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This story is going to be OOC, so if you can't handle Rosalie as anything but an uber-bitch? This is not the story for you. I feel like she gets a bad rap! No one is just a bitch all the time. This story is my attempt to show another side to her character.

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If you aren't hung up on SMeyers exact portrayal, give this story a chance.

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Jimmy is in My Corner and on My Feet

I stood in front of the mirror in the third floor girls bathroom mirror, carefully re-applying my blood-red lipstick and gloss. It was still relatively early in the day, but there is no such thing as having your makeup too perfectly applied. It's probably a good thing that there are so many bathrooms in this building, I thought to myself, The last thing I need now is-

The door swung open abruptly, jarring me out of my Dior-induced thought bubble. Who was disturbing my alone time? The communion between a model and her war paint is a sacred thing, and should never be treated lightly. I glanced away from the reflection of my own face to see two familiar faces gawking back at me. Great. Just what I needed. Resident twin pains in my ass, Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory. My cursory glance hardened into a glare when I realized they were still staring.

"Do you need something? Possibly … a lesson on how staring is classless and uncouth?" The words were innocent enough, but the venom behind it was enough to start both girls blinking and looking everywhere in the small room except at me. I rolled my eyes to myself, watching them fumble under my "wrath". Seriously, were the two of them sharing a brain? What exactly did they think I was going to do to them? I chuckled darkly as they scurried into the handicapped stall together at the opposite end of the bathroom from me. As I stood there, in the now-silent bathroom, I retouched the carbon black eyeliner that made my blue eyes shine just a tad brighter against my pale complexion. Just as I was silently debating a re-touch of blush, Jessica and Lauren began talking. About me. Clearly, their goldfish-sized memory spans had already managed to forget I was still. In. The. Fucking. Room.

"Forget her. She's a bitch," said Lauren. Her petulant voice unmistakable as it reverberated off of the high bathroom ceiling.

"Yeah" came Jessica's shaky reply. "She just thinks she's so much better than everyone else."

"Like totally. Ohmigod-" But Lauren swallowed the rest of that sentence when she looked up to see me casually leaning over the partition. Being 5'11 has its perks and I never wore flats. My four-inch brilliant blue Jimmy Choos weren't just fierce to look at. They were actively helping me scare the shit out of those two girls.

"Let me correct a misconception you seem to be laboring under." I smiled a brittle, fake smile, feeling my cheeks heat slightly as my voice sweetly addressed them, " I don't think I'm better than everyone else. I do, however, know that I am better than a couple of two-bit skanks in last years' designer knockoffs that have nothing better to do than gossip about someone they don't know. Now both of you shut the fuck up and get the fuck out of here and I'll think about not killing you." And with that, I let the smile disappear and glared at the two of them, sitting there with their faces permanently frozen into twin expressions of retardation and surprise. "NOW!" I spat at them. And they snapped into action, eager to flee the scene of their humiliation. I sighed as the door closed behind them, leaving me in peace again. Turning back to the mirror, I smoothed my hair and noted smugly that I had just enough heat left from our tête-à-tête in my cheeks to render blush unnecessary. I gathered the cosmetic debris quickly into my clutch and, giving myself one last once-over, turned to leave my dubious sanctuary.

Slipping out of the bathroom and into the brightly lit hallway, I nearly collided with the bundle of spastic energy that is Alice Cullen. She was in the middle of a world-class pout if her face was any indication and was practically running backward down the hall trying to keep pace in front of Bella Swan. Bella was studiously ignoring both the puppy-dog expression on Alice's' face and the stream of supplication pouring from her. Bella yawned and looked over Alice's head, her eyes lighting on me as I stopped just in time to avoid Alice flying into me.

"Hey, Rose! Where have you been? I have been looking... ok, I wasn't really looking yet, but where were you? You missed Astrology." Bella looked over at me with a studied air of innocence, but she couldn't help the smirk tugging at the corner of her mouth. Damn it. That girl can't keep anything to herself. She's lucky I love her. Really lucky. I sighed and turned to meet Bella and Alice's inquisitive looks.

"You guys are probably going to laugh…." I breathed deeply and leaned in conspiratorially. "Ok, I will tell you both but let's get out of the hallway first."

I brushed an errant stand of hair behind my ear and motioned for both of them to follow me as we headed down the hall to a rehearsal room that I knew would be empty. I pushed the door open and ushered them both in ahead of me, glancing quickly down the hall in the direction we had just come. I could've sworn I saw a flash of a bright green shirt and a mop of unruly curls turn the corner out of sight. I smirked to myself and turned back to my friends, shutting the door firmly. I turned to look at both of their inquisitive faces. Alice hopped up on the piano bench, tossing her giant red Marc Jacobs hobo bag on the closed instrument, while Bella pulled the throne from behind the drum kit and perched on it, crossing her legs and looking at me expectantly. I took a deep breath, quickly deciding how much to tell them.

"Ok, girls, I have good news and, well … good news." I smiled brightly, sliding on top of a Orange amplifier. I looked at both of them, moving my gaze from Alice's wide silver eyes to Bella's warm brown ones.

"I got the job!" I squealed, letting myself really, truly get excited about it for the first time.

"Oh my god! That's awesome!" Bella shouted.

Alice spoke quicky after Bella. "I am not surprised. I told you that you were going to get it, but I'm glad you realized I was right."

Both Alice and Bella leapt up from their spots and had me in a tight hug before Alice had finished speaking.

"What is your other news? Not that that isn't amazing enough, but you mentioned something being funny. No one laughs about being in Calvin Klein's fall campaign. Drools jealously, perhaps, but no one laughs. So…?" Bella asked, an eyebrow quirked inquisitively.

"Oh, god. This may be the best part. I came to school late and I was in the bathroom after meeting with my agent. Just touching up my makeup, you know?" Alice nodded along, but Bella's eyes darkened and fixed on me with a knowing stare. Damn, she is perceptive. I swallowed and squared my shoulders as I continued. "So, who should come in but Lauren and Jessica, skanking the whole place up." I paused for effect. Bella's eyes widened at this information while Alice just wrinkled her nose in disgust, "and after a episode of 'staredown by Sluts R Us' I told them to get lost."

They both giggled a bit at that, but I shook my head, "Oh, no that's not the best part. They went into a stall not five feet away from me where they proceeded to talk shit about me." I announced with an eye roll "And since that shit just isn't kosher no matter how retarded they are, I couldn't let that slide. So, I kind of ripped them both a pair of new assholes." I was laughing as I told them. Remembering the look of transfixed fear and horror on both of their faces had me giggling so hard that I couldn't breathe for a minute. Bella regarded me solemnly and in a low voice said,

"Rose, I can't believe you are laughing at the special needs kids. That's fucked up."

"A need for constant dick is not special, Bella." Alice said in equal seriousness, and we collapsed in a fit of laughter.

When we had calmed down a bit I looked at both girls and smiled. My friends kick so much ass, I thought to myself. Bella stood up and offered Alice a hand up too, and we went to stand in front of the mirror that covered the opposite wall, fixing our make-up. Again. What? Laughing until you cry can cause smears. Luckily for us, it hadn't. I looked at the three gorgeous faces in the mirror and made a decision. "Loves of my life, this is a red-banner day. I say we ditch class, hit the stores and then celebrate tonight with a little dancing. We are far too attractive to spend this Friday night in and I am itching to let loose."

"Yes!!" Alice was already in the bag, practically vibrating with anticipation, we both turned to Bella, who threw her hands up in mock resignation.

"Fine. But two very serious non-negotiable rules," she said, looking back and forth between us. "Rule number one: no drinking games when we go out. I don't want a repeat of Cinco de Mayo, capise?"

Gah, me either, I thought. Bella can't hold her liquor, but the girl is competitive. We won't be making that mistake again.

Both Alice and I nodded in agreement, and Bella continued. "And rule two: it's Rose's night so whatever she wants goes." She said with a big smile. "Let's get the hell outta dodge and you can tell us all about the job while we get something fabulous to wear tonight."

"Um, can I just say that I love you both to death and hell yes!" I linked arms with both girls as we left the room and exited the building. We climbed into my red BMW and I put the top down, letting the highway winds weave sunshine and freedom into my hair. I smiled at everything. Today really was my day. I had gotten the job. Me. It was all mine. He was all mine. The rest of those girls? They could eat their hearts out.