Luck's got nothing to do with it

Unsure of whether he was to live or die, Edward made one final, feeble attempt to ward the beasts off and waved his lighter through the air in the demoralised faces of the un-dead.

They hissed at him each time the heat wafted in their direction, resuming their 'chewing-fest' on his leg. The pain had barely started to sink in, yet Edward already felt as though he was dead.

"Hey!" called a feminine voice from across the room, almost light-heartedly. "HEY!" she called again. Edward glanced around the room in search of this woman, but his vision was fading rapidly and his surroundings seemed to detach themselves from colour and spiral around him.

"HEY I'M TALKING TO YOU!" she cried once again. The three hungry beasts stopped chewing at once and began a fast-paced chase at the mysterious voice through the concrete floor.

Several slabs of concrete tile were thrown up onto Edward's body as the Fissures dispersed through the museum. The crunching sound echoed through the halls and faded rapidly.

Edward lay on his back, confused but thankful. He barely had enough energy left to move the concrete block, however he boldly took hold of it and threw it aside. With his life endangered, finding a first-aid kit was now his only priority.

Starting his journey, Edward stumbled through the museum, clawing every box attached to the wall with desperate hopes of finding the kit; useless once again. It was no use. There wasn't even any point in trying.

Edward took hold of a museum exhibit and pulled himself up. He glanced around the dimly lit area. An uprising of hisses and demonic chants spurred from around him. His heart skipped several beats as an inhumane groan uttered from beside him. He leapt forward with the exhibit in hand; a replica of a strange dinosaur femur.

Using it for support and to attack, he swung it through the air and backed away from the ageing corpses dwindling slowly toward him.

"Edward!" cried the familiar voice. Edward glanced around to see a woman with a bullet-proof vest on her shoulders, hurtling toward him. The harsh sound of concrete breaking returned with a vengeance and monopolised the room's inhabitants with fear. "Edward! Are you okay?!" she called. Clearly, with blood falling from him like a waterfall, and his sense of imbalance, Edward was the farthest thing from 'okay.'

"I'm... Fine..." Edward answered half-heartedly, trying to figure out who this woman was and why she knew his name. She took hold of him and attempted to escort him away from a herd of walking bodies, but it was more than pointless as all three Fissures had burst through the ground on the same route the woman planned on escaping from.

"What is it with these things?" she asked, whipping out a pistol from her belt and firing relentlessly at the un-dead.

With a shriek, the Fissures were thrown aside by a chain of bullets allowing the two living humans to escape with ease.

Edward let the bone in his hand fall to the ground and lost all consciousness. His life now rested in the hands of a complete stranger who only had a recognisable voice.

Reopening his eyes, he found himself in a white room. The lights were bright white, which made it worse and blinded him. He had to blink repeatedly before gaining his sight again.

Surveying the area, he noticed he wasn't the only person in the room. There were security guards lined against the wall, all wrapped in bandages and slings, all seeping blood, and all silently bearing the pain of it all.

Edward glanced at his own body to see all of wounds had been treated and the distinct smell of clinical substances wafting from his clothes. It was too good to be true. 'Lady-luck' had found him and saved his life.

"You're lucky Edward." she started.
"Excuse me?" Edward replied, shaking the sleep from his head.
"Paddington sent me a message to go look for you."
"Yeah, I've been looking for you all night, and when I finally found you, you were pretty much dead."
"I'm not following you..."
"Let's just say you're lucky I found you."

Edward felt something inside him slip. "Luck's got nothing to do with it." he uttered under his breath. He would've been fine without this woman. He could have tackled those Fissures by himself. He had already managed to survive worse.

"I saved your life!" she argued defensively, although she came off more aggressive. Several heads turned as she stood up to Edward. "Paddington told me to save you! That's exactly what I did!"
"Oh really?" Edward began. "Where are we now then, still inside the museum?"

She paused, seeming dumbstruck by his question. "Those 'things' are outside this room and it probably wouldn't take much for them to get in-"
"But we've been fine so far! Those things have barely scraped the surface of this room! It's a panic room for crying out loud!"

Edward looked to all the injured guards and back at the woman. "I don't think you've 'saved' me yet. Besides, Paddington sent me to find him here in the museum..."

After exchanging blank looks, Edward finally ended the conversation and took hold of as many magazine clips from the guard's belts and went straight for the door.
"You can't just leave!" the woman cried.
"Watch me." Edward grasped the door handle and turned it. "I'm in the middle of looking for someone anyway."

Yanking the door open wasn't the worst thing he could've done, but it certainly wasn't the best. Within seconds, and army of Humanz had barged their way through and started ripping limbs from the guard closest to the door.


Blood was sprayed against the wall as his arm flew across the floor. Edward was picked up and strangled in mid air, until a shot was fired from one of the guards. Falling to the floor, Edward rolled away from the injured beast and cleared his throat.

The loading of weapons had begun and shots were fired endlessly at the onslaught of monsters entering the room, slowly creating a pool of blood in their path and forcing the survivors back into a corner of the room.

Edward took hold of a first-aid bottle and threw it out to the mass of monsters. He fired at it several times before an explosion finally erupted. The woman thrust a bench into the beasts leg as it flailed through the air, alight.

As it moved back, it set the other Humanz alight, creating a fire-chain.

Fortunately, the Humanz were dead. However this didn't help the fact that the fire had set just about everything else in the room alight, trapping the survivors behind a heated wall of energetic flames.