, and then a whimper and the three of them turned their attention to the cause.

Cloud writhed on the bed, whimpering and trying wake up. His mind was hazy, hearing not brilliant but he could sense his lovers. He can hear them. But his eye lids were heavy, making waking up all that more difficult.

"Spiky? Hey baby can you hear me?" Of course I can hear you! Cloud wanted to scream but his lips remained in a lock. He wanted to comfort his lovers with his voice, his eyes they always claimed to be like watching waves rolling on a crystal white beach. Cloud tried so hard to open his eyes, but he couldn't. He tried to push his numb words past his lips, but they just came as groans.

"I'm taking that as a good sign." Cloud grunted when he heard Angeal's gruff voice, earning a small chuckle from his lover's.

"Yeah, he can hear us. Hey spike, wake up." The blonde would if he could, his cat ears flipped backwards has a pain rushed through his body, and the blinding light invaded his sight. It faded though, into three sets of Mako eyes. "Cloud?"

"What..?" Cloud asked his heavy eyes and numb lips slowly disappearing, his strength returning to his weak muscles.

"You've been unconscious," Angeal stated softly, smiling as the blond nuzzled Zack's hand. Both Uke's tails wagged enthusiastically and ears perked up. It was good to see them all smiling again. "Someone attacked you and attempted..."

"To sexually assault you." Genesis picked up, his voice tinged with anger pointed towards the offender. "It was lucky I, Reno and Sephiroth were walking past."

"Is that fucker in custody?" Zack growled, his tail stilled and ears peeking high.

"Yes, Sephiroth is dealing with him." Zack nodded and turned to look at the blond, smiling reassuringly at the slightly confused look. Sephiroth couldn't stand someone attacking someone else for pure entertainment or for selfish reasons; nobody understood but didn't question it. Zack usually claimed it to be a mother instinct which would usually result in laughter and a pissed off general on his heels.

"When Can I Leave?" Cloud asked, his voice quiet, filled with exhaustion but some small amount of joy hinted. He was tired, but thankful to see all his lovers together again. Their problems could be sorted out later; right now it was all about them.

"Soon, Cloudy, soon."

Everything is going to be alright…

A few days passed and Cloud was back on his feet, chasing Zack around the apartment as the older Uke held an embarrassing photo of him asleep. Genesis smirked as he watched from his position on the sofa in his hand, as usual, was a book.

The pair jump over the chairs and tables, Zack's agility due to the Mako made it difficult for the blond to catch him, making the younger Uke to result to his personal knowledge and training as he missed Zack by millimeters.

Angeal lent against the doorway to the kitchen, arms folded over his chest, legs crossed as he watched Zack laugh loudly and Cloud become annoyed by the minute. His eyes locked with Genesis', who just shrugged but continued to smirk.

The scars of the past week and a half had faded and their relationship was back to a more usual routine. Zack and Angeal taught him his sword skills while Genesis helped the Uke with his assignments, helping him catch up with the lessons he had missed.

The Medic, who refused to help Cloud had been reprimanded, demoted and had his wages cut by half. Sephiroth had explained that all of his men were equal, and that a medic shouldn't be aiding in the hospital, when his job was on the field.

The cadet, who had attacked Cloud out of rage, had been forced to leave the program. The look on Sephiroth's face when Cloud and Genesis attended the meeting was scary enough even Reno had kept quiet through it all, only answering when being asked questions. Zack continued to call it motherly instinct, just grinning when the look was directed at him.

Zack fair was made of Steel when it came Sephiroth's glares.

"Cloud, you should be resting." Angeal told firmly, watching the blond almost trip over as he looked up at Angeal. "And Zack give me the photo."

The young Uke pouted, handing the photo over and grumbling as he stalked away and sat on the empty corner of the sofa. Angeal smiled softly as he ripped the photo up for Cloud's amusement. The blond smiled and kissed his older Dom on the cheek, leaping onto the sofa snuggling up against Genesis. Cloud was too content to notice anything as Genesis turn his head to watched Angeal lean close to Zack's ear and whisper.

"I want copies."

Zack grinned, stuff SOLDIER pride, he's planned to live a life as a True hero!

…Starting with getting those copies for Angeal.


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