Water crashed against eroded rocks as Helghast groups were deployed along the beachhead. Drop ships gave way to more soldiers, each more ready than the last to attack Vekta. Charcoal clouds tackled grey-white clouds in a desperate attempt at dominance in the sky; rain was eventually to drip down glass panes, skewering views to the outside. Trails of orange horizontally moved as the troopers heads moved, they could be heard by Reaper who was inside a docking office flicking through papers. A thick thumb caught the next page, the words blurring past as he arrived at what he wanted. Goggles walked over casually, noticing what Reaper was concentrating on.

"Map of the beaches? That's what you've been obsessed with finding this past half hour?"

Reaper ignored his complaining, carrying on surveying and planning.

"Whatever then...where's Sarge?" Corporal Dolte's voice made Reaper lose the heavy concentration.

"Stef, I don't keep tabs on him...he'll be outside."

Reaper continued with what he was doing, Goggles walking out through the door, tripping slightly on a raised metal frame. Cursing, he managed to find Marec near the pier; cold metal boats arrived, bringing supplies.

"Sir, you got a minute? I hear the area's gonna be bombarded." Hesitation sounded in his voice.

"I heard that too, that's why we have to leave as soon as the ISA units are down, we can't afford to stay here," Marec caught Goggles' head lowered, checking out the already dead ISA group, "Those ones were cleared out just as we got here."

"It doesn't matter though. Eventually all of us will end up like that." The young corporal was troubled due to the news he had heard, anxiety was his weakness.

"Don't think like that, brainpower is as powerful a tool as that rifle. I won't have our team dead before this war is up...even if it wrong."

As the two stood watching the crashing waves, Reaper joined them, taking his eyewear off.

"A nice view..."

Marec replied, "What?"

"Nice view, these waves. Funny, don't think I've ever seen waves this calm, Helghan's seas are brown and murky, storms always riling them up. Terrible."

"This should have been our birthplace," Marec continued, "At least here, there would be little to worry about, ignoring the war that is."

Marec's team rested their elbows on the iron railing, relaxed as much as they possibly could be; charcoal clouds had overtaken the others, droplets hitting their uncovered heads. Marec's head was the palest, no hairs to be seen on the dome, Goggles' cranium was shaven for the army; it was once black, stubble where it should have been hid the once mid length hair. Reaper's was the most dark, tanned through constant exposure to the little sunlight Helghan had, slum housing lacking full roofs accountable for it. As the rain died down, light speckles invaded their uniforms, the grey trench coat Goggles wore, peppered with water. Marec's standard regalia seemed untouched but it had been, Reaper's hefty layers showed up next to nothing, his breathing mask drenched albeit functioning well.

"Back to stations please, ISA intrusion imminent," multiple iterations of this phrase vibrated across the beach head.

"Better get moving then," Reaper's voice was solemn, uncaring almost.

Two of the trio put their helmets back on as Goggles adjusted his beret. Dripping off orange lit eyes, rain continued misting sights, what looked like four dots on the horizon turned out to be actual ISA dots on the horizon. Marec told the young duo to ignore them; they would be dealt with swiftly.

Taking a swig from his symbol emblazoned canteen, Reaper holstered it and continued moving alongside his comrades.

"Do you think we should keep going? What if the ISA have us pinned?"

"They won't." Marec replied.

"Sir how do you know that?"

"Stef, I know that because this area is cordoned off by the rest of the army. They want nobody in or out without their say so. The crates have barely moved and they're already moved in..."

Goggles sighed, stepping up on to another identical rock. Marec was ahead of the two rookies, making the most of the view; he twisted a small cylindrical knob on his eyewear. His view was magnified, identifying the station they were assigned to.

"Move up, come on, quickly now, half a mile to walk now." The two young men groaned as they eventually walked over to him, continuing on the path. Marec's thoughts drifted again...

Solari- Five years prior

Collapsing to the cell floor, Marec coughed furiously, the guard had once again prescribed medicine.

"You enjoy that don't you?" The nasally voice angered Marec, he knew he could kill this man in a heartbeat but there was no way he would live to tell it if he did it here. "Get up Hig!" Marec obeyed, a small "Yes," coming from his ripped mouth, sludgy matter hanging off his bottom lip. Laughing, the guard threw him on to the bed before slamming the door shut. Marec lay sobbing.

Present day

"We're here boys."

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