A Narrowish Escape from the Humanz

Edward Carnby. Once a hero?

No. Not at this moment. Not at this time.

The creatures surrounded him. He was outnumbered and all he had to fight with was a small semi-automatic and one spare magazine clip; barely enough to ward off the beasts approaching him. He took hold of his gun and readied himself to fire endlessly at the unfolding skin monstrosities that swung their arms and walked unsteadily in an uncoordinated sense.

Sarah was somewhere in the museum. To make matters worse, her whereabouts was in the opposite direction to the way the living-dead were driving him.

A roar of sheer anger echoed around the great hall, reverberating violently from stone pillars in the grooves of the detailed patterns. Edward glanced above him to see a giant human-like disaster leap through the air, blocking out the moonlight; the only source of light which lightened the pool of crimson blood at Edward's feet even more so.

"Damn it!" Edward cried. With his gun in one hand, he reached into his jacket pocket and threw a bottle of something flammable into the air and without thinking, fired several shots at the floating container.

As the beast hurtled to the ground it was engulfed in a fiery explosion and crashed to the ground, breaking apart the fixed and beautifully decorated concrete tiles.

Edward threw himself aside into the shadows. Each and every beast watched as their companion struggled, reaching into the air as its screams perished in a heated casket that soon devoured all remaining flesh.

Edward took advantage and shot to his feet, pelting his way through the museum away from the savage beasts.

Another penetrable howl rang through his ears and several human-like figures appeared before him. They swung their arms wildly through the air in a strange style as though they were trying to hit Edward.

Edward ducked and slid across the ground past the sense-less drones, picking up what appeared to be an iron bar from one of the exhibits. He hammered the bar into the next two drones ahead and slammed it into the head of another as he continued running through the halls of the museum.

The orange glow of night lights throughout the museum surrounded him. There was no such thing as silence. He had just watched one security guard become dinner for several Humanz. It was gut-wrenching as they tore at his limbs and chewed on his pale skin.

The thought kept repeating itself through his head as he battled his way past other slow-minded beings in the corridors.

As he continued into the depths of the dark museum, he noticed enormous, fatty residues smeared across an entire section of wall and seeping a russet liquid.

Cautiously, he stepped by it. Edward held his gun at the ready with his finger on the trigger ready to fire at any oncoming walking disaster.

Sweat fell from his brow. Either in fear, or exhaustion, Edward wasn't sure; he just knew he had to find her. He had to find Sarah. She never should have wandered off on her own. Edward shouldn't have let her. With these strange flesh-eating corpses walking around, it was the closest thing to giving them a fresh meal.

Edward knew there was no stopping; not when Sarah's life was endangered and it was partly his fault.

Panting uncontrollably and trying to keep his hold on his gun with endlessly sweating palms, Edward darted down corridors and destroyed sections of the museum.

"Ow..." he yelled as the newest thing to view was the moonlight ceiling above. His head pained him. His leg almost felt broken. Despite how much he was willed himself to continue, he was in too much pain to carry on.

Lifting his head slightly and feeling the ground around him, it was made clear he had slipped in a dark substance. With the moon directly above him once again, it was obvious it was blood once again.

He shot to his feet and wiped the sticky substance from his black jeans and leather jacket, but unfortunately as his luck would have it, a Human was stood behind him. It was not the ordinary human one might expect; a mere mutated, deformed human with its jaw sprawled open.

Edward's heart skipped more than one beat almost tearing apart as he watched the Human raise its arm sending fearful nerve impulses through his body.

This Human was too close to use any sort of flame power and so Edward moved aside as the slow-moving, yet hard-hitting beast flung its arm in his direction.

He fired at the beast once and watched as a maroon coloured spray flew through the air and across the body of a painting in the hallway. It howled and fixed its eyes onto the armed man making a narrow escape.

Edward could only think at this point, there was no way he could escape this, let alone find Sarah. The night so far had been incredibly confusing and so many people had already become victims of a race of inhuman creatures.

Checking through the pockets of his jacket, he found one bottle of first-aid spray. He couldn't afford to waste it on one creature. What if he was hurt? What would he do next?

As he sprinted through another great hall of the museum he staggered over excess rubble and tumbled to the ground.

It was less than a second later that from the ground emerged an arm, ripped in so many places and elongated to such an extent, it was definitely not human. It took hold of Edward's leg and clasped it tightly, forcing its claws into the Carnby's flesh and through to his bone.
"ARGH!" he screamed, clenching his leg tightly and trying to free it from this beasts hold. Taking hold of his gun by the barrel, he smashed it into the beast's arm several times but it failed to let go.

There was only one other option. He had to use the last bottle.

He grabbed it from his jacket pocket and held it ready in his hand. The remaining body of the beast pushed through the concrete tiles and to the surface where its true horror sent a shiver through Edward Carnby's spine.

Flesh was strung from every remaining muscle and bone cartilage in sight. It had no jaw and all distinct facial feats of any human were lost to a rotting compilation of toasted skin. It screamed a deafening melody.

Edward Carnby threw the bottle up into the air and shot three times.

The first bullet hit the monster in the eye.

The second hit the creature in what was left of its torso.

The last hit the bottle as it reached the peak of its throw; right beside the beast's face.

A colourful explosion happened before him. The heat from the flames induced searing pains through Edward Carnby's body. The moment his leg was free he scuttled away from the flames and hid his face from the melting beast and fissure.

It seemed as though the flames engulfed him and followed Edward as he moved away, but it was no use as the melting creature had begun a journey toward him.

Edward Carnby felt as though he could no longer continue and stopped moving. Unfortunately the beast had done the same, and collapsed over the body of Edward Carnby, setting his whole body alight. The inextinguishable flames engulfed the two bodies.